WinForms Gantt at its Best

Powered by DirectX

Our WinForms Gantt control is built for speed - designed to address your toughest project planning requirements regardless of dataset size and information complexity.

DevExpress Gantt uses DirectX Hardware Acceleration for the fastest possible performance on 4K displays. With DirectX, you'll create highly responsive apps and avoid all the limitations of GDI+.

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Performance and DirectX Support - WinForms Gantt Control, DevExpress

WinForms Gantt Views

Configurable Timescale with Zoom Support

With our WinForms Gantt control, you can adjust the timescale and display the desired time unit with absolute ease. From milliseconds to years, our DevExpress WinForms Gantt allows you to browse data across various detail levels. To initiate zoom operations, you simply hold the CTRL key and rotate your mouse scroll as needed (to zoom in or zoom out).

The timescale can display one, two, or three rulers. Rulers display different measure units depending on zoom factor: years-quarters-months, months-days-hours, etc.

The DevExpress Gantt control provides a flexible set of rules so you can specify non-working days and define work time for each day.

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WinForms Gantt Control, DevExpress

Gantt Tasks, Milestones and Dependencies

Stay on Track and Moving Forward

The DevExpress WinForms Gantt control displays tasks as horizontal bars along timescales. It also displays current schedule status, its hierarchy and dependency relationships between individual tasks.

Our WinForms Gantt control can display three different items: Tasks, Summary Tasks, and Milestones. DevExpress Gantt determines item type automatically. A task without a duration is a Milestone and a task with children is a Summary Task. Tasks can display progress states within the Gantt region.

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Tasks, Milestones and Dependencies - WinForms Gantt Control, DevExpress

Interactive Editing

Auto-Scheduling is Built-in

Our WinForms Gantt Control supports interactive editing. End-users can edit tasks in the chart and task areas. In the task area, users can invoke a cell editor to update a task's start/finish date, progress, or duration. In the chart area, end-users can move a task to a new time slot, update progress, or change a dependency via drag and drop. Changes in the chart area are automatically reflected in the task area, and vice versa.

When an end-user changes a task's start/finish date, dependency, or progress, the Gantt control automatically reschedules all dependent tasks throughout the project.

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Editing and Auto-Scheduling - WinForms Gantt Control, DevExpress

Gantt Appearance

Deliver Fine-Tuned User Experiences

Our WinForms Gantt control ships with task appearance options, a configurable Ribbon UI, DevExpress Skin/Theme support and custom draw API to help you build fully customizable, high-impact project management solutions for your enterprise.

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UI and Appearance Options - WinForms Gantt Control, DevExpress

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Additional Info

WinForms Themes and App Skins

The DevExpress WinForms Subscription ships with over 50 custom designed and highly polished themes for your next WinForms application. You can use each of these themes easily, without modification or manipulate them using our free WinForms Skin-Theme Editor application. Learn more

Touch Enabled User Experience

Deliver elegant, touch-enabled WinForms applications using the platform you know and love. The WinForms Subscription helps you leverage your current investments and address customer needs via a comprehensive range of WinForms controls that support touch on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Sec 508 and Accessibility

The DevExpress WinForms Subscription makes it easy to create WinForms applications that meet government regulations regarding accessibility. Sec 508 and Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 support is available for key DevExpress WinForms controls. Download VPAT

Straightforward Localization

All DevExpress WinForms controls can be localized using satellite resource assemblies. DevExpress delivers satellite assemblies for a large variety of languages and cultures. To help you get started, resource files for four cultures are included in our installation: German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. If you need to modify our shipping resources or create satellite assemblies for a different language, simply use our Online Localization Service, a free tool for our active WinForms subscribers. Online Localization Service

Testing Support

The DevExpress Universal Subscription includes built-in support for Microsoft's CodedUI. Unlike many vendors claiming support for Coded UI through the simple use of MSAA, DevExpress controls go the extra mile to make certain that individual controls fully comply with Microsoft's testing framework. We don't simply support Coded UI; we support it to the maximum extent possible. Note: CodedUI support requires purchase of the DevExpress Universal Subscription. Learn more

MVVM Framework

The DevExpress MVVM Framework ships with features that are absent in WinForms, but essential to MVVM development. These missing features include bindings, commands, UI triggers, behaviors etc. Our Framework includes all of these along with a straightforward API to make WinForms app development more efficient. Learn more