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Big datasets are never a concern. Our Blazor Data Grid component ships with a high performance data loading architecture. Whether its a 1000 or 1,000,000 rows, the DevExpress Blazor Data Grid can handle large datasets with ease.

Demo: See how fast you can load and shape data with our data grid.

Blazor Data Grid Component - DevExpress

Master-Detail and Data Shaping

Intuitively present data to your end-users.

Master-Detail Data Presentation
You can create Master-Detail layouts of any complexity - with any number of nesting levels and any number of details at each level. You are never limited to how information is displayed for detail records - Detail Rows can display any type of information.

Intuitive Column Based Text Search
By enabling the Auto-Filter Row (displayed at the top of the grid container), users can filter the contents of the grid by individual column values using the LIKE search operator.

Multi-Column Sorting
Sort data against an unlimited number of columns. Sort order is automatically indicated within the appropriate column using a glyph.

Multi-Column Grouping
End-users can group data against an unlimited number of columns by dragging column headers into the group panel. Data Grouping can also be managed entirely in code.

Blazor Data Grid Component - Master-Detail, Data Grouping, Sorting and Filtering | DevExpress

Data Editing

Build intuitive data-driven Blazor solutions

CRUD operations have never been easier. Use the Grid's built-in data editors, edit form and data validation API to create intuitive user experiences for your next web project.

End-users can view and manipulate data on-screen while you maintain total control over data validation and cell value formatting. With DevExpress Blazor components, your data will always be clear, concise and accurate.

The DevExpress Data Grid ships with four data editors:

  • ComboBox
  • Date Edit
  • Spin / Numeric Edit
  • Text Edit

Demos: Data Editing  Edit Form Validation

Blazor Data Grid Component - Data Editing, DevExpress

Data Visualization

Deliver stunning Blazor user experiences

Focused Row and Multiple Row Selection
As you would expect, users can focus a row by selecting it within the grid. The focused row's appearance can be modified via integrated style settings.

Multiple options give you total control over the manner in which records are selected within the grid. You can enable Record Selection via checkboxes displayed in the Grid's command column or via individual row clicks.

Virtual Scrolling
Our Blazor Data Grid includes Virtual Scrolling support. As end-users scroll grid contents, the DevExpress Blazor grid loads data-on-demand automatically.

Blazor Data Grid Component - Data Visualization, DevExpress

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