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Winter Joy Vector Skin

We at DevExpress would like to wish you all the very best in the coming year. As a small token of our appreciation, we've created a Winter Joy vector-based skin/theme for our WinForms product line.

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Personalize Your Scheduling App

With our fully-customizable WinForms Scheduler control, you can add high-performance scheduling systems and create a relatively modern UX – a user experience that can be applied to different industries with minimal changes.

Limitless UI CustomizationHTML&CSS Support
Brilliant High DPI Rendering - Scheduler Control for WinForms | DevExpress

Blazing Fast by Design

We are proud to be the only UI Component vendor to offer WinForms DirectX rendering support. This means that all our major WinForms UI controls including Scheduler control have achieved the highest possible performance and brilliant High DPI rendering quality.

Brilliant High DPI Rendering

Calendar Views

From day to year and all in between

Our Scheduler and Calendar component suite ships with everything you'll need to create stunning Outlook-inspired apps for your enterprise. From traditional day and week views, to month and full-year calendar layouts, our Windows Forms Scheduler control gives you the power to build stunning task/event management systems in the shortest possible time.

The Scheduler control includes the following built-in calendar views:

  • Day
  • Work Week
  • Full Week
  • Month
  • Year

The Scheduler control supports all major data sources. It ships with the Scheduler Data Storage component that supports Visual Studio .NET data objects and can be bound to XML data or any data object implementing the IList, IBindingList, and ITypedList interfaces. With its integrated Data Source Configuration Wizard you'll retrieve appointments including resources, statuses, and labels in the blink of an eye, without a single line of code.

Calendar Views - Scheduler Control for WinForms | DevExpress

Agenda & Timeline Views

Beyond traditional views

DevExpress Scheduler has been optimized for a variety of usage scenarios. Leverage the capabilities of our Agenda View and display a compact representation of daily tasks and events. The Agenda view displays a chronological list of daily appointments. It allows your app to reduce visual noise so end users can focus on tasks/events that matter most.

It does not stop there. Our Scheduler control also ships with a powerhouse Timeline View so your app can arrange events and appointments across an easy-to-read horizontal timeline. Thanks to its flexible design, our Timeline View allows you to display multiple time rulers with different scales.

Agenda and Timeline Views - Scheduler Control for WinForms | DevExpress

Appointment & Event Management

Fully customizable built-in appointment dialogs

Our Office-inspired appointment/event dialogs allow end-users to create/modify appointments as needed. End-users can specify the Subject associated with an event, set its Location, Start and End Time, Description, and more.

The Appointment Dialog is ready to use without writing a single line of code and can be fully customized and extended when necessary.

Thanks to intuitive UI elements and a powerful API, your Windows Forms app can automatically generate appointment reminders and handle recurring event chains. Recurring appointments can be set to occur daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Individual appointments can also be edited without modifications to an entire recurrence series.

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Appointment and Event Management - WinForms Scheduler Control | DevExpress

Microsoft 365, Google Calendar Sync

Deliver a unified and cohesive user experience

The Scheduler component allows you to seamlessly synchronize end-user appointments/events with Microsoft 365, Outlook or Google Calendar. Yes, data can be synced in both directions - all changes made in your application will be automatically reflected in Outlook or Google Calendar. Additional data exchange and synchronization options include:

  • Export to XML
  • Export to a Stream
  • Export/Import iCalendar
  • Export/Import VCalendar 1.0

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Sync with Outlook and Google Calendar - WinForms Scheduler Control | DevExpress

Brilliant High DPI Rendering

Natively on 4K/8K

DirectX is a superior alternative to traditional WinForms GDI rendering. By moving to DirectX, DevExpress WinForms UI controls have achieved the highest possible performance and brilliant High DPI rendering quality. DirectX has also allowed us to blazingly improve scrolling speed, text rendering/text antialiasing, and animation quality.

The performance potential of a DirectX-powered WinForms UI component is most evident on high resolution displays, whereas DirectX easily maintains 60+ FPS. With DirectX, DevExpress WinForms UI Library including the Scheduler control remain fully responsive across a broad range of usage scenarios.

Learn more about DirectX hardware acceleration

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Brilliant High DPI Rendering - Scheduler Control for WinForms | DevExpress

WinForms Themes and Application Skins

Over 50 Custom Themes Designed to Amaze

You can specify a theme when you ship your app or allow end-user to modify the look and feel of your WinForms application on the fly. And yes, you can even customize our pre-built application skins/themes with the free DevExpress WinForms Skin‑Theme Editor. The following are a few of the skins/themes included in our distribution.

Basic Vector Skin - Pine Light Palette | DevExpress

Basic Vector

Pine Light Palette

Office 2019 Colorful Skin - Default Palette | DevExpress

Office 2019 Colorful

Default Palette

WXI - Calmness Palette | DevExpress


Calmness Palette

Office 2019 Black Skin - Forest Palette | DevExpress

Office 2019 Black

Forest Palette

UI Customization

Easy-to-use and highly customizable

Our Scheduler control includes dozens of UI/UX options designed to help you deliver the best possible user experience – a user experience that is always intuitive. Customization options/features apply to the following UI elements:

  • Ribbon UI
  • Range Control and Date Navigation
  • Resources Tree / Resource Tabs
  • Time Zones
  • Sorting / Grouping / Filtering
  • Custom Work Time
  • Custom Menus and Tooltips
  • Custom Appointment Display
  • Animated Drag and Drop / Smooth Scrolling

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UI Customization - WinForms Scheduler Control | DevExpress

Resources & Event Grouping

Display multiple schedules simultaneously

Schedule Resources allow end-users to browse multiple calendars (for any entity such as an individual or office location, etc.) simultaneously. Once resources have been created, the scheduler will display multiple parallel timelines. Resource headers can display images and the same event can be assigned to multiple resources as needed.

We've made it easy for you and your users to Group events/appointments by resources. And just like Group by Resource, events/appointments can be grouped by date.

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Resources and Event Grouping - WinForms Scheduler Control | DevExpress

Resources Categories

Present resources as tabs or colored columns

You can also arrange resources into categories. Our scheduler component can present resources that belong to a specific category as tabs or display them as colored columns. With this great option, you can easily re-arrange resources and combine closely related resources into groups and create a more compact user interface to display more resources on-screen.

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Resources Categories - WinForms Scheduler Control | DevExpress

Unrivaled Appearance Customization

Built-in app themes. HMTL & CSS templates

DevExpress WinForms UI library includes over 50 highly polished application themes designed to amaze. You can use each of these themes easily, without modification or manipulate them using our free Skin Editor application and deliver elegant and impressive scheduling systems.

The Scheduler control supports our new HTML & CSS Template engine. You can define data-aware templates for scheduler appointments and all-day events with HTML-CSS markup. This feature allows you to ditch traditional customizations based on properties and CustomDraw events in favor of the unmatched flexibility of web-inspired markup.

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Appearance Customization - WinForms Scheduler Control | DevExpress

Print Your Calendar

From a screen to a printed page

Printing a calendar has never been easier. You can create a printable report based on predefined templates using the award-winning DevExpress Reports Suite.

Like all DevExpress container controls (such as our Data Grid, TreeList, etc), our Scheduler ships with WYSIWYG printing support. You can render your UI to paper or export your data to today's most popular file formats (PDF, HTML, Image).

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Printing - WinForms Scheduler Control | DevExpress

Best in Class Tools

DevExpress is honored to have been voted best in class 19 times in this year's Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Awards.

Experience the DevExpress difference and see why your peers consistently vote our products #1. With our Universal Subscription, you will build your best, see complex software with greater clarity, increase your productivity and create stunning applications for Windows, Web and your Mobile world.

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