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WinForms Controls

Describes how to start with DevExpress application templates, build layout, add the Grid, Scheduler, and other data-aware controls, implement report generation and printing capabilities.

7 Modules
84 Videos
4:38 Duration
ASP.NET WebForms Controls

Describes different web project types, tools for public websites, GridView capabilities, details on AJAX implementation, in-depth navigation and layout strategies, data-aware controls and export/reporting.

7 Modules
74 Videos
3:15 Duration
WPF Controls

Describes how to build navigation and layout, work with the Grid and other data analysis controls, add document generation and printing capabilities, and employ our MVVM library.

7 Modules
67 Videos
2:45 Duration

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me how it works?

Once you purchase the online training all the videos for that platform will become active. You are welcome to watch the videos at your own pace and as they are completed will be checked off so you can keep track of your progress.

Is it a one-time thing or a time limit to finish?

You will have access to the videos for 12 months from your purchase date.

Can I review something I already saw?

Absolutely. There is no limit to how many times you can watch a video during your 12 month subscription.

Can I share the videos with a colleague?

No. The videos are to be viewed by the individual user only.

Which version of DevExpress controls are presented in the videos?

The videos for the current online courses have been recorded using the following product versions:

  • v18.1 for WinForms
  • v15.2 for ASP.NET
  • v17.2 for WPF
Does the WebForms online training cover any MVC controls?

The Online Training for ASP.Net covers WebForms exclusively. There is a lot of overlap in the property based configuration of the MVC and WebForms controls, so you may learn some interesting details in the course even if you use MVC only, but there is no information in the course about MVC specifically.

Do you plan on putting out an Expert level course for online training?

We have tentative plans to do so, but there's is no timeline set at this point.

Can the videos be downloaded for offline viewing?

No, this is currently not supported, and offline use of the content is not part of our licensing at this time.