PDF Editing and Signing

The cross-platform Office File API library allows you to work with PDF documents in your .NET MAUI mobile app. Implement seamless document authenticity checks with hand-written and electronic signatures.

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Generate Reports in macOS, Android, iOS

Generate, preview and export data-bound reports to PDF, Excel, DOCX and other formats. Use the Report Viewer powered by the Blazor Hybrid technology to preview reports within your .NET MAUI mobile app.

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Backend Data Service & Access Control - DevExpress

Web API Service for .NET MAUI Apps

Learn how to create a backend service with user authentication and role-based access control within a few clicks. Use the wizard to create a Web API service and use it with you .NET MAUI application.

Form-Based Authentication (Example)Role-Based Data Access (Example)

High Performance Core

Blazing fast by design.

DevExpress .NET MAUI components are written in Objective-C (iOS) and Java/Kotlin (Android). All components integrate seamlessly with the .NET MAUI platform through the use of MAUI 'Handlers'.

Our native control "wrapper" approach means the following for you and your end-users:

  • You can deliver high performance, feature complete apps to your end-user AND do so using Visual Studio, C#, and .NET 6+ (what's under the hood "just works").
  • DevExpress UI controls abstract the complexities of native mobile development - our developers did the dirty work for you (= dealt with difficult programming languages and platform specific headaches).
  • DevExpress .NET MAUI controls are fast... very fast. For instance, our MAUI Charts use OpenGL graphics rendering with C++ for the best possible performance on mobile devices, even with millions of points. When it comes to scroll speed, nothing compares with DevExpress .NET MAUI Data Grid control.

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.NET MAUI, DevExpress
.NET MAUI, DevExpress

Material Design 3

Create stunning mobile apps effortlessly

All our components are designed according to the modern Material Design 3 theme:

  • Light and dark Color palettes
  • Shapes
  • Shadows
  • Margins
  • Appearance of states (selected, pressed)

You can use one of 10 built-in color palettes or create a custom palette according to your brand colors in a few seconds. Flexible theme mechanism allows you to dynamically generate Material Design 3 palettes based on the current system settings. You can seamlessly integrate and harmonize colors across both DevExpress and standard controls, ensuring a unified and visually stunning user interface.

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Material Design 3 - .NET MAUI, DevExpress
Prone, Material Design 3 - .NET MAUI, DevExpress

.NET MAUI Data Grid

Our .NET MAUI Data Grid allows you to display, edit, and shape data on iOS and Android devices with absolute ease. As you’ll discover, it's blazing fast and ships with a collection of high-impact features designed to address the needs of your most demanding users.

Built-in capabilities include:

  • High-Performance / Smooth Scrolling / Large Dataset Support
  • Multiple Data Type Support (Text, Numeric, Date, Image, Boolean)
  • Auto Generated Columns
  • Inline Data Editing
  • Edit Form (edit data on a separate screen)
  • Database CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Multi-Column Sorting / Filtering / Grouping API
  • Data Summaries & Aggregates
  • Fixed Columns
  • Pull To Refresh / Load More / Swipe Support
  • Row Drag & Drop
  • Appearance Customization & UI Templates
  • Dark and Light Themes
  • Export Data (PDF, XLS/XLSX, MHT, CSV, HTML, RTF, DOCX, TXT, Image)

    (Requires our Office File API Subscription)

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Data Grid Control for .NET MAUI, DevExpress
Data Grid for .NET MAUI, DevExpress

.NET MAUI Collection View

Need a flexible way to display lists within your next .NET MAUI app? With the DevExpress .NET MAUI Collection View, you can present data items vertically or horizontally. Both display layouts support infinite scrolling (load data as a user scrolls to the end of the list). Our .NET MAUI Collection View ships with the following built-in features:

  • Templates for Data Items and Group Headers
  • Item Drag & Drop (Reorder Items) Support
  • Database CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Data Sorting and Grouping
  • Filtering UI
  • Pull to Refresh
  • Load More (Infinite Scroll Mode)
  • Single and Multiple Item Selection
  • Swipe Gestures
  • Long Press
  • Dark and Light Themes

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CollectionView for .NET MAUI, DevExpress
CollectionView for .NET MAUI - iOS App | DevExpress

.NET MAUI Charts & Gauges

Over 20 interactive charts

Our .NET MAUI component library includes a comprehensive suite of chart types including bar charts, pie graphs, line graphs and financial diagrams. The DevExpress .NET MAUI Chart control includes numerous UI/UX configuration options so you can customize your chart and deliver the best possible data visualization experience.

Features include:

  • High-Performance Real-Time Data Update Support
  • Smooth Navigation and Zoom Operations
  • Integrated Series and Point Selection
  • Point and Segment Colorizers
  • Multiple Axes Support
  • Tooltips and Crosshair Cursors
  • Dark and Light Themes

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Chart Control for .NET MAUI - Data Visualization, DevExpress
Chart Control for .NET MAUI - iOS Mobile App, DevExpress

.NET MAUI Scheduler

The Scheduler control features multiple calendar views so you can deliver full-featured personal information management systems in the shortest possible time.

Features include:

  • Day, Week, Work Week and Month Views
  • Recurring Appointment Support
  • Appointment Editor
  • Event Reminder API
  • Time Zones
  • Styles and Templates
  • Dark and Light Themes

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Scheduler for .NET MAUI, DevExpress
Scheduler for .NET MAUI - iOS App | DevExpress

.NET MAUI Data Editors & Form

DevExpress Data Editors are straightforward UI elements designed to manage data input within any iOS or Android mobile application.

  • Text Box and Multi-line Editor
  • Checkbox
  • Chips (action, filter, choice, input)
  • Combobox
  • Date / Time Editors, Date Picker & Calendar
  • Auto-Complete Editor
  • Numeric Editor
  • Token Editor (with Auto-Complete)
  • Password Box
  • Button
  • Image

With our MAUI Data Form control you will easily create registration forms, employee profiles, shipping address information, and everything in between. The Data Form control automatically generates data inputs (editors) for each field in the business object. Our .NET MAUI library also includes form components (picker, check, toggle switch) designed to simplify the development of data entry forms for mobile apps.

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Xamarin.Forms Data Form and Editors, DevExpress
Xamarin.Forms Data Form and Editors - iOS App, DevExpress

A Mobile-Centric UX

UI widgets optimized for small devices

Deliver the UX users have come to expect on small form-factor devices with the following features/capabilities:

  • Bottom Sheet Control – maximize use of screen real estate with modal or complimentary views
  • Popup Modes ComboBoxEdit – simplify item selection and eliminate use of desktop design paradigms
  • Filtering UI Elements – minimize learning curves and incorporate intuitive custom filter UI elements
  • Form Items – introduce recognizable navigation menus, item editing options, and setting customizations
Genuinely Mobile-Centered UX - .NET MAUI, DevExpress
Mobile-Centered UX - .NET MAUI, DevExpress

.NET MAUI Tabs and Popup

.NET MAUI Navigation UI controls will help you deliver intuitive mobile apps with straightforward navigation and content organization options. As you would expect, our .NET MAUI Tab View control allows you to organize content into relevant sections.

With our Popup component, you will create engaging and fully customizable modal dialogs and dropdowns. The Popup's features include: horizontal & vertical alignment, configurable position on the screen, fade-in and fade-out animations, multiple shadow settings, etc.

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TabView for .NET MAUI, DevExpress
Navigation for .NET MAUI, DevExpress

.NET MAUI Bottom Sheet & Shimmer

.NET MAUI Bottom Sheet control displays supplementary content within a modal or non-modal form at the bottom of the screen. You can use the Bottom Sheet control to display master-detail data, information about selected items on a map, filter options, dialogs with multiple actions, and much more.

The ShimmerView control allows you to add a shimmer effect when loading data in your mobile app. Features include:

  • Shimmer Animation
  • Configurable Shimmer Layout
  • Appearance Customization of Waves (width, angle, and background)

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Bottom Sheet for .NET MAUI, DevExpress
Shimmer Control for .NET MAUI, DevExpress

PDF Viewer*

Display PDFs directly in your mobile app

With our PDF Viewer, your users can effortlessly navigate through PDF documents within a DevExpress .NET MAUI-powered mobile app. The DevExpress PDF Viewer for .NET MAUI includes customizable toolbar actions and user interaction logic…and allows you to deliver integrated mobile solutions with ease (say goodbye to third-party document viewing apps). PDF-related features include:

  • Page Navigation (go to a page, previous page, next page, last page, first page)
  • Bookmark and Cross-reference Navigation
  • Document Page Layouts (single page, side-by-side, or mixed)
  • Page Thumbnails
  • Text Search
  • Toolbar
  • Zoom

* Not included in the free DevExpress .NET MAUI offer. Usage requires an active Universal Subscription.

PDF Viewer - .NET MAUI, DevExpress

HTML Editor*

Incorporate HTML editing into your mobile app

Display and edit rich formatted text with our HTML Editor. Built-in features include:

  • Text Formatting (font size, font attributes, color, background, etc.)
  • Insert Images
  • Lists
  • Headers
  • Hyperlinks
  • Paragraph Options
  • Text Search
  • Toolbar
  • Comprehensive API

* Not included in the free DevExpress .NET MAUI offer. Usage requires an active Universal Subscription.

HTML Editor - .NET MAUI, DevExpress
HTML Editor for iOS - .NET MAUI, DevExpress

Embedded Reports*

Create, view, print and export formatted documents to address the analytics requirements of your enterprise. Use DevExpress Reports to generate a variety of report types— from simple mail-merge and table reports, to invoices with barcodes, payment slips and cross-tab reports.

Our Blazor Report Viewer (using .NET MAUI Blazor technologies) allows mobile and touch-friendly apps to display a document prior to print operations and shape report data using report parameters. Users can export documents to a variety of formats, including PDF, DOCX, RTF, XLSX, TXT, MHT, CSV, HTML, and images.

DevExpress .NET Reporting tools can consume data from any source, including, but not limited to Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft Excel, Firebird, MongoDB, JSON, EF Core, Business Objects and more.

* Not included in the free DevExpress .NET MAUI offer. Usage requires an active Universal Subscription.

Embedded Reports - .NET MAUI, DevExpress
Embedded Reports for Mobile - .NET MAUI, DevExpress

Document Processing*

PDF, Excel, Word

Create, read, write, convert and merge Microsoft Word/Excel files, and modify PDF files as requirements dictate (sign and secure documents, generate barcodes, etc). Our mobile friendly cross-platform Office File API library does not have any Microsoft Office or Adobe dependencies. The suite includes the following file APIs:

  • PDF File API
  • Word File API
  • Spreadsheet File API
  • Barcode Generation Library

* Not included in the free DevExpress .NET MAUI offer. Usage requires one of the following subscriptions: Office File API, Universal

Document Processing (PDF, Excel, Word) - .NET MAUI, DevExpress
Mobile Document Processing (PDF, Excel, Word) - .NET MAUI, DevExpress

.NET MAUI Project Templates

for Visual Studio 2022

Use our .NET MAUI Project Templates for Visual Studio 2022 to quickly generate your new cross-platform .NET MAUI application. Your project will include references to all DevExpress .NET MAUI NuGet packages and will register all required handlers (the main page will also declare XAML namespaces for all DevExpress UI controls).

Download from Visual Studio Marketplace

Learn how to install and use project templates

Project Templates - .NET MAUI, DevExpress

Download our Demo App and Source Code

Download a free demo app from the Google Play Store, TestFlight, or GitHub, and see
DevExpress MAUI UI controls in action now.


Download Demos via Google Play   Download Demos for iOS via TestFlight

Source Code for Demo App (iOS and Android)

.NET MAUI Demo Apps - DevExpress

Get Started

If you are just getting started with .NET MAUI, review our free training videos and learn to leverage
your skills to create high-performance and elegant native mobile apps for iOS & Android.


Training VideosExamples

Supported IDEs

Review the list of development tools and frameworks supported by our products. We strongly recommend that you always download and use the most recent versions. If the latest version does not support the IDE or framework you're using, please submit a support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center and request an evaluation version that suits your requirements.

Release Date
Support Status
Limited Support
Minor Updates
Security Updates
SDK Requirements
.NET 7 SDK (latest MAUI workload)
.NET 6 SDK (latest MAUI workload)
Supported IDE
Visual Studio 2022 Preview for Windows
Visual Studio 2022 for Mac
Visual Studio 2022 Preview for Windows
Visual Studio 2022 for Mac
Visual Studio 2022 Preview for Windows
Visual Studio 2022 Preview for Mac
Mobile OS
iOS 12+
Android 5.0+
iOS 12+
Android 5.0+
iOS 11+
Android 5.0+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DevExpress .NET MAUI Suite free for commercial use?
Absolutely. All DevExpress .NET MAUI controls are available free-of-charge. To download your copy, visit: https://devexpress.com/mobile-xamarin-maui-free

When you register for a free DevExpress product (such as our .NET MAUI Suite), you can use your registered product for as long as your needs dictate. Should an update be made available free-of-charge, you will be notified via email or this website. Updates that are issued free-of-charge can also be used indefinitely. Please refer to the DevExpress End User License Agreement for detailed licensing information.

How is .NET MAUI different from Xamarin Forms?
If you're using Xamarin.Forms today, MAUI should be a painless transition as it represents an evolution of Xamarin.Forms – the two platforms have many similarities. For more information, see Migrate from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI.
Is technical support included with the free MAUI?
No, this free MAUI package does not include technical support from DevExpress. Technical support for DevExpress MAUI controls is only available if you own the DevExpress Universal Subscription.
How can I report bugs or share suggestions on DevExpress MAUI development?
If you encounter a bug, please submit a bug report via our online support system: https://www.devexpress.com/ask. For suggestions to our development team, please complete our survey.
Is the source code included in this free MAUI?
No. Component source code is not included in this offer.
Will your MAUI controls support desktop form-factor (Windows, Linux, macOS)?
We are excited about the capabilities that .NET MAUI offers for cross-platform UI development. Currently, our .NET MAUI controls do not support desktop development (including WInUI). We are focusing on high-performance UI components for Android and iOS mobile development.

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