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From 1998 to the Present

We look forward to working with you and will do whatever we can to make your experience with us a profitable one.

DevExpress in 2020s

The Future of .NET and JavaScript Development

Welcome to the 2020s. In the software development world we see a major evolution in the .NET space to providing more inclusive scenarios. Blazor has certainly arrived promising full integration between server and client (and with the assurance of minimizing the amount of web technologies to learn and apply). For us, we have already added the standard controls needed in enterprise apps and are continuing to integrate these Blazor components with our XAF, Dashboard and Reporting libraries.

Even so, the non-.NET web development world is still of major importance. DevExtreme - our pure HTML/JavaScript library - continues to grow and we are investing more time and effort to supporting React, Angular, and Vue as well as working towards better SCSS and TypeScript integration.

Another major push from Microsoft is the .NET MAUI platform for mobile devices. We have already started to provide our usual library of controls for that space. Of course, the big issue that needs mastering for mobile devices is that of an adaptive UI. We have been concentrating on improving that functionality in DevExtreme and this work will naturally continue.

Needless to say, the desktop development field isn't going away and continues to grow, especially with the recent releases of .NET Core and Windows 11. Our work on adding .NET Core support to our WinForms and WPF products continues apace, and we have started on a new undertaking of enhancing our WinForms offering by integrating other platforms' features, such as HTML/CSS formatting, DirectX rendering, and MVVM support.

The 2020s have only just begun but certainly promise to be exciting within our development arena. We thank all our loyal customers for your support over the years, and you can certainly count on us continuing to serve your development needs.

DevExpress in 2010s

The Rise of HTML5 and Touch-Enabled Devices

What's trending now? React by Facebook, Bootstrap by Twitter, Angular by Google. Social media and search giants take leading roles in software development and steer programmers to HTML5 and JavaScript as the new development standard. Microsoft makes a push towards cross-platform development with .NET Core. Both iOS and Android get a stronger hold of the mobile markets, driving the need for responsive and touch designs. DevExtreme - our HTML5 development library – grows stronger and broader, adding new widgets and accumulating support for new development frameworks. The DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription adds Bootstrap-enabled controls and integrates ASP.NET Core support.

On the other end of the spectrum we see continuous demand for desktop technologies fueled by newer and more powerful workstations, and increased monitor resolutions. DevExpress continues its dominance as the leading vendor of WinForms, WPF and VCL UI Controls. Product lines are being extended with Touch support across the board, numerous new controls and major features, SVG image and hi-DPI support.

DevExpress has already won well over 200 industry awards, many of them first-place awards determined by votes of developers such as yourself. We are humbled by the trust our customers have placed in our products.

DevExpress in 2000s

The .NET Framework Era Starts

DevExpress is now a dominant force in the VCL market and wins Delphi Informant's Best VCL Component awards four years in a row.

At the start of the decade, we turn our attention to the Microsoft developer community, becoming the first vendor to ship a .NET UI Control Library. This first control – the XtraGrid – is now at the heart of the unparalleled UI control suite for .NET WinForms – and even now no one comes close to the power and feature set of DevExpress WinForms Subscription. We also set the tone for third-party UI suites by releasing the full source code as part of the subscription.

Following Windows Forms come ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, and Silverlight - Microsoft pushes hard with new and updated frameworks for desktop and web development. The DevExpress portfolio grows as we introduce dozens of new controls for each of those platforms. The Universal subscription, the ultimate toolset for .NET developers, is introduced and becomes a best-seller.

During the 2000s, DevExpress receives over 90 industry awards for its VCL and .NET products combined.

DevExpress in 1990s

Disrupting the VCL Market

Starting as a small group of developers trying to streamline their own Delphi-based projects, DevExpress quickly becomes a key player in VCL UI Control market. From the signature Data Grid and TreeList controls to Toolbars, Menus, and Sidebars - DevExpress strives to help people build Microsoft Office-inspired solutions easily. But it was not only the controls that sets us apart. Arguably more important than the technology itself, from day one our priority was customer service. We take care to develop a culture of customer care second to none in the software development industry.

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