DevExpress HotFix and Maintenance Release FAQ

The questions and answers below detail the DevExpress HotFix and Maintenance Release policy. Should you require clarification or additional information, please write to at your convenience.


I encountered a bug. Will DevExpress fix the bug overnight?

Bug fixes are not issued overnight. Once we confirm that a bug/defect exists, we will do our best to discover/understand the underlying issue. Once we discover/understand the cause, we will do our best to offer a workaround if necessary and/or issue a code fix. If we are unable to address the issue in short order, we will explain the cause and what we are doing to address the bug/defect. Once again, most bugs/defects are fixed quickly, but some require a longer time to address. If the bug/defect requires us to make major changes to a DevExpress product, we will inform you of our plans and your options in writing. We cannot guarantee that all bugs/defects will be fixed.

I requested an enhancement. Will DevExpress incorporate my suggestions?

We value all feedback and will carefully analyze your request/requirement. Since each request/requirement is unique, we cannot guarantee its implementation.

We strive for 100% transparency. If we can deliver a solution to address your business needs, we will give you a time estimate and provide short-term workarounds where appropriate. If we cannot offer a solution, we will explain why and describe alternative options.

I encountered a bug. DevExpress Support has confirmed the bug/defect. When will DevExpress issue a hotfix?

A hotfix is generally issued within 5 business days after a bug/defect has been addressed by R&D. Before a hotfix is issued, we:

  • Review all bugs/defects that have been addressed by R&D (within a specific time period).
  • Make certain that the nightly build (with bug/defect fixes) passed all associated tests.

Once we are confident in the build, we will publish it and make it available for download. If a nightly build does not meet DevExpress quality standards (a bug/defect may be fixed, but other issues exist), we will delay the hotfix until we are confident in the build. This process may take one day or may extend to multiple days based on severity/complexity of issues encountered.

Is a hotfix included in the next maintenance release?

In nearly all instances, a hotfix is incorporated in the next maintenance release. If we are unable to include a hotfix in the next maintenance release, we will inform you in writing and explain why the hotfix was not included.

How often do you release maintenance updates?

We ship minor updates on a regular basis: generally once every two months.

Can a maintenance release be delayed for any reason?

Yes. If we encounter showstoppers or discover severe bugs during internal testing, we will delay the release until the build meets DevExpress quality standards.

What happens when there is a breaking change – do you inform me and how?

Yes. When we ship a maintenance update, we send an official announcement via email. Should the maintenance update include a consequential breaking change, the announcement will include links to a breaking change document.

I'm an active subscriber and I can’t upgrade due to a bug or breaking change in the newest build. Will you issue a hotfix for older builds?

If you have an active subscription but cannot upgrade to our most recent release, we will do our best to address your needs and issue hotfixes should you encounter a bug/defect. Unfortunately, we cannot make explicit guarantees in this regard as each situation is unique.


Important Note: Hotfixes or workarounds may create unexpected outcomes or instability. Should you decide to integrate a hotfix or workaround in a production app, please do so with utmost caution. Ensure that the hotfix/workaround does not degrade or affect app functionality.


Hotfix and maintenance update policies are subject to change without notice.