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Touch-Enabled Experiences

The DevExpress Map Control has been optimized for touch-first Windows devices. Apps powered by our controls offer the flexibility you'll need to leverage existing code investments and target next-gen hardware devices.

Print and Export Your Map

Yes, you can quickly print or export the contents of our WinForms Map Control. Export options include PDF, RTF and all major image formats. To explore the printing/export capabilities of the component suite, download our free 30-day trial today.

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Map Providers & Formats
Adding a Map to your WinForms project is a simple drag and drop operation. Once the control is on your form, you can add an Image Layer from either Bing or OpenStreet. You can also add any number of vector elements from a file, a database or directly in code.
Bing Maps
Use high quality raster Maps from Microsoft.
Bing Maps

The DevExpress WinForms Map Control can use Bing Maps which offers three distinct map types for use within your application: Area (photos of the Earth's surface), Road (street view) and Hybrid (combination of both images and schemes).

Important Legal Information: The VCL Map Control does not license right of use to any map provider. You must obtain and/or follow the licensing requirements set forth by each map provider. When using Bing Maps, you must read and understand Microsoft's terms of use. Read the Bing Maps Licensing and Pricing Information here:

Use the free alternative to commercial map providers.

Our Map Control fully supports the OpenStreetMap format. You can obtain these maps from either the official OSM foundation website, or from one of the alternative image tile providers.

Important Legal Information: The WinForms Map Control does not license right of use to any map provider. You must obtain and/or follow the licensing requirements set forth by each map provider. When using OpenStreetMap, you must read and understand its terms of use. Read the OpenStreetMap Legal FAQ &

Vector Maps & Custom Shapes
ESRI Shapefiles, KML, SVG, SQL Spatial Data
Vector Maps & Custom Shapes
In addition to raster layers, which are designed to display image tiles obtained from map providers, the WinForms Map Control can render any vector data on its surface. This can include any type of shape, pictures loaded from an external image file or an in-memory data source (IEnumerable, Dataset, etc) or other custom drawn shapes. The Control can read data from Shapefile and KML formats. To help shape contours, the Map Control also loads supplementary information provided in Shapefiles and KML and can display this information in tooltips for corresponding shapes.
Bing & OpenStreetMap GIS Services
Geocode, Search, Route & Elevation providers.
Bing & OpenStreetMap GIS Services
Our Map Control fully supports Bing Geocode, Search, Route and Elevation Services as well as Geocode and Search from OpenStreetMap. As you'd expect, the predefined GIS data providers we've built for Microsoft Bing and OpenStreetMap allow you to obtain and communicate information to users based on a map location. For instance, you can determine what is located at a specific map coordinate or create a route between two or more waypoints. As you'd expect from a DevExpress WinForms Control, you are free to create your own information provider as needs dictate.
Map Service Layers
Supported Layers: OSM-WMS, OSM-Overlay-WMS,TOPO-WMS,TOPO-OSM-WMS
Map Service Layers
The DevExpress WinForms Map Control includes Web Map Service support. These services allow you to obtain map data from a server as a single image. If the server supports multiple WMS layers, you can select the one most appropriate to your business requirements.
Nevermind that the DevExpress controls are a fantastic, time-saving suite... The online support they offer is worth the price of the product all by itself. Jim Thomas
Interactive Map Visualizations
The WinForms Map Control provides a set of built-in visualizations so you can integrate information-rich maps that inform without unnecessary clutter or UI noise.
Bubbles & Pie Charts
Bring your data and map together.
Bubbles & Pie Charts
Bubbles & Pie Charts
With integrated Bubble and Pie Chart support, the DevExpress Map Control allows you to visualize information over any geographic region. The Map can automatically aggregate your underlying data and display Bubble and Pie Chart items at locations that correspond to the aggregated values. The data adapters we've created will load chart data from any data source and auto-generate chart items at the appropriate geo locations.
Map Projections
When a flat map is not enough.
Map Projections
There are numerous ways to depict the Earth's surface on a map. Based upon your usage scenario, the surface can be drawn as a circle, a rectangle, an oval, etc. To provide utmost flexibility, the DevExpress WinForms Map Control can display geographical data using one of the following Map Projections: Spherical Mercator, Equal Area, Braun Stereographic, Equirectangular, Elliptical Mercator, Miller, Equidistant, Lambert Cylinderical, Kavrayskiy, Sinusoidal, EPSG: 4326.
Perform data density analysis and aggragate map data.
The DevExpress WinForms Map Control supports vector data aggragation (clustering). By using Clusters, you can display custom cluster representatives (such as callouts) and use both marker and distance-based clustering methods. When necessary, you can easily implement your own custom clustering algorithm. In addition, you can separate items into Groups prior to clustering (for instance, you can group items by attribute values) and specify custom cluster indicators for use within your map.
Mini Maps
Preview the contents of your map.
Mini Maps
One of the challenges with any map is to effectively communicate information at both the micro (zoomed in) and the macro (zoomed out) level. The DevExpress Mini Map or Map Preview is designed to efficiently address the latter scenario. As you can see in this animation, the Mini Map allows you to customize items and map elements and change the Mini Map's alignment and size as needed. The Mini Map supports two behavior modes: fixed and dynamic. When in fixed behavior mode, its center point and zoom level are fixed. When its behavior is dynamic, Mini Map settings change based upon the zoom level and center point of the owner map.
Cartesian Coordinate Maps
Visualize anything - not just planet Earth.
Cartesian Coordinate Maps
With DevExpress Maps, you can visualize literally anything. By using X,Y coordinates you have the ability to add any vector data with its own units. At present, the Map Control supports Centimeters, Feet, Furlongs, Inches, Kilometers, Meters, Miles, Millimeters, Nautical miles, Yards or a custom custom measure of your choosing. In this animation, we've visuzlized an entire hotel floor within the Map Control.
Display an unlimited number of map layers.
You can simultaneously display an unlimited number of map layers within your application. Each layer displays its information as an image (Image Tile Layer) or a vector element (Vector Layer and Information Layer).
"Thank you DevExpress for building one of the most powerful, feature rich control suites on the market." Chris Todd
Map Elements & UI Interactivity
To help improve usability and facilitate end-user ineteraction, the DevExpress WinForms Map Control provides a set of powerful user interface elements for a wide-range of usage scenarios.
Animation, Scroll & Zoom
Create highly interactive user experiences.
Animation, Scroll & Zoom
To make your solution easier to use and more intuitive, the WinForms Map Control provides a set of built-in user interface elements. These elements include Scroll Buttons, the Zoom Trackbar, Coordinates and Scale Panels. Together they allow your end-users to move a map in any direction and to zoom in/zoom out as necessary. To help you create interactive user experience, the Map Control also includes animated transition effects. Note that because the Map Control is touch-enabled, end-users can interact with a map by using touch gestures.
Display extended information on your map.
Should you need to communicate extended information to end-users, the DevExpress Map Control allows you to display semi-transparent images and text regions over a map. You can control Overlay layout, its orientation and both location and size. Appearance can be controlled via background styles.
Hot Tracking & Selection
Callout relevant data points with ease.
Hot Tracking & Selection
The DevExpress Map Control automatically highlights the currently selected/hovered shape within a map. When a shape is selected, you can easily display relevant information/data via a tooltip. In this animation, the Map Control generates a map from shape elements stored in a Shapefile. When a country is selected/hovered, GDP info for that nation is displayed in a tooltip.
Vector Shape Elements
Present supplementary info within your map.
Vector Shape Elements
Vector Elements allow you to display supplementary information on a map. The WinForms Map Control paints these elements in a vector layer and as you'd expect, allows you to incorporate different shapes so you can address a broad range of use case scenarios. The following vector elements are currently supported: Dot, Ellipse, Line, Path, Polygon, Polyline, Rectangle, Callout and custom. In this animation, a polyine is used to illustrate an airplane's flight path and a polygon is used to represent the airplane.
Communicate the underlying meaning behind your map.
Legends help communicate the meaning behind specific vector items used in your map. The DevExpress WinForms Map Control supports 2 unique Legends - Color and Size. Color based Legends detail the connotation of colors used within a map. Size based Legends help denote the aggragate values underlying Bubble and Pie Chart Map elements. For utmost UI flexibility and to help promote data clarity, you can display multiple legends within the Map Control.

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WinForms Themes and App Skins

The DevExpress WinForms Subscription ships with 50 custom designed and highly polished themes for your next WinForms application. You can use each of these themes easily, without modification or manipulate them using our free WinForms Skin-Theme Editor application. Learn more

Touch Enabled User Experience

Deliver elegant, touch-enabled WinForms applications using the platform you know and love. The WinForms Subscription helps you leverage your current investments and address customer needs via a comprehensive range of WinForms controls that support touch on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Sec 508 and Accessibility

The DevExpress WinForms Subscription makes it easy to create WinForms applications that meet government regulations regarding web accessibility. Sec 508 and Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 support is available for key DevExpress WinForms controls.

Straightforward Localization

All DevExpress WinForms controls can be localized using satellite resource assemblies. DevExpress delivers satellite assemblies for a large variety of languages and cultures. To help you get started, resource files for four cultures are included in our installation: German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. If you need to modify our shipping resources or create satellite assemblies for a different language, simply use our Online Localization Service, a free tool for our active WinForms subscribers. Online Localization Service

Testing Support

The DevExpress Universal Subscription includes built-in support for Microsoft's CodedUI. Unlike many vendors claiming support for Coded UI through the simple use of MSAA, DevExpress controls go the extra mile to make certain that individual controls fully comply with Microsoft's testing framework. We don't simply support Coded UI; we support it to the maximum extent possible. Note: CodedUI support requires purchase of the DevExpress Universal Subscription. Learn more

MVVM Framework

The DevExpress MVVM Framework ships with features that are absent in WinForms, but essential to MVVM development. These missing features include bindings, commands, UI triggers, behaviors etc. Our Framework includes all of these along with a straightforward API to make WinForms app development more efficient. Learn more