Day and Week Views

Intuitive appointment management.

Easily display a detailed snapshot of events/appointments in your web application across a single day, work week or a full week. Integrated date navigation buttons make it easy to navigate from one day or a week to the next.

The DevExpress Blazor Scheduler component renders responsively so you can deliver elegant, high-performance and touch-enabled web applications for desktops and tablets alike.

Demo: Blazor Scheduler Views

Blazor Scheduler UI Component - Week View, DevExpress
Blazor Scheduler UI Component - Day View, DevExpress

Recurring Appointments

Manage repeating event chains.

The DevExpress Blazor Scheduler component allows you to create and manage repeating calendar events with absolute ease. You can configure event frequency, along with start and end dates. Daily events can be set to repeat daily, once every two days, etc. You also have granular control over weekly event frequency (once a week, twice a week, etc). You can even specify the day of the year in which you'd like your event to begin.

Demo: Recurring Appointments

Blazor Scheduler UI Component - Recurring Appointments, DevExpress

Appointment Management

Data editing and drag&drop support are built-in.

The built-in Appointment Dialog allows end-users to create new and modify existing appointments. End-users can specify the Subject associated with the event, it's Location, Start and End Time, Description and more.

End-users can also rearrange / resize appointments via drag & drop.

Demo: Appointment Editing

Blazor Scheduler UI Component - Appointment Management, DevExpress

Elegant Web Themes

Select a theme that best suits your needs.

Choose from over 20 highly polished, lightweight, and fully responsive web themes. Deliver unique user experiences that meet and exceed expectations across any device (desktop or mobile).

Available themes include:

  • Open source DevExpress Bootstrap Themes: Office White and Purpose. Download for free
  • 21 Bootswatch Themes

DevExpress Blazor Themes - Online Demo
DevExpress UI for Blazor - Preview 7 - Bootstrap Theme Support

Blazor Scheduler UI Component - Themes, DevExpress

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