Digital Signature API

Set security constraints for Microsoft Office and PDF documents.

The DevExpress Office File API ships with integrated digital signature support. You can electronically sign Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel workbooks, and PDF files with X.509 certificates.

PDF Document Signatures

DevExpress PDF Signature API supports the following signature types:

  • PKCS#7 signatures with X.509 certificates;
  • PAdES B,T, LT and LTA baseline signature profiles.

With our API, you can quickly:

  • Create new signature fields with multiple attributes (name, location, reason, image, etc.)
  • Remove existing signatures.
  • Sign PDF docs with multiple signatures.
  • Generate a timestamp and apply it to a signature.
  • Sign a document with a document-level timestamp.
  • Sign PDF docs in deferred mode.


PDF Document Signatures

MS Office Document Signatures

You can use XAdES-BES and XAdES-T signatures with X.509 certificates to digitally sign Microsoft Office documents in the following formats:

  • MS Word
    97-2003 (DOC, DOT)
  • MS Excel
    97-2003 binary file (XLS, XLT)
  • MS PowerPoint


MS Office Document Signatures

Validate Signatures

Our Digital Signature API allows you to validate signatures in MS Word documents, Excel workbooks, and PowerPoint presentations. You can specify various validation options such as signature or timestamp certificate policy, decryption password, etc.

Remove Signatures

You can clear all signatures from a document and save the result.

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