WPF Data Forms

Create intuitive input forms.

The DevExpress WPF Data Editors Library ships with a comprehensive set of text, date-time, Boolean, and numeric data editors. The Library includes the following customization options so you can build your best and deliver intuitive (and easy-to-use) user experiences.

  • Input Masks and Autocomplete options
  • Value Formatting and Value Parsing
  • Error Detection Settings
  • Clipboard Operations and Shortcut Support
  • Fully Customizable UI Appearance & Behavior
  • Embedded Buttons, Context Menu, Tooltips, and much more...
Data Forms - WPF Data Editors | DevExpress

High Performance Editing

Super-fast data lookups with numerous UI options.

To maximize flexibility and UI performance, DevExpress WPF Data Lookups use an embedded Grid to display lookup information to end-users. With multiple data loading options, our WPF Lookup controls allow you to display and visually shape lookup data against hundreds of thousands of rows at blazing fast speeds. The embedded Data Grid control used within our WPF Lookup allows you to load data on demand and move time-intensive data shaping operations to the server when appropriate (Server Mode).

As you'll discover once you download our free 30 day trial, our WPF Lookup controls are powerhouse UI elements with numerous UI options including:

  • Multiple Column Display Option
  • Autocomplete / Autosuggest / Auto Filter
  • Auto Search and Case Sensitive Seach
  • Sorting, Grouping, Filtering, Data Aggregation
  • Token Mode
Lookup Editors - WPF Data Editors | DevExpress

WPF Dropdowns & Lists

Data input and record selection made easy.

From multi-select list components to popup galleries and multi-purpose dropdown controls, our WPF Data Editors Library includes everything you need to create stunning user experiences. The Library includes the following dropdown/list-based WPF UI components:

  • WPF Combobox, Checked/Radio Combobox, Token Combobox
  • WPF Listbox, Checked Listbox, Radio Listbox
  • WPF Popup Gallery and Popup Container
  • WPF Font Editor
Dropdowns and Lists - WPF Data Editors | DevExpress

WPF Image & Color Editors

Load, save, and select images with ease.

With the following WPF UI controls, you can display images, select colors, and capture pictures from your camera for further image processing.

  • Image & Popup Image Editors with Webcam Support
  • Color & Popup Color Pickers
  • Brush & Popup Brush Editors
  • Camera Control

You can load/save images in BMP, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format.

Image and Color Editors - WPF Data Editors | DevExpress

WPF Progress Indicators & Sparklines

Communicate app state and visualize data.

To help communicate application state and provide feedback for data intensive operations, the DevExpress WPF Data Editors Library ships with two distinct progress indicator components (Progress Bar and Marquee/Indeterminate Progress Bar).

To help visualize data trends within your WPF app, the DevExpress WPF Data Editors Library includes a Sparkline control with dozens of appearance options and the following chart types:

  • Area
  • Bar
  • Area
  • Win/Loss
Progress Indicators and Sparklines - WPF Data Editors | DevExpress

WPF Track Bars & Rating Control

Simplify value selection within your app.

Our WPF Data Editors Library includes a full-featured Rating control and the following Track Bar UI components.

  • Track Bar / Slider
  • Range Track Bar
  • Zoom Track Bar

The DevExpress WPF Track Bar allows users to change numeric values via the mouse, mouse wheel or keyboard. Our WPF Zoom Track Bar includes built-in zoom options. The Range Track Bar ships with two sliders and allows users to select a desired value range. All track bar controls include the following options:

  • Min/Max Value
  • Slider Selection
  • Tickmarks & Labels
  • Configurable Small and Large Ticks
  • Horizontal / Vertical Orientation
Trackbars and Rating - WPF Data Editors | DevExpress

WPF Application Themes

Over 50 Themes and 40 Color Palettes Designed to Amaze

You can specify a theme when you ship your app or allow end-user to modify the look and feel of your WPF application on the fly. Our themes come with color palettes that can personalize your UI even further. And yes, you can customize our pre-built application themes with the free DevExpress WPF Theme Designer. The following are a few of the themes included in our distribution.

Windows 10 Light - Default Palette | DevExpress

Windows 10 Light

Default Palette

Office 2019 Colorful - SpruceLeaves Palette | DevExpress

Office 2019 Colorful

SpruceLeaves Palette

VS 2019 Dark - BlueberryCake Palette | DevExpress

VS 2019 Dark

BlueberryCake Palette

Office 2019 High Contrast | DevExpress

Office 2019

High Contrast

Input Masks

Minimize data entry mistakes within your app.

Our WPF mask engine allows you to control data input, maximize data consistency, and information clarity. DevExpress WPF Mask options include: autocomplete, character casing, beep on error, use mask as display format, etc. Our fully integrated WPF Mask Editor for Visual Studio makes design-time mask configuration both painless and easy. Mask types include:

  • Simple
  • Numeric
  • Date-Time / TimeSpan
  • Simplified & Extended Regular Expressions (RegEx)
WPF Data Editors | DevExpress

Data Validation & Error Indicators

Anticipate errors and maximize data accuracy.

Our WPF Data Editors Library includes a comprehensive data validation and value formatting engine. With it, you can reduce data entry errors, improve the overall usability of your WPF application, and offer meaningful error indicators/text-based feedback to your end-users.

Data validation options include:

  • Automatic Validation via Masks
  • Manual (Event-based) Validation
  • Conditional Validation
  • Validate against a Different UI Control
  • Validate on Enter Key
  • Error Icons and Tooltip Options
Data Validation and Error Indication - WPF Data Editors | DevExpress

WPF Data Editors and In-Cell Editing

CRUD operations simplified.

Use the flexibility of our WPF Data Editors Library to view and manipulate on-screen data, and maintain total control over data validation rules and cell value formats. From standard text boxes and WPF date pickers, to our WPF lookup controls, you can use our WPF Data Editors within the following DevExpress "container" controls:

Data Editors inside UI Controls - WPF Data Editors | DevExpress

SVG Image Gallery

Ships with thousands of high-quality vector icons.

To better support high DPI (4K+) devices, our WPF UI Library includes a complete SVG Image Gallery with 34 categories packed with thousands of high-quality vector icons – in both color and grayscale forms. And yes, our vector images can change color based on the theme used within your WPF app.

Our SVG Image Library allows you to filter and search for icons – making it super easy to find the right image.

Comprehensive SVG Image Collection - WPF Data Editors | DevExpress

WPF Data Editors and Controls

Includes Data Editors and Multi-Purpose UI Components


Text, Numeric, Boolean
Text BoxButton EditCalculatorCheckboxHyperlinkMemo EditorNumeric SpinRadio GroupPassword BoxToggle Switch
Dropdowns & Lists
ComboboxChecked ComboboxChecked ListboxChecked Token ComboboxDropdown CalculatorFont EditorGalleryListboxRadio ComboboxToken Combobox
Data Lookups
AutoSuggest EditLookupGrid LookupSearch LookupToken Lookup
Data Visualization & Trackbars
BarcodeProgressBarRange TrackbarRatingSparklineTrackbarZoom Trackbar
Image & Color
Brush EditCameraColor EditImagePopup Brush EditPopup Color PickerPopup Image
Buttons & Labels
ButtonCheck ButtonDropdown ButtonLabelHyperlink LabelSplit Button
UI/UX & Utility
Data NavigatorFilter ControlFlyoutSearch ControlSplash ScreenWorkspace Manager
Date-Time Pickers
Calendar / Date NavigatorDate EditorDate-Time OffsetTime Picker

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