Blazor Data Grid

Fast and responsive grid for Blazor UI.

Our set of native Blazor Components includes a feature-rich and very fast Data Grid component. The Data Grid ships with the following built-in capabilities:

  • High Performance Data Loading
  • Bind to Remote Data / Async Data Processing
  • Unbound Columns
  • Data Editing and Input Validation
  • Master-Detail Data Presentation
  • Data Sorting, Grouping, Filtering, and Search
  • Data Aggregation / Predefined and Custom Total & Group Summaries
  • Multiple Row Selection
  • Templates and HTML Decoration
  • Paging and Scrolling
  • Save / Restore Layout
  • Export to Excel

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DevExpress Blazor UI Data Grid Component

Blazor Chart

Visualize and analyze your data.

The DevExpress Chart for Blazor helps you transform data to its most appropriate, concise and readable visual representation. Our Blazor Chart component comes with different 2D chart types - ranging from area and bars to donut and financial charts. Features include:

  • 20+ Chart Types
  • Axis / Data Labels
  • Secondary Axis
  • Legends, Chart Titles, Tooltips
  • Integration with a Pivot Grid
  • Point/Series Selection and Customization
  • Drill-Down on Series Point Click
  • Export Chart as PDF or Image

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Blazor UI Chart Component, DevExpress

Blazor Rich Text Editor

Address your word processing needs today.

Our Blazor RTF Editor allows you to integrate advanced text editing capabilities into your Blazor app. The Rich Text Editor for Blazor UI allows you to create, open, and save RTF documents (DOCX, RTF, TXT). It includes comprehensive text formatting options, ships with a rich collection of end-user options, supports mail-merge, floating objects, and printing.

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Blazor Rich Text Editor | DevExpress

Blazor Scheduler

Event & appointment management made easy.

With our Blazor Scheduler & Calendar you can deliver full-featured personal information management systems in the shortest possible time. Easily display a detailed snapshot of events/appointments in your web application across a single day or a week.

Features include:

  • Day View
  • Week & Work Week Views
  • Month View
  • Timeline View
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Data Binding
  • Appointment Editing
  • Drag & Drop Support

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Blazor UI Scheduler and Calendar Component, DevExpress

Blazor Accordion

Provide a multi-level navigation experience.

Our Blazor Accordion component allows you to address a broad range of navigation related usage scenarios. You can create advanced hierarchical navigation menus with endless nesting of navigation elements.

Accordion features include:

  • Data Binding
  • Built-in Search Panel & Filtering
  • Item Groups
  • Multiple Expand/Collapse Modes
  • Unlimited Number of Nesting Levels
  • Custom Items and Group Content

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Blazor UI Accordion Component, DevExpress

Blazor Pivot Grid

Multi-dimensional data analysis made easy.

An Excel-inspired pivot table component engineered for multi-dimensional data analysis and cross-tab reporting. Its features include:

  • High performance data loading
  • Built-in aggregate functions (Average, Count, Max, Min and Sum)
  • Sorting
  • Chart Integration
  • Expand/Collapse
  • Paging
  • Templates

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Blazor UI Pivot Grid Component

Blazor Server Reporting

DevExpress Reports for Blazor Server ships with a fully integrated set of productivity tools, pre-built report templates, document viewer, Visual Studio and end-user report designers.

  • Preview and Print Documents
  • Export to PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, DOCX, MHT, HTML, TXT, CSV, Image
  • Table, Master-Detail, Invoice, Vertical Report, etc.
  • 20+ Report Controls (including a Pivot Table and Charts)
  • Bind to Data (SQL, JSON, Excel, XPO and Object Data Sources)
  • Federated Data Source, Data Source Wizard, and Query Builder
  • Report Wizard
  • Bookmarks, Document Map and Search
  • Data Editing, Grouping, Sorting and Drill Down
  • Calculated Fields and Report Parameters
  • Skeleton Screen
  • Multi-Page View / Full-Screen Mode

Reports Demo

Blazor UI Components - Reporting | DevExpress

Blazor Data Editors

Multi-purpose input components for Blazor UI.

DevExpress Data Editors can be used as standalone controls or to edit Blazor Data Grid cell values. Data editors include:

  • CheckBox
  • ComboBox
  • Date Edit
  • Calendar
  • Memo
  • Spin / Numeric Edit
  • TagBox
  • Text Box
  • Time Edit
  • List Box

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Blazor UI Components - Data Editors | DevExpress

Blazor Multi-Purpose Components

The DevExpress Blazor UI suite includes the following multi-purpose and utility components:

  • Button
  • Form Layout
  • Grid / Stack Layout
  • Multi-Purpose Pager
  • Popup Window & Flyout
  • Tabs / Tab Control
  • Menu & DropDown
  • Toolbar and Context Menu
  • Upload

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Blazor UI Components - Tab Control, Form Layout and Navigation | DevExpress

Blazor TreeView

Display hierarchical data with ease.

The DevExpress TreeView for Blazor displays hierarchical data structures within a tree-like UI metaphor. The Blazor TreeView component can be used to simplify navigation within a web app or to display self-referenced information to end-users.

Features include:

  • Bind to Hierarchical Data
  • Unbound Mode
  • Load Nodes on Demand
  • Text Search and Filtering
  • Node Selection and Highlighting
  • Master-Detail Support
  • Node Templates

Online Demo

Blazor UI Components - TreeView | DevExpress

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Additional Info

Web Themes

The DevExpress Blazor UI Components suite ships with four built-in open source Bootstrap themes: Blazing Berry, Blazing Dark, Office White, and Purple. You can also choose from over 20 highly polished, lightweight, and fully responsive Bootswatch themes.

Size Modes

DevExpress Blazor UI components support three size options: Small, Medium, and Large. You can specify a global option that affects the sizing and spacing of all components in your Blazor app, or specify sizing for individual components. Learn more about Size Modes


Translate DevExpress Blazor UI components into different languages. Localization is available for both server and client side Blazor hosting models. Read the documentation


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Supported IDEs

Review the list of development tools and frameworks supported by our products. We strongly recommend that you always download and use the most recent versions. If the latest version does not support the IDE or framework that you're using, please write to us at and request the an evaluation version that suits your requirements.

Release Date
Supported Frameworks
.NET 6 / .NET 7
.NET 6
.NET 5+
.NET 5
Supported IDE
Visual Studio 2022
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio 2022
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio 2022
Visual Studio 2019 16.4+
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio 2019 16.4+
Visual Studio Code
Desktop Browsers
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blazor?
  • Blazor runs C# code directly in the browser.
  • Blazor gives you access to .NET on the client side so you can re-use libraries and code from the server side.
  • Blazor works in all modern browsers and is built on open Web standards.
Is Blazor stable?
Both Blazor WebAssembly and Server are available as stable releases supported by Microsoft.
How do I add DevExpress Blazor UI Components to a project?
How do I deploy a Blazor app with the DevExpress Blazor UI Components?
Refer to the following help topic in the DevExpress Blazor documentation: Redistribution and Deployment.
How often DevExpress release update to their Blazor UI Components?
DevExpress releases minor updates every 4-6 weeks. Updates include bug fixes.
Does DevExpress provide technical support for Blazor UI Components?

You can find answers to common questions in the DevExpress Knowledge Base and Code Example library. To get in touch with our Technical Support Team, use the DevExpress Support Center.

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DevExpress Blazor Components are included in our Universal, DXperience and ASP.NET Subscriptions.

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WinForms End-User Report Designer
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XPO - ORM Library
Office File API (Basic)
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Office File API (Complete)
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Business Intelligence Dashboard
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.NET App Security & Web API Service
Entity Framework Core ORM Support
XPO ORM Support
Role-based Access Control & Permission Management
ASP.NET Core Web API / OData Service for CRUD and Authorization
Administrative UI to Manage Users and Roles at Runtime
Localization Service Endpoints
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CodeRush for Visual Studio
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VS 2015 Support
Source Code *
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XPO - ORM Library
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* DevExpress does not include/ship source code for certain products, including CodeRush, TestCafe Studio, and Report & Dashboard Server.

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