Intuitive MVVM Pattern Support across all WPF Components

All DevExpress controls are fully compatible with the model

view ViewModel architecture.

Office-inspired WPF Application | DevExpress

  1. Generate Columns from a Collection
    • XAML
                                <dxg:GridControl ColumnsSource="{Binding GridColumns}"/>
  2. Bind the Focused Row to Your View Model Property
    • XAML
                                <dxg:GridControl CurrentItem="{Binding SelectedEmployee}"/>
  3. Use Built-in Commands Instead of Events
    • XAML
                                            ValidateRowCommand="{Binding ValidateEmployeeCommand}"/>
  4. Generate Summaries from a Collection within Your View Model
    • XAML
                                <dxg:GridControl TotalSummarySource="{Binding TotalSummaryItems}"/>
  5. Configure Columns and Editors Using Attributes
    • C#
                                public class Employee {
                                    [DateTimeMask(Mask = "MMMM/dd/yyyy")]
                                    public DateTime HiredAt {

Even Simpler with the DevExpress MVVM Framework

Eliminate mundane tasks and accelerate development with our

powerhouse MVVM framework.

MVVM C# Code Generator
Automatic INotifyPropertyChanged and command implementation.

  • C#
                                // User Class

                                partial class ViewModel {
                                    string username;

                                    void Login() => Status = "User: " + Username;
                                    bool CanLogin() => !string.IsNullOrEmpty(Username);

  • C#
                                // Generated Class

                                partial class ViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged {
                                  public string? Username {
                                    get => username;
                                    set {
                                      if(EqualityComparer<string?>.Default.Equals(username, value))
                                      username = value;
                                  DelegateCommand? loginCommand;
                                  public DelegateCommand LoginCommand {
                                   get => loginCommand ??= new DelegateCommand(Login,CanLogin,true);

No direct references are required.

  • C#
                                // Direct View Model references

                                public class ViewModelA {
                                    ViewModelB viewModelB;
                                    public ViewModelA(ViewModelB viewModelB) {
                                        this.viewModelB = viewModelB;
                                    void SendMessageToViewModelB(string parameter) {
                                public class ViewModelB {
                                    public void SaveData(string parameter) {
  • C#
                                // DX Messenger

                                public class ViewModelA {
                                    void SendMessageToViewModelB(string parameter) {

                                public class ViewModelB {
                                    public ViewModelB() {
                                        Messenger.Default.Register<string>(this, SaveData);
                                    public void SaveData(string parameter) {
                                        MessageBox.Show("ViewModelB data was saved!");

Advanced binding with flexible syntax.

  • XAML
                                <!-- Standard Binding -->

                                        <MultiBinding Converter="{CustomConverter}">
                                            <Binding Path="PropA"/>
                                            <Binding Path="PropB"/>
  • XAML
                                <!-- DXBinding -->

                                <TextBlock Text="{DXBinding 'PropA+PropB'}"/>


Built-in Converters
Ready-to-use converters for various usage scenarios.

  • C#
                                // Custom Converter

                                public class MyBooleanToVisibilityConverter : IValueConverter {
                                    public object Convert(object value, Type targetType,
                                           object parameter, CultureInfo culture) {
                                       bool isVisible = value is bool && (bool)value;
                                       return isVisible ? Visibility.Visible : Visibility.Collapsed;
  • XAML
                                <!-- Ready-to-Use Converter -->

                                <Button Visibility="{
                                    Binding ShowButton,


Seamless ViewModel –

Control Communication with Services

Code behind no longer necessary.

MVVM C# Code Generator - UI for WPF | DevExpress

Modular MVVM Application
with Clean Architecture

Build well-structured WPF applications
with dynamic modules.

  • Our Module Injection Framework (MIF) supports regions, modules, navigation, and state serialization.

  • PRISM adapters for DevExpress controls
    (Docking, TabControl, NavigationFrame, NavBarControl)

Modular MVVM application with clean architecture - UI for WPF | DevExpress

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MVVM Support

DevExpress WPF Controls have been engineered to support the Model-View-ViewModel development pattern. Controls such as the DevExpress WPF Grid provide the same level of MVVM support as the standard Microsoft Data Grid along with additional features not available from Microsoft. DevExpress controls allow you to generate columns based on data and customize them using WPF styles without limitations. Learn more

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