Comprehensive Chart Types

A rich collection of data visualization options.

The DevExpress Blazor Chart component allows you transform data to its most appropriate, concise and readable visual representation. To guarantee the highest levels of flexibility, our Blazor Chart ships with a rich collection of 2D charts - ranging from area and bars to pie and financial views.

  • Area, Spline and Step including Stacked and Full-Stacked Area
  • Side-by-Side, Stacked and Full-Stacked Bar
  • Line and Step Line
  • Stacked and Full-Stacked Line
  • Range Bar and Range Area
  • Candlestick and Stock
  • Pie and Donut
  • Bubble

Demo: Chart Types

Blazor Chart Types - DevExpress

Composite Chart

Robust comparative analysis.

Give users the power to dig-deep and better analyze the data displayed within your Blazor chart. As you would expect, each individual series can use its own axes for visual representation. You can create as many Y axes as needed. By using a secondary axis, you can visually compare trends across multiple series within a single diagram - even when series values contain significant variances.

Our Blazor Chart component allows you to swap the argument (X) and value (Y) axes and display the X axis vertically and the Y axis horizontally.

Demo: Secondary Axis   Demo: Chart Rotation

Blazor Composite Chart - Multiple Series, DevExpress

UI Customization

Deliver unrivaled user experiences.

Chart Legends
Chart Legends provide crucial information to end-users. Because of its importance, the DevExpress Blazor Chart component offers a number of unique ways to customize Legend display within a web app. You can customize the Legend's position, visibility and item text. In addition, you can display checkboxes to toggle the visibility of specific chart elements.

Axis / Data Labels
Axis labels are displayed along the X-axis of the chart. The DevExpress Blazor Chart supports smart label management, which ensures that labels avoid overlapping and are displayed correctly.

Our Blazor Chart component library can also display callouts (data labels) – so you can annotate important data points and update information automatically when changes are made to data values.

Titles and Tooltips
Our Chart Title and Tooltips have been designed to make Blazor charts more readable and easier to understand.

Blazor Chart - UI Customization, DevExpress

Mobile Friendly

Ready for both Desktop, Tablets and Mobile

The DevExpress Blazor Chart component renders responsively so you can deliver elegant, high-performance and touch-enabled web applications for desktops, tablets and mobile devices alike.

Mobile Friendly Blazor Components, DevExpress
Mobile Friendly Blazor Chart, DevExpress

Pivot Grid Integration

Visualize data displayed in the pivot grid.

The DevExpress Blazor Charts can load and visualize data directly from our Blazor Pivot Grid component too. The chart will also update instantly to reflect the changes made in the pivot table.

Demo: Pivot Grid Integration

Blazor Chart - Pivot Grid Integration, DevExpress

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