ComboBox and List Box for Blazor

Create dropdown and multi-select lists.

Blazor ComboBox features include:

  • Incremental Filtering
  • Virtual Scrolling
  • Null Text
  • Read-Only State

Blazor List box features include:

  • Multiple-Item Selection
  • Checked List Box
  • Virtual Scrolling
  • Read-Only State

Demo: ComboBox for Blazor   Demo: List Box for Blazor

Blazor ComboBox and List Box - Blazor Data Editors | DevExpress

Date Edit and Calendar

Pick a date or select a date range.

Blazor Date Edit component is a date editor with a dropdown calendar that can be used for standalone editing or in cells of container controls such as Blazor Data Grid. Features include:

  • Adaptive Date Picker
  • Scroll Picker / Calendar
  • Configurable Date Format

Blazor Calendar is a stand alone calendar with multiple date selection. Features include:

  • Multiple Date / Date Range Selection
  • Day Cell Customization / Templates
  • Set the First Day of the Calendar Week
  • Disable Dates
  • Today / Clear Buttons

Demo: Date Edit for Blazor   Demo: Calendar for Blazor

Blazor Date Editor and Calendar - Blazor Data Editors | DevExpress

Text and Spin Editors

Edit text and numeric values with ease.

Blazor Text Box is a simple text editor. Features include:

  • Password Mode
  • Clear Button
  • Read-Only State

Blazor Spin Edit allows users to edit numeric values. Features include:

  • Server-Side Value Processing
  • Nullable Value
  • .NET Built-in Data Types Support
  • Clear Button
  • Read-Only State

Demo: Text Box for Blazor   Demo: Spin Edit for Blazor

Blazor Text Box and SpinEdit - Blazor Data Editors | DevExpress

CheckBox for Blazor

Toggle between two or three states.

The DevExpress Blazor CheckBox component has the following features:

  • Checked / Unchecked / Indeterminate States
  • Bind to Standard .Net Types
  • Bind to Custom Data Types
  • Nullable Value
  • Disabled State
  • Switch Mode
  • Custom UI / Appearance

Demo: Checkbox for Blazor

Blazor Checkbox - Blazor Data Editors | DevExpress

TagBox for Blazor

Select multiple items from a drop-down list.

The Blazor TagBox component has the following features:

  • Bind to Data
  • Custom Tags
  • Clear Button
  • Null Text
  • Input Validation
  • Virtual Scrolling
  • Incremental Filtering
  • Read-Only Mode
  • Tag Template

Demo: TagBox for Blazor

Blazor TagBox - Blazor Data Editors | DevExpress

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