Blazor Tabs

Introduce a multi-page tab UX.

Our Blazor Tabs component allows you to deliver intuitive user experiences for your next Blazor project. Divide page content into meaningful sections and allow users to quickly discover content within individual tabs.

Demo: Tabs for Blazor

Blazor Tabs - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Blazor Form Layout

Deliver responsive data edit forms.

The DevExpress Blazor Form Layout component allows you to create responsive data edit forms. Features include:

  • Automatic Control Alignment
  • Responsive Layout
  • Data Binding Support
  • Panels and Tabbed Groups
  • Data Input Validation
  • Layout Item Templates

Demo: Form Layout for Blazor

Blazor Form Layout - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Blazor Pager

Simplify navigation for large data sets.

The DevExpress Blazor Pager component allows users to navigate a bound data source. Our Blazor Pager component is integrated into the DevExpress Blazor Data Grid and Blazor Pivot Grid components.

Demo: Pager for Blazor

Blazor Pager - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Blazor Popup

Incorporate in-app messaging.

The DevExpress Blazor Popup component allows you to create engaging and fully customizable modal dialogs and forms.

Demo: Popup Window for Blazor

Blazor Popup Window - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

Blazor Upload

Upload files to the web server.

The DevExpress Blazor Upload component ships with the following features:

  • Chunk upload for large files
  • Multiple file upload
  • Drag and Drop
  • File extension and file size validation
  • Instant upload
  • Upload on a button click
  • Progress information

Demo: Upload for Blazor

Blazor Upload - Blazor UI Components | DevExpress

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