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The DevExpress Pivot Grid for Blazor will help you deliver solutions that are always fast. Regardless of dataset size, users can shape and analyze mission critical information at lightning speed. Whether its a 1,000 or 1,000,000 records, our Blazor Pivot Grid can handle large datasets with ease.

See how fast you can analyze 1,000,000 records with our Pivot Grid for Blazor.

Blazor PivotGrid Component - DevExpress

Data Shaping & Analytics

Intuitively present information to end-users

Summaries & Aggregates
We've made it easy for you to use aggregate functions and compute data summaries for rows and columns displayed within our Blazor Pivot Grid. The following built-in aggregate functions are available: Average, Count, Max, Min and Sum.

Group Intervals
Group data to quickly see subtotals for a specific set of items to analyze. For instance, it's possible to create two fields and bind them to the same 'Date' field. The first field can group data by years, the second field - by months.

Multi-Field Sorting
Sort data against multiple row/column fields.

See how you can slice and dice data with our PivotGrid for Blazor.

Blazor PivotGrid Component - Data Shaping and Analytics, DevExpress

Chart Integration

Visualize data displayed in the pivot grid.

Our Blazor Chart component can load and visualize data directly from the DevExpress Blazor Pivot Grid. The chart will also update instantly to reflect the changes made in the pivot grid.

Demo: Chart Integration

Blazor Pivot Grid - Chart Integration, DevExpress

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