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Developers have consistently voted DevExpress best-in-class. Among countless other awards, we've received over 70 first place Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice awards over the last six years. Download our fully-functional 30-day trial today and experience the DevExpress difference today.

Unified Installer (.NET Framework | ASP.NET Core | JavaScript)

Click the download button to the right to obtain our Unified Installer for all DevExpress components engineered for standard .NET Framework web and desktop, ASP.NET Core and JavaScript application development. Product suites included:

WinFormsWPFUWPASP.NET Web FormsASP.NET MVCASP.NET CoreBlazorBootstrap Web FormsJavaScriptReportingDashboardXPOXAFOffice File API

Are you targeting .NET Core/.NET 5 desktop development? Use the Unified Installer below instead.

Unified Installer (.NET Core | .NET 5 Desktop)

Click the download button to the right to obtain our Unified Installer for all desktop components and libraries built for .NET Core / .NET 5. You can install these products side by side with our standard .NET Framework distribution (see above).

WinFormsWPFReportingDashboardXPOXAFOffice File API

Are you considering WinForms and .NET 5? If so, please note that Microsoft has not fully ported the Visual Studio design-time experience for the WinForms platform. We remain hopeful that Microsoft will make the necessary changes to bring WinForms .NET 5 up to par with previous versions. To learn more, please read the following blog post: WinForms and .NET 5.

NuGet Feed with .NET Core / .NET 5 Products

Get automatic package updates, optimize build and test processes and use CI/CD tools approved within your enterprise. Note: these packages do not include demos. If you need access to DevExpress demos, download the installations listed above, refer to our online help file or use our online demo apps.

WinformsWPFASP.NET CoreJavaScriptBlazorReportingDashboardXPOXAFOffice File API
CodeRush for Visual Studio

Write code at the speed of thought. Find and fix defects. Refactor with ease.

TestCafe Studio

Easiest way to automate QA processes and test your websites and apps.

Xamarin.Forms Controls

The package includes our feature-rich and high-impact Xamarin Data Grid, Scheduler, Charts, TabView and Navigation Drawer controls.

Mobile Controls

The package includes 100% native chart controls for iOS and Android, as well as Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android wrappers for use within Visual Studio.

VCL Subscription

Over 210 VCL Components and Libraries in one integrated subscription.

Report and Dashboard Server

Provides straightforward setup, intuitive administration and comprehensive report distribution options.