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Your Success Matters

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Diagram Types
The DevExpress WPF Diagram control divides diagram types into several categories. Each diagram type has specific shape set.
Basic Diagrams
Diagrams with typical basic shapes.
Basic Diagrams
Basic or general diagrams with typical basic shapes (e.g. Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, and more).
Flow Charts
Communicate the steps in a process efficiently.
Flow Charts
Flow Charts
A Flow Chart represents an algorigthm, production process or decision flow.
SDL Diargams
Specification and Description Language Diagrams
SDL Diargams
Create SDL (Specification and Description Language) diagrams to visualize the architecture of real-time and event-driven systems The DevExpress Diagram Control for WPF contains a complete set of scalable and versatile shapes to diagram the structure of any engineering system.
Cycle Diargams
Draw the processing cycle.
Cycle Diargams
Cycle Diargams
With the predefined shape set drawing a cycle diagram couldn't be easier.
Software Diagrams
Draw clear and comprehensive UML diagrams.
Software Diagrams
Software Diagrams
The WPF Diagram control allows you to create use case diagrams, state diagrams, clear and comprehensive UML diagrams, and more with no prior experience.
Org Charts
Create the right Org Chart for your business.
Org Charts
Org Charts
The DevExpress Diagram control allows you to draw the structure of an organization and relationship hierarchy.
"Having the new Diagram tool with the package and the very good MVVM framework was the icing on the cake for me to go for DevExpress." Matt AlincAlinc Enterprises
Diagram Shapes
All DevExpress WPF Diagram Shapes support parameterization, allowing you to customize shape paths as necessary. You can also use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for individual diagram shapes.
Basic Shapes
Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle and more.
Basic Shapes

Basic Shapes include:

  • Can, Chevron, Cross, Cube;
  • Decagon, Diagonal Stripe, Diamond, Donut;
  • Ellipse, Frame, Heptagon, Hexagon, Octagon;
  • Parallelogram, Pentagon, Triangle, Trapezoid;
  • Stars and much more...
FlowChart Shapes
Process, Decision, Start/End and more.
FlowChart Shapes

FlowChart Shapes include:

  • Data and Document;
  • Database and External Data;
  • Decision;
  • Off Page and On Page Reference;
  • Process and Subprocess;
  • StartEnd and Custom shapes.
SDL Diagram Shapes
Start, Variable Start, Procedure and more.
SDL Diagram Shapes

SDL Diagram Shapes include:

  • Alternative, Create Request, Decision;
  • Disk Storage, Divided Event, Divided Process;
  • Document, Message From/To User;
  • Off/On Page Reference, Procedure, Return;
  • Primitive From/To Call Control;
  • Save, Start, Terminator;
  • Variable Procedure, Variable Start.
Arrow Shapes
Simple, Double, Flexible and more.
Arrow Shapes

Arrow Shapes include:

  • Bent, Block and Circular;
  • Curved Left, Curved Right, Flexible;
  • Left Right and Quad Arrow Blocks;
  • Left Right Up, Modern, Notched and Quad Arrows;
  • Sharp Bent, Simple and Simple Double Arrows;
  • Striped and UTurn Arrows.
Software Icon Shapes
Back, Forward, Expand and more.
Software Icon Shapes

Software Icon Shapes include:

  • Add, Remove;
  • Back, Forward;
  • Collapse, Expand;
  • Sort, Filter;
  • Calendar, Document, Hard Drive, Properties, Tools;
  • Database, Lock, Network, Permission
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out.
Decorative Shapes
Wave, Moon, Cloud and more.
Decorative Shapes

Decorative Shapes include:

  • Cloud;
  • Wave and Double Wave;
  • Down/UP Ribbon;
  • Heart;
  • Horizontal/Vertical Scroll;
  • Lightning Bolt;
  • Moon.
SVG Shapes
Your imagination is the only limit.
SVG Shapes
The DevExpress WPF Diagram control allows you to import your own SVG vector images, register them in a toolbox and use as shapes.
"DevExpress provide the best controls and support in the world." Anthony Butterworth
Diagram Connectors
Easily connect two Shapes or any two points directly on the WPF Diagram's canvas. A Connector can be rendered as a straight line, a curve, or at right angles. In addition, Connectors can display arrows at both the beginning and end of the Connector, and assigned text descriptions.
Straight Connectors
Draw straight lines between connection points.
Straight Connectors
Straight connectors draw straight lines between connection points. As you move the shapes around, this connector stays straight.
Curved Connectors
Draw lines that can curve.
Curved Connectors
Curved connectors are very much like straight connectors. You can bend their arc any way you like.
Right Angle Connectors
A vertical and horizontal route with 90-degree bends that links shapes together.
Right Angle Connectors
A vertical and horizontal route with 90-degree bends that links shapes together. The right-angle connector can be moved and twisted as shapes move.
Automatic Routing
You don't have to manually rearrange connectors and shapes.
Automatic Routing
The dynamic connector can route itself around shapes that get in the way and find the best point to connect to shapes. It will also jump over other connectors that cross it.
15 Arrow Types
Add arrows, points, or other line ends to a connector.
15 Arrow Types
Customize the way connector lines look by changing the arrow type, size and thickness.
Diagram Tools
Diagram Tools

The WPF Diagram control provides tools to help you work on your diagrams. You can use tools to select, transform, draw, and view diagrams.

  • The Pointer tool selects, moves and scales a shape or selected diagram segment.
  • Shape tools draw commonly used shapes (rectangle, ellipse, right triangle and hexagon).
  • The Connector tool draws connectors between existing shapes.
  • The Hand tool moves or pans the workspace in any direction.
"After 25 Years of professional windows development I have never seen a library like DevExpress. AWESOME!" Ingolf Mönch
Diagram Canvas
Our feaure-complete Diagram Canvas gives you and your users the tools and options to explore, manipulate and edit.
Text Editing & Undo/Redo
Add text to shapes.
Text Editing & Undo/Redo
To add text to a shape, double click the shape. You can specify the font, font size, style, color and paragraph alignment. And yes, undo and redo is also available (CTRL+Z / CTRL+Y).
Transform Shapes
Rotate, Scale & Move
Transform Shapes
The DevExpress WPF Diagram control allows you to select, move, resize, and rotate shapes. Once you have selected a shape or multiple shapes, you can then change their position, rotate, enlarge or shrink them.
Drag, Drop & Zoom
Reposition a diagram and zoom to change the magnification of a view.
Drag, Drop & Zoom
Move or pan a diagram in any direction via drag and drop. Zoom an area of a diagram using the mouse wheel and holding down the CTRL key.
Clipboard Operations
Copy / Cut / Paste
Clipboard Operations
Press CTRL+C to copy, CTRL+X to cut, CTRL+V to paste selected shapes. And yes, you can copy/paste shapes between different diagram controls.
Snap to Grid
Move a shape exactly to a grid point or edge of another shape.
Snap to Grid
To enhance drawing speed and efficiency, you can display and snap to a rectangular grid. Snapping helps with precise placement of shapes. The grid is dynamically changed during zooming.
Rulers and Dynamic Grid
Position shapes precisely.
Rulers and Dynamic Grid

Rulers help you position shapes precisely. When visible, rulers appear along the top and left side of the diagram. Markers in the ruler display the shapes's position when you move it.

To enhance drawing speed and efficiency, you can display a rectangular grid. The grid is dynamically changed during zooming. If you zoom in or out of your drawing, the grid spacing is adjusted automatically to be more appropriate for the new magnification.

"You guys are the best and I have received many thanks from end users being able to store or persist their changes, it's a big hit here." Kevin McDonald
Advanced Features
Diagram Designer
Integrate end-user diagram customization.
Diagram Designer
Diagram Designer
With its powerful diagram designer, our WPF Diagram control makes it easy to integrate runtime diagram customization in your next project. And yes, you can draw diagrams from scratch or import an existing diagram from a file.
Save / Load Diagrams
Save and load diagram customizations made by users.
Save / Load Diagrams

Diagrams can be created from scratch or loaded from an XML file (XML definitions are compatible between diagrams created at design and runtime).

Diagrams can also be exported to multiple image formats (BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF).

Themes & Styles
Create professional looking diagrams using styles inspired by Visio.
Themes & Styles

The DevExpress WPF Diagram control offers 8 professionally designed themes and over 40 theme styles to give your diagram a variety of dynamic appearances. By combining colors and fonts, each theme gives your diagram a consistent and professional look.

Each theme offers four unique variants to choose from. Variants have their own color schemes and shape designs.

Visio-Inspired Toolbox
Organize and find shapes.
Visio-Inspired Toolbox

The Shapes panel organizes shapes into categories. Categories are stacked one over the other. Shapes only from one category are displayed at a time. To quickly find desired shapes, type their names into the built-in search box.

Diagram Layout
Hierarchical and Layered Layout options.
Diagram Layout

The DevExpress Diagram control provides automatic tools t0o quickly draw specific diagrams. Predefined drawing algorithms help ensure the shapes in your diagram are arranged, aligned and spaced well. Automatic layout options include:

  • Tree Graph
  • Layered (Sugiyama) Graph
  • Circular Layout
  • Mind Map Tree Layout
  • Tip-Over Tree Layout

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WPF Themes and App Skins

The DevExpress WPF Subscription ships with over 30 custom designed and highly polished themes for your next WPF application. You can use each of these themes easily, without modification or manipulate them using our free WPF Theme Designer application. Learn More

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