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An entirely new approach to WinForms app design.

Our new HTML & CSS Template option for the Windows Forms platform allows you to re-imagine/re-design our data-aware controls, and create fully custom UI elements. The following DevExpress WinForms controls ship with built-in HTML & CSS Support.


WinForms Data Grid | DevExpress


WinForms Data Editors | DevExpress


WinForms DirectX Form | DevExpress


WinForms Scheduler | DevExpress


WinForms Gantt | DevExpressGantt


WinForms Alert | DevExpress

Alert & Dialogs

WinForms Accordion Control | DevExpress


WinForms TreeList | DevExpress



HTML & CSS Syntax

From basic HTML generic containers and heading elements to links, images and tables, and everything in between, our HTML & CSS engine supports commonly used HTML tags, CSS properties and selectors. And we're constantly expanding the list of supported tags.

Exceptional Customization

Take your creativity to the next level. Combine HTML elements styled with CSS classes to create completely custom layouts for Data Grid, Gantt, Scheduler, and Data Forms.

Advanced Styling Effects

Endless possibilities. Enhance the visual appearance of DevExpress WinForms controls with simple yet nice effects like shadows, shining, round corners, etc. And yes, our Web Templates seamlessly support skins.

Data Binding Made Easy

Bind to data right from HTML. You can easily retrieve values from data fields for data bound controls with the following syntax:

<input name='emailEdit' value='${Email}'/>

Event Handling

Deliver a great user experience. Our WinForms HTML-aware controls expose all necessary events that you can handle to respond to mouse actions on HTML UI elements.

Dynamic HTML Templates

Our WinForms controls implement special events that allow you to dynamically apply different HTML templates as and when needed.

HTML & CSS Template Editor

We integrated our Web Template Editor into Visual Studio. This tool uses an embedded Syntax Editor with intellisense, autocomplete, tag navigation and preview to facilitate the use of complex HTML templates.

HTML-CSS Template Gallery

Our HTML & CSS Template Gallery includes a set of predesigned templates based on those used in our WinForms demo applications. You can use these templates "as-is" or extend as needs dictate. You can also create an HTML & CSS template, save the template to the gallery, and use it in any WinForms project when needed.

DirectX Form

Yes – Our industry-first DirectX Form will allow you to deliver modern, web inspired user interfaces and ensure that your apps support today’s high resolution/high DPI monitors. Read the blog post

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Data Grid - WinExplorer View

Data Grid - HTML & CSS Templates Demo | DevExpress

In this demo we define data-aware templates for our WinForms Data Grid control with HTML-CSS markup.

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Chat Client

Chat Client Demo - HTML & CSS Templates | DevExpress

This demo simulates a chat client application and was built almost exclusively with HTML-CSS templates.

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HTML & CSS Templates

HTML & CSS Templates Demos | DevExpress

We prepared a collection of small samples to help you explore the capabilities of this new feature and apply web-inspired customizations to our WinForms controls.

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WinForms demos require installation of WinForms Subscription. Download WinForms Subscription


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