Create Reports inside your favourite .NET platform

The long term success of the enterprise is wholly dependent on the accurate exchange of mission-critical information throughout the organization. Demonstrating the impact of individual decisions for management and employees alike demands an intuitive reporting platform, one with exceptional performance and customization options.

DevExpress Reports ship with the fully integrated Visual Studio Report Designer, report wizards, pre-built report templates, and end-user report designers so you can build your best inside your favourite IDE, without limits or compromise.

Our cross-platform drawing engine enhances document rendering quality and PDF export regardless of target platform (be it .NET Core or .NET Framework) or operating system (Linux or macOS) used to host Reporting apps.

Fully Customizable Report Types

Create Elegant and Easy-to-Read Reports

Use DevExpress Reports to generate a variety of report types - from simple mail-merge, table and vertical reports to master-detail (hierarchical) and cross-tab reports. Leverage our fully integrated .NET report wizards and built-in report templates to create clear, concise and fully formatted documents to address the analytics requirements of your organization.

Royalty-Free Designers

End-User Report Designers for Desktop & Web Apps

Power users demand options and want control over the information they distribute within the enterprise. The need to meet these requirements can be daunting, especially for reports. With its powerful report designers, DevExpress Reporting makes it easy to integrate runtime report customization in your next project. You can create reports with point and click ease and use them in a Windows, Web or Mobile app.

Whether you need a feature-rich Windows designer or prefer to use a 100% web-based tool, the DevExpress Reports Suite includes everything you'll need to empower your users and reduce the number of reports you need to create within Visual Studio.

Demos: WinForms | WPF | ASP.NET Core | Web Forms | MVC | Blazor

After long time juggling around with multiple products for stable reporting solution which could satisfy our need along with our customers, we banged into DevExpress. Our customers can customize existing reports very easily. Aditya Swami
Integrated End-User Report Designer

Rich Data Visualization

Comprehensive Suite of UI Elements

The goal is simple: provide business users with the information required to monitor business outcomes and make intelligent, real-time decisions. While the goal may be simple, the reality is that most reports are rigid and don't allow users to efficiently explore information on their own terms. The evolving needs of the enterprise dictate that a reporting solution offer simple and straightforward end-user customization options so that report consumers can freely manipulate output to maximize clarity. Flexibility is key and ease-of-use paramount.

Merge PDF & DOCX

Embed Adobe PDF and Word Docs into Reports

Merge multiple PDF / DOCX files together with your report. Our XRPdfContent and XRRichText report controls embed PDF and DOCX documents alongside your report and preview the complete report within our Document Viewer.


Video Overview

DevExpress is so great, I believe there are still no right words to describe it. It is something that only makes sense when you have tried it yourself. Percival D. Buenvenida JR.
Merge PDF - .NET Reporting Tools | DevExpress

Preview. Print. Export

Data export is fully formatted.

Set up reports and preview the result in Visual Studio with supplied data. Add the Report Preview to your desktop or web application to show reports for end users. Users can also edit a report, upload images, and draw signatures right in the print preview.

The DevExpress Reports support numerous file formats to export data (PDF, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, TXT, MHT, CSV, HTML, and Images).

With over 30 years of programming experience, I can honestly state that DevExpress products are ready to take on the most demanding task. Ron Lindsey
Export to DOCX - .NET Reporting Tools | DevExpress

Data Shaping & Analytics

Create reports that inform and engage.

Whether building a desktop or web application, you can enable the same data shaping and analysis features:

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Interactive Sorting
  • Data Filtering and Grouping
  • Drill-Down
  • Calculated Fields
  • Report Parameters
  • Summaries & Aggregates
Does any product stand out? Definitely XtraReports. Worth its weight in gold! Conrad Akunga
Conditional Formatting - .NET Reporting Tools | DevExpress

Your Data. Your Way.

In today's world, supporting all major data providers, services, or APIs is not a luxury, it's a requirement. Reporting tools that place restrictions on data consumption will always impede organizational productivity. The only future-proof option is a data-agnostic report presentation layer, one that ensures that when a report is generated, it can be viewed on any device or form factor against any database or data source. DevExpress Reports can consume data from any source, via its support for Visual Studio .NET data objects and its ability to bind a report to XML data or any data object implementing the IList, IList <T> and IEnumerable<T> interfaces.

DevExpress .NET Reporting that supports any data provider.

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Additional Info

Convert Third-Party Reports

Convert Microsoft Access reports, Crystal Reports, and Active Reports to DevExpress Reports within the Visual Sudio Report Designer or use our command-line utility.

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Platform-Agnostic Reporting

Once a report is created, you can incorporate it within an application that targets any of the following platforms: WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC, Blazor, and ASP.NET Core).

Right-to-Left Support

Enable Right-to-Left orientation for the user interface and report layouts.



Data Federation

Combine multiple data sources and define joins or master-detail relationships between data source queries. Our Data Federation implementation supports SQL, EF, Object, Excel, JSON, and XPO data sources.


Report Localization

Our Reporting Suite ships with a fully integrated Localization Editor to help you expedite the report translation process. You and your users can easily translate report elements and text strings within Visual Studio.

Watch the Video Overview

Application Themes & SVG Support

Ships with a comprehensive suite of WinForms Skins (including vector based), WPF Themes and color schemes for our web reporting components. Create your own skin/theme/color schemes as necessary to deliver the best possible user experience.

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