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DevExtreme UI Components (v22.2) — Customization Enhancements (Angular, React, Vue, jQuery)

In this post, we'll review a series of customization-related enhancements in our most recent major update (DevExtreme v22.2)

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JavaScript — Consume the DevExpress Backend Web API with Svelte (Part 5. Authenticate Users and Protect Data)

In the first part of this post series , I described how to set up a Svelte Kit project to load data from the DevExpress Web API service . The second part described how I queried metadata from the service, in order to display captions customized in the…

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DevExtreme Toolbar (v22.2) — Adaptivity Mode and Customization in Popup/Popover (Angular, React, Vue, jQuery)

This post covers recent changes made to our JavaScript Toolbar component (v22.2) and briefly describes associated implementation details. Feel free to share your feedback using surveys embedded in this post or submit a support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center

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WinForms UI Templates — Active WinForms and DXperience Subscribers Can Now Install the Early Access Preview (EAP)

As you may already know, last Fall we published a preview of our new WinForms UI Templates (our first EAP was only available to active DevExpress Universal subscribers). These refined/ready-to-use 'templates' were designed to jump start the form…

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v22.2 is Here. Experience it Today

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of DevExpress Universal v22.2, our award-winning software development platform for .NET and Visual Studio developers. With numerous new products and dozens of high-impact features, v22.2 allows you to build your best, without limits or compromise. From the desktop, the web or your mobile world, DevExpress Universal allows you to deliver intuitive solutions that fully address a broad range of usage scenarios.

What's New in v22.2

DevExpress Products Voted Best-in-Class 20 Times

DevExpress and its products were voted best-in-class in 20 development categories in this year's Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Awards. Our deepest thanks to those who voted on our behalf. We appreciate the trust and confidence you’ve placed in DevExpress.

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Free DevExpress Products - Get Your Copy Today

The following DevExpress products are available free-of-charge. Register online and reserve your free copy today.

.NET App Security & Web API Service

.NET MAUI & Xamarin Controls

CodeRush for Visual Studio (IDE Productivity)

.NET ORM Library (XPO)

WinUI Component Suite