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DevExtreme JavaScript – 2021 Roadmap

Before we detail our 2021 Roadmap, we want to thank you for the feedback you submitted in our 2021 roadmap survey (if you have yet to submit your thoughts, feel free to do so)

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VCL Controls - 2021 Roadmap

Based on your terrific feedback, we’ve finalized our 2021 VCL Roadmap. As always, thank you for your continued support and for your insightful comments. Please do keep the feedback coming – we definitely want to know how to better serve your needs in…

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DevExpress WinForms — 2021 Roadmap

First and foremost – thank you. Thank you for your continued support and your faith in DevExpress. As this roadmap will hopefully demonstrate, DevExpress remains fully committed to the WinForms platform and the needs of the desktop developer community…

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Blazor UI - 2021 Roadmap

Before I detail our 2021 Roadmap for the DevExpress UI for Blazor, my thanks to everyone who shared feedback/thoughts last year. Your contribution is appreciated. In this post, I’ll summarize our Blazor UI release plans for 2021

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v20.2 is Here. Experience it Today

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of DevExpress Universal v20.2, our award-winning software development platform for .NET and Visual Studio developers. With numerous new products and dozens of high-impact features, v20.2 allows you to build your best, without limits or compromise. From the desktop, the web or your mobile world, DevExpress Universal allows you to deliver intuitive solutions that fully address a broad range of usage scenarios.

What's New in v20.2

TestCafe Studio is Here

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of TestCafe Studio – our next-gen automated web testing framework. To learn more about TestCafe Studio and experience its capabilities first hand, feel free to download a no-cost 30-day evaluation version today.

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