The XtraBars Suite is a powerful, feature-complete and easy-to-use control library allowing you to create the UI most appropriate to your customer’s requirements. Whether you wish to use traditional toolbars and menus or the newest Office Style Ribbon, the XtraBars Suite offers a solution to address your needs, today.

Among its rich collection of award-winning features are support for all major Office appearance and navigation options (Office 2007, 2010, 2013), the new Microsoft Note 2013 Radial Menu and the ability to deliver MDI or Visual Studio inspired Dock based applications with ease.

TileNav Pane Control: DevExpress WinForms Grid
TileNav Pane Control

Designed to be positioned at the top of your application window (like a Ribbon), the TileNavPane can be thought of as a touch-friendly version of traditional navigation elements used within Windows desktop or touch-enabled hybrid apps. With the new WinForms TileNav Pane, you and your end-users will be able to:

  • Navigate the app's structure much like our Outlook-inspired Navigation Bar.
  • Introduce animations within the NavPane using our new Transition Manager Control.
  • Quickly determine where the user is within the application's navigation hierarchy.
  • Display and activate a drop down menu with sub nodes for each Tile.
  • Fully customize individual Tiles and associated drop down menus (from its height and appearance all the way to the group header's look and feel).
  • Use custom Tile buttons and custom category buttons.
  • Manage navigation processes using the SelectedElementChanging event.

TileBar Control: DevExpress WinForms Grid
TileBar Control

The WinForms TileBar displays a set of tiles within its container and allows you to introduce simple/straightforward navigation experiences to your WinForms applications. Its features include:

  • Display drop downs for each individual Tile.
  • Place any control within the Tile's drop down region.
  • Position the TileBar anywhere within your app (Top, Bottom, Left and Right).
  • Customize the appearance of individual Tile items.
  • Built-in glyph skinning. You provide a monochrome glyph for the Tile and the TileBar will colorize it to a complimentary color.
  • The TileBar is shipped with a Visual Studio designer so you can quickly create the user experience most appropriate for your business needs.

Office Inspired WinForms Ribbon Control and Designer: DevExpress WinForms Grid
Office Inspired WinForms Ribbon Control and Designer

Your shortest path to applications that emulate the Microsoft Office end-user experience. The DevExpress WinForms Ribbon Control and Designer offer you and your team unmatched options. Whether you prefer Office 2007 or the new Office 2013 Ribbon, the DevExpress Ribbon Control ships with industry-leading choices designed to exceed expectations.

WinForms Ribbon Control | WinForms Ribbon Control Designer | Video: Getting Started with the RibbonControl | Help Topic: Ribbon Control

Traditional WinForms Toolbar, Menu and Status Bar: DevExpress WinForms Grid
Traditional WinForms Toolbar, Menu and Status Bar

The XtraBars Suite is far more than a single control. It allows you to create customized solutions for your most demanding customers. As such, the suite ships with standard toolbar, menu and status bar controls with the familiar UI found in products such as Office 2003.

Toolbars and Menus | Toolbar and Menu Designer | Help Topic: Bar Manager

Microsoft Note Inspired Radial Menu: DevExpress WinForms Grid
Microsoft Note Inspired Radial Menu

First introduced in Microsoft Note 2013, the Radial menu is an elegant, touch-friendly alternative to traditional context (popup) menus. The DevExpress WinForms Radial Menu Control allows you to replicate the functionality found in Note, and create a compelling UI experience for your end-users.

Help Topic: Radial Menu

Ribbon, Toolbar and Menu Elements: DevExpress WinForms Grid
Ribbon, Toolbar and Menu Elements

Every Ribbon, toolbar or menu requires interactive UI elements. The XtraBars Suite ships with a myriad of these elements, including standard buttons, large buttons, static items, sub-menus, data editor integration and so much more.

Help Topic: List of Ribbon Items

Rich Runtime Capabilities with End-User Customization: DevExpress WinForms Grid
Rich Runtime Capabilities with End-User Customization

Today, more than ever, end-users expect options and UI flexibility. The XtraBars Suite offers you a wide range of runtime options and of course, runtime Ribbon, toolbar and menu customization. And best of all, these options are available to you out-of-the-box…so you never have to write any unnecessary code and can always focus on your business logic.

Help Topic: Ribbon Runtime Customization

Visual Studio Inspired WinForms Docking: DevExpress WinForms Grid
Visual Studio Inspired WinForms Docking

For those applications that require an advanced dock based UI, the XtraBars Suite ships with a powerhouse and easy-to-use WinForms Docking Control. Instantly emulate the Visual Studio UI and turn even the most complex business application into a fully customizable solution.

Help Topic: Dock Manager | Help Topic: Dock Panels

WinForms MDI Interfaces: DevExpress WinForms Grid
WinForms MDI Interfaces

When you need a tabbed document interface like Visual Studio or Microsoft Document Explorer, or a traditional cascading MDI interface, simply drop the DevExpress WinForms Document Manager onto your application form and specify the desired View (TabbedView or NativeMdiView). That’s it – simple, straightforward and ready to go.

Help Topic: Tabbed UI | Help Topic: Native MDI UI

WinForms Context Menus and Alert Windows: DevExpress WinForms Grid
WinForms Context Menus and Alert Windows

The comprehensive array of tools in the XtraBars Suite includes both a Context (popup) Control and an Outlook inspired WinForms Alert Window Control.

Help Topic: Popup Menus | Help Topic: Alert Windows

WinForms Ribbon Themes: DevExpress WinForms Grid
WinForms Ribbon Themes

Like all other DevExpress WinForms Controls, the XtraBars Suite fully leverages the power of DevExpress Application Themes and allows you to quickly apply a theme that most effectively addresses your UI requirements.

Help Topic: Look And Feel and Skinning

WinForms Accordion Control: DevExpress WinForms Grid
WinForms Accordion Control

WinForms Accordion Control is an advanced navigation control designed to extend the capabilities found in our existing XtraNavBar control. The Accordion Control allows you to create a full-featured NavBar with multiple items (actions). Items can be combined into groups. Groups can contain nested groups so you can create an advanced hierarchical navigation menu.

Help Topic: Accordion Control

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