The XtraReports Suite is a highly optimized and feature-complete multi-platform banded reporting library for WinForms, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF and Silverlight. Voted Best Reporting, Data Analysis & Visualization Product of 2012 by readers of Visual Studio Magazine, XtraReports offers comprehensive Visual Studio .NET integration, a flexible architecture and a rich collection of built-in tools to address the needs of your enterprise, without limits or compromise.

In addition to its award-winning capabilities and countless features described below, the XtraReports Suite can be purchased in the Reporting Subscription, DXperience Subscription or Universal Subscription.

: DevExpres XtraReports
One Product, Multiple Platforms
with Full IDE Integration

The XtraReports Suite is a true multi-platform reporting solution and allows you to target the following with a create once and use everywhere approach to report design.

Windows Forms | ASP.NET | ASP.NET MVC | WPF | Silverlight

The XtraReports Suite supports Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2012 and offers a powerful design-time experience to simplify the report writing and delivery process. Targeting all supported platforms is simple: create and customize reports at design time (by using the integrated visual designer) or in code (by using the smart object model).

: DevExpres XtraReports
Everything You'll Need
Comprehensive Collection of Reusable Report Types

The XtraReports Suite is powerful because it simplifies the report design process and makes multi-platform reporting a reality. It also provides all the tools necessary to create virtually any report type, be it hierarchical master-detail reports, table and multi-column reports or interactive drill-down and drill-through reports.

: DevExpres XtraReports
Built with Your End-User in Mind
Runtime Report Designers

The evolving needs of the enterprise dictate that the reporting solution offer simple and straightforward end-user customization options so that report consumers can freely manipulate output to maximize clarity. Flexibility is key and ease-of-use paramount.

To help simplify runtime report creation and customization, the XtraReports Suite ships with intuitive and highly functional Report Designers for WinForms, WPF and Silverlight.

Windows Forms | WPF | Silverlight

: DevExpres XtraReports
Rich Set of Supported Data Providers
Any Data, Anywhere

XtraReports supports all Visual Studio .NET data objects and can bind a report to XML data or any data object implementing the IList, IList<T> and IEnumerable<T> interfaces. You can create a data source object, populate it with data and supply it to a report entirely at runtime. XML data source serialization is also available.

XtraReports provides powerful tools for multi-level filtering, grouping and sorting of data. You can easily calculate either a pre-defined, or a custom summary function (transferable to scripts, which helps deliver this functionality to the End-User Designer), create calculated fields (to pre-process your data) and define report parameters (to create variable reports based on user-defined, dynamic or hard-wired values).

: DevExpres XtraReports
It's Your Choice
Master-Detail Reports or Sub-Reports

Flexibility matters and when it comes to the creation of master-detail reports, the XtraReports Suite offers 2 distinct options. Based on your business requirements, you can either choose to create master-detail reports using a hierarchy of nested detail report bands or by using sub-reports to display separate detail reports within a master report.

: DevExpres XtraReports
Get Started Quickly
Report Template Gallery

To simplify the report creation process, the DevExpress Report Template Gallery offers immediate access to dozens of pre-built reports that address a wide-range of business needs.

In addition, you can create your own Template Gallery and make it available exclusively to your end-users via the End-User Report Designer that ships as part of the XtraReports Suite.

: DevExpres XtraReports
And Drill-Down, Drill-Through Reports

As a powerful extension to the general data shaping capabilities of the XtraReports Suite, report parameters allow you to create the most complex reports without writing a single line of code.

Using special events, you can easily provide interactivity to your reports, e.g., create drill-down and drill-through reports; as well as allow your end-users to manipulate reports directly in Print Preview.

Parametrized | Drill-Down Report | Drill-Through Report

: DevExpres XtraReports
From Table and Multi-Column Reports
to Mail Merge and Rich Text Reports

The XtraReports Suite allows you to create tables and newspaper-style multi-column reports with ease.

The XtraReports Suite allows you to create mail merge reports by embedding data field placeholders into a rich text control's content.

: DevExpres XtraReports
From Side-by-Side Reports and Report Merging
To Product Labels, Employee Badges and Barcodes

You can present data from different reports side-by-side, as well as merge multiple reports into a single document, while preserving their original page settings.

With over 1500 supported Label types, our Report Wizard is an indispensable tool when you need to produce labels and badges of various types.

The XtraReports Suite supports the most popular barcode types available on the market.

: DevExpres XtraReports
Appearance Customization
and Localization

With XtraReports, you can create complex styles to precisely control the look-and-feel of a report. You can even apply them conditionally to reflect certain states (for instance, even and odd styles for rows) and store them in separate sheets. Moreover, using conditional formatting, you can customize the appearance of any report element based on complex logical conditions. In addition, XtraReports provides full support for native DevExpress skins.

XtraReports supports the localization of every interface element, including the End-User Report Designer. Both imperial (inches) and metric (centimeters) units of measurement are supported; you can switch between these measuring systems across an entire report by switching a single property.

: DevExpres XtraReports
Versatile Print Preview
with Document Map and Data Export

For each of its supported platforms, the XtraReports Suite includes a customizable Print Preview so your users can preview, print or export documents as needed.

Export options include the following file formats: PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, TXT, CSV, XPS, Microsoft Excel (both XLS and XLSX) and image (BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and WMF).

To simplify navigation within complex reports, the Print Preview provides a document map that displays the hierarchy of report bookmarks in a tree-like format.


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