Performance at its Best

Performance has always been our priority #1. The use of native graphic libraries with hardware acceleration enable our Chart controls to visualize data sets up to 20 millions of data rows without preprocessing. Whatever capabilities we integrate into our chart controls, we make sure to test for fast initial loading, quick real-time data updates, and smooth navigation, regardless of the dataset size.

With the ever growing up-to-date DevExpress components and technologies, I could build the latest applications on multiple platforms with the top notch functionality, quality and reliability. Joseph Tang

Appearance Customization

Build fully customizable apps.

The Chart controls ship with two built-in themes - light and dark. Should you need to further refine the appearance to better match a particular app theme, every chart element’s display style is fully customizable.

Since I've been using DevExpress, developing has become a lot easier and more important - a lot more fun. And, whenever you have a question, just contact DevExpress Support and you know a solution is near. David De Kegel

End-User Interaction

Deliver powerful runtime experiences.

Our mobile chart controls ship with the following interactive data analysis features:

  • Tooltips allowing you to display additional information about chart elements.
  • Crosshair cursors summarizing details on points that share the same argument.
  • View zooming and scrolling to switch from detailed analysis to the big picture.
The DevExpress tools are the best on the market, very easy to configure with less code than usual. They allow me to have my apps on desktop or tablets and give the best user experience for my clients. Jose Walter Sierra Jaramillo

Explore & Learn More about Chart Control

Chart Types
Pie & Donut Charts
Pie & Donut Charts
Pie & Donut Charts
Area & Line Charts
Area & Line Charts
Area & Line Charts

Area and Line series include:

  • Area
  • Stacked Area
  • Full Stacked Area
  • Step Area
  • Line
  • Scatter Line
  • Step Line
Bar Charts
Bar Charts
Bar Charts

Bar series include:

  • Bar
  • Stacked Bar
  • Full Stacked Bar
  • Side by Side Stacked Bar
  • Side by Side Full Stacked Bar
Financial Charts
Financial Charts
Financial Charts

Visualize movements in the price of a financial instrument over time using an Open-High-Low-Close chart (OHLC). Financial series include:

  • Stock
  • Candlestick
Point & Bubble Charts
Point & Bubble Charts
Point & Bubble Charts
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