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DevExpress Reporting that supports any data provider

Deliver data, your way.

Reporting that supports any data provider.

In today's world, supporting all major data providers, services, or APIs is not a luxury, it's a requirement. Reporting tools that place restrictions on data consumption will always impede organizational productivity. The only future-proof option is a data-agnostic report presentation layer, one that ensures that when a report is generated, it can be viewed on any device or form factor against any database or data source.

The DevExpress Reporting Subscription guarantees your ability to consume data from any source, via its support for Visual Studio .NET data objects and its ability to bind a report to XML data or any data object implementing the IList, IList <T> and IEnumerable<T> interfaces.

Deliver performance and ease-of-use.

Reporting that's optimized for the enterprise.

The long term success of the enterprise is wholly dependent on effective transmission of mission-critical information throughout the organization. Demonstrating the impact of individual decisions for management and employees alike demands an intuitive reporting solution, one with exceptional performance and customization options.

The DevExpress Reporting Subscription delivers easy-to-use customization options and a rich set of report controls, including multi-dimensional pivot tables and charts so you can build reports of unmatched informational clarity.

DevExpress Reporting delivers performance and ease-of-use.
DevExpress Reporting delivers flexibility every time.

Deliver flexibility every time.

Reporting that's built for you and your end-users.

The goal is simple: provide business users with the information required to monitor business outcomes and make intelligent, real-time decisions. While the goal may be simple, the reality is that most reports are rigid and don't allow users to efficiently explore information on their own terms. The evolving needs of the enterprise dictate that a reporting solution offer simple and straightforward end-user customization options so that report consumers can freely manipulate output to maximize clarity. Flexibility is key and ease-of-use paramount.

The dynamic DevExpress Report Subscription helps you overcome the limitations associated with traditional reporting solutions with a fully integrated set of productivity tools, report wizards, pre-built report templates and end-user report designers.

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Kendall Miller
Kendall Miller
Gibraltar Software

When we were looking for a reporting system to integrate with Loupe we needed one that was easy to deploy, supported binding to data and objects, and produced beautiful, print-ready reports in a range of sizes. XtraReports nailed it on all fronts and came with extras we never thought we could get like a great end-user Report Designer. It's let us put a lot more capabilities into our software for our customers which is a win for everyone!

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