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Read and Write XLSx, XLS, DOCx, DOC and RTF Files
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The DevExpress Document Server is a non-visual .NET Library, built and optimized for C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET developers alike. It allows you and your team to fully automate Excel and Word without using Microsoft Office automation. Generate XLS, XLSx, DOC, DOCx, RTF, CSV and Snap Report files using a straightforward API that's easy-to-use and ready for the enterprise.

Spreadsheet Document Automation

Spreadsheet Document Automation

Read/Write Microsoft Excel Documents

The DevExpress .NET Document Server ships with a high performance and low memory footprint Spreadsheet Server and includes the following integrated features:

Load, convert and save workbooks to XLS binary file format.

Load, convert and save workbooks to XLSX, CSV and TXT file formats.

Run your spreadsheet solutions in medium trust environments.

Output your spreadsheets to PDF.

  • Comprehensive range of supported functions for use in formulas:

    Financial, Statistical, Engineering, Logical, Text, Date&Time, Lookup&Reference, Math&Trig, Informational
  • Calculation results match MS Excel
  • Named formulas and defined names in formulas
  • Cell references in formulas (A1, R1C1, 3D and structured references)
  • Array formulas
  • Shared formulas
  • Constants and calculation operators in formulas
  • Create, copy, rename, move and delete worksheets
  • Hide and unhide worksheets
  • View and print options (specified programmatically in a document workbook file)
  • Access any cell or cell range in a worksheet
  • Insert, copy, clear and delete cells
  • Merge and unmerge Cells
  • Add hyperlinks to cells
  • Add comments to cells
  • Named cells
  • Format cells
  • Insert, move, change, transform and delete pictures incorporated into a worksheet
  • Access any row or column in a worksheet
  • Insert, copy and delete rows and columns
  • Adjust row height and column width
  • Hide and unhide rows and columns
  • Group and ungroup rows and columns
  • Set and modify the data type of a cell
  • Import data to cells from different data sources
  • Built-in styles
  • Custom styles
  • Cell font settings (font name, size, color, style, etc.)
  • Cell background (color and shading)
  • Cell content alignment (vertical and horizontal alignment, indent, text wrapping, text shrinking and text rotation)
  • Cell borders
  • Number formats to display numeric data (number, accounting, currency, date, time, percentage, etc.)
  • Conditional Formatting: Create and modify rules to format worksheet cells
  • Insert, modify, copy and delete tables.
  • Format tables using supported built-in table styles or custom styles.
Rich Edit Document Automation

Rich Edit Document Automation

Read/Write Microsoft Word Documents

The DevExpress RichEdit Document Server is a word processing engine designed to fully automate common word processing requirements and use-case scenarios. It is the non-visual equivalent of the DevExpress RichEdit Control, with complete functionality available via its powerful API. Features include:

The DevExpress Document Server offers comprehensive mail merge options for a variety of business requirements. With it, you can generate many unique document types, including form letters, mailing shots, mailing labels, and personalized business documents. It supports images, and offers enhanced configurability and processing through multiple mail merge specific events. For advanced use cases, you can implement and register your own URI stream provider to intercept custom field codes. In addition, The Document Server ships with Master-Detail mail merge support, allowing you to combine the utility of the Document Server and document variables to create custom reports (including catalogs, header/detail invoices or statements).

  • Character Formatting: Characters can be formatted using different settings for font, font size, character style - bold, italics, underlined, strike-through style and different colors for background and foreground.
  • Paragraph Formatting: Formatting options for paragraphs include alignment, indentation, variable paragraph and line spacing.
  • Lists: Supports bulleted, numbered and mixed lists.
  • Document formatting can be stored and applied by using styles. Styles facilitate quick modification of a document's formatting and allow centralized control of formatting options. The editor supports both paragraph and character based styles, as well as multiple style inheritance. Stylesheets are compatible with MS Word.
  • Insert rows, columns and cells.
  • Split and merge cells and split the table.
  • Align cell content horizontally and vertically.
  • Delete cells, columns and rows.
The DevExpress Document Server supports floating objects (pictures and text boxes) within a document - including rotation of floating objects using its API.

Password protect an entire document against editing, and selectively restrict modifying the document in certain document ranges. When document protection is active, authenticated users can edit only the specific document ranges to which the permissions are assigned. Editable ranges can be highlighted and enclosed in brackets.

The DevExpress document protection model is based on the RTF 1.9.1 specification (read-only password protection and protection exceptions sections) and is therefore compatible with the Microsoft® Word® document protection feature.

Snap Document Automation

Snap Document Automation

Generate Snap Report Documents

The DevExpress Snap Report Server allows you to create and customize Snap documents on the server via its straightforward API. Though it does not offer a visual interface, you can use all the capabilities of Snap Reports directly from code.

  • Generate reports from scratch and fully customize them using the Snap API.
  • Save and load Snap Report documents.
Use a rich set of text formatting features and create custom styles for document elements (characters, paragraphs, lists and tables).
Export to PDF, Microsoft Word formats (DOCX, DOC and RTF) and other popular file formats (TXT, ODT, EPUB).
  • Full support for embedded charts, barcodes, hyperlinks and check boxes.
  • Full support of all features provided by the DevExpress Rich Edit Document Automation.
PDF Document Processor

PDF Document Processor

Display, Print and Export PDF Documents

The DevExpress .NET Document Server ships with a high performance and low memory footprint PDF Document Processor.

Extract text from PDF documents.

Find text in PDF documents and retrieve results (text relative to search results, e.g. - next or previous words)

Printing and exporting of any page to an image.

Barcode Generation Library

Barcode Generation Library

Over 20 Barcode Types

With built-in support for numerous industry standard barcode types, the DevExpress Document Server allows you to easily generate barcode images within your .NET application.

You can set specific options for each barcode type listed below and generate an image for use in your application or for insertion into a document.

  • Codabar
  • Code 11 (USD-8)
  • Code 128
  • Code 39 (USD-3)
  • Code 39 Extended
  • Code 93
  • Code 93 Extended
  • Data Matrix
  • EAN 8
  • EAN 13
  • EAN-128 (UCC)
  • GS1- Data Matrix
  • Industrial 2 of 5
  • Intelligent Mail
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Matrix 2 of 5
  • MSI/Plessey
  • PDF417
  • PostNet
  • QR Code
  • UPC Supplemental 2
  • UPC Supplemental 5
  • UPC-A
  • UPC-E0
  • UPC-E1
Zip Compression

Zip Compression

.NET Archive Generation

The Devexpress Document Server includes a .NET Compression Library that's written with 100% managed code and available in Medium-Trust environments (stream and memory array compression/decompression operations).

  • Create new zip files or update existing zip files on disk or in memory
  • Zip or unzip to and from disks or memory
  • Compress or decompress .NET stream
  • Compress or decompress byte arrays
  • Zip password encryption with support for AES encryption of 128, 192, and 256 bits
  • Supports different encryption passwords for each file
  • Set individual file comments
  • Allow file overwrite on a per file basis
  • Programmatically filter files to process
  • Progress tracking mechanism that allows cancelling archive operations
  • Comprehensive API that enables you to control each archive item and all actions
  • Object model designed for easy extensibility
Unit Conversion

Unit Conversion

.NET Utilities

This library provides you with a set of extension methods for the System.Double data type. It enables you to easily perform conversion between different units of measurement and to operate with quantity values, i.e. physical values expressed in units of measurement.

  • Area
  • Distance
  • Energy
  • Force
  • Information
  • Magnetism
  • Mass
  • Power
  • Pressure
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Volume
Gianluca Sansonetto
Gianluca Sansonetto

Thank you for your GREAT SUPPORT! I think you and your colleagues are genius to be able to develop and maintain such huge libraries.

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Ivan Millward

Support is what makes DevX standout…very smart and even better, very helpful.

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