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MVVM Support

DevExpress WPF Controls - MVVM Support

DevExpress WPF Controls provide comprehensive support for the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern, giving you the ability to develop, test, and maintain applications efficiently. With our WPF libraries you can create all three MVVM layers - the View, ViewModel and Model - automatically by using wizards or manually in code by using derived classes. In addition, our WPF controls provide smart tags allowing for quick binding to ViewModels at design time.

Scaffolding Wizards

Allows you to create MVVM based applications with ease. All wizards are available from the DevExpress Template Gallery.

DevExpress Tabbed MDI View Wizard
Creates all MVVM layer (Model, ModelViews, and Views) from an Entity Framework Model. The Tabbed MDI application that is generated is able to performs CRUD operations against data tables from the selected Entity Framework Model.

Entity Framework Data Model Wizard
Creates the Data Access Layer that encapsulates access to real data through interfaces, implements access to real data at runtime and sample data at design time.

Collection ViewModel Wizard
Creates a ViewModel that provides functionality for managing a collection of data objects (entities).

Single Object ViewModel Wizard
Creates a ViewModel that represents a single object (entity) and provides functionality for posting entity changes to the database and deleting the entity.

Collection View Wizard
Creates a Collection View based on an existing ViewModel that exposes a public collection property. The collection of entities is presented via the Grid Control.

Single Object View Wizard
Creates a View based on an existing ViewModel. All public entity properties will be presented by corresponding data editors and arranged using the Layout Control.

Watch the video and see the Gettting Started Tutorials.

Scaffolding Wizards for WPF

Traditional and Extended MVVM API

Traditional API: All data-aware controls provide properties helping you bind them to item sources on ViewModels, specify the selected item and data templates. The ICollectionView interface is supported by all list-bound controls (Data Grid, Tree List, Navigation Bar, etc).

Extended API: The DevExpress WPF controls provide additional properties to populate other collections in the MVVM-style. For instance, you can populate a column and summary collections in the Data Grid, a bar collection for the Bar Manager, an item collection in the Layout Control, etc.

Data Validation: The DevExpress controls implement the event-based validation mechanism to prohibit saving incorrect data and signal an error to an end-user.

Design-time Extensions

Smart Tags for DevExpress WPF controls: Allows you to set and bind common settings, including MVVM-aware properties (ItemsSource, SelectedItem, Command, CommandParameter, etc) at design time. They also help you modify the layout of controls (for instance, add a column to the Grid Control and BarItem to the RibbonControl). Properties can be bound to ViewModels via a dedicated Binding editor.

Smart Tags for standard WPF controls (available for Visual Studio 2012): Allows you to set/bind commonly used properties via a special Binding dialog (for instance, set a Window's DataContext to a ViewModel, or bind a control's property to an object in a ViewModel).

MVVM library

The WPF Subscription offers you a dedicated library to create complete MVVM applications. The classes included in the library help you:

  • Create ViewModels and define commands and properties supporting change notifications out-of-the-box.
  • Easily implement navigation between Views.
  • Use View-aware DevExpress Controls-based services in ViewModels, while keeping the ViewModels completely unaware of any View-related code.
  • Pass data between loosely coupled ViewModels.
  • Use Attached Behavior and Trigger patterns implementations out-of-the-box, including the EventToCommand.
  • Use a set of Value Converters that cover most property value conversion scenarios you will ever face.

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