The DXTreeList ships with numerous innovative features, including a wide array of cell editors, full end-user customization options, advanced data binding and management, fixed column support, data validation, UI virtualization and much more...

To view the WPF TreeList control in action, visit the DXTreeList Online Demo page.

Touch Support: DevExpress WPF TreeList
Touch Support

Bring your software to life with intelligent touch-based applications. Your end-users can scroll a TreeList's contents (horizontally and vertically), reorder columns and sort data via touch on any touch enabled screen.

Data Presentation: DevExpress WPF TreeList
Data Presentation

The DevExpress WPF TreeList control can be used in both bound or unbound mode. In bound mode, the TreeList can present any self-referenced data structure. Unbound mode allows you to manually create and populate the tree (as your business needs dictate). Unbound mode supports on demand loading of individual nodes resulting in ultra-fast information display.

Help Topic: Tree Generation Algorithm | Help Topic: Binding to Hierarchical Data | Help Topic: TreeList View Unbound Mode | Help Topic: Dynamic Data Loading

Multi-Column Tree View: DevExpress WPF TreeList
Multi-Column Tree View

The WPF TreeList control uses the same View-based data presentation architecture as that found in the the DevExpress WPF Grid Control. The Tree view supports multi-column display of hierarchical data, data shaping and layout customization features such as Sorting and Filtering, Data Editing via Embedded Cell Editors, Advanced Scrolling Options, Column Auto Width, Column Reordering and Resizing, Fixed Columns, Field Chooser Window and Extendable Context Menus.

Help Topic: TreeList View

Data Sorting: DevExpress WPF TreeList
Data Sorting

The WPF TreeList View supports unlimited data sorting. When sorting data, you can include as many columns as your business needs dictate. You can take full control over data sorting by writing your own value comparison handler.

Help Topic: Sorting Overview | Help Topic: TreeListView Sorting Specifics

Data Filtering: DevExpress WPF TreeList
Data Filtering

Using the WPF TreeList's powerful API, you can apply any filter criteria programmatically. End-users can also modify the currently applied filter condition using the following visual elements:

Built-in Filter Editor Dialog ● Microsoft Excel style Filter Dropdowns ● Auto-Filter Row ● Filter Panel ● Most Recently Used Filter List

Help Topic: Filtering Overview | Help Topic: Filter Modes and Custom Filter Algorithms | Help Topic: Filtering in Code

Totals: DevExpress WPF TreeList

The DevExpress WPF TreeList Control allows you to quickly analyze your data by displaying aggregate function values calculated against the entire dataset. Five predefined aggregate functions (COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM and AVERAGE) and the ability to provide custom logic for calculating summary values via event handlers gives you a limitless set of computation options. End-users can manage the display of totals via the built-in Summary Editor.

Help Topic: Data Summaries Overview | Help Topic: Runtime Summary Editor | Help Topic: Custom Summary

Data Editing: DevExpress WPF TreeList
Data Editing

The DevExpress WPF Data Editors Library provides a rich collection of controls that can be embedded into data cells for editing and formatted data presentation. Additional data editing options include the following:

Create Data Editors and Viewers Using Templates ● Advanced Input Validation

Help Topic: Data Editing and Validation

Unbound Columns and Expression Editor: DevExpress WPF TreeList
Unbound Columns and Expression Editor

The Expression Editor is a UI enhancement that was ported from our award winning WinForms product line to WPF. With this dialog, you can visually build expressions that use field values, constants, numerous predefined functions and operators. These expressions can be employed to calculate unbound field values.

Help Topic: Unbound Columns | Help Topic: Expression Editor | Help Topic: Expression Operators, Functions and Constants

Node Selection: DevExpress WPF TreeList
Node Selection

The DevExpress WPF TreeList Control provides comprehensive node selection support. Nodes can be selected both programmatically and at runtime using the mouse or keyboard.

Help Topic: Multiple Node Selection

Design-Time Features: DevExpress WPF TreeList
Design-Time Features

The DevExpress WPF TreeList Control provides enhanced design-time support within the Visual Studio 2010 IDE and Expression Blend. This is accomplished using the same mechanisms available to end-users at runtime. Other design-time enhancements include a Quick Customization Panel, Expression Editor for Unbound Fields, and Filter Builder Dialog.

Help Topic: Customizing Unbound TreeList at Design Time

Excel® Inspired Conditional Formatting: DevExpress WPF TreeList
Excel® Inspired Conditional Formatting

The DevExpress WPF TreeList Control supports Excel inspired conditional formatting of individual data cells. This feature allows your end-user to visualize selected cells, rows with data bars, icons and predefined or custom appearance schemes.

The following comparison rules are fully supported:

  • Above / Below Average
  • Top / Bottom
  • Greater / Less Than
  • Range

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