Adjust and Refine

Create personalized themes.

The WPF Theme Designer is a visual assistant designed to maximize productivity and help you deliver user experiences that best address your business requirements. With it, you can quickly apply an entirely new theme to your application by altering the base colors used for existing DevExpress Themes.

Create New WPF Themes - WPF Theme Designer | DevExpress
Quick Preview - WPF Theme Designer | DevExpress

Live Preview

Instantly view your changes.

Flexibility is at the heart of our WPF Theme Designer. Once you've made your changes, you don't need to rebuild your entire project to preview changes. Simply use the Designer's Quick Preview window to evaluate the usability of your new Theme.

Import. Export. Share.

Keep your themes for later use.

The WPF Theme Designer ships with multiple options to save modified themes and retain them for later use. New themes can be built as assemblies or saved to a *.tdsln file. All changes made to individual color schemes remain consistent whenever you upgrade to a newer version of DevExpress WPF Controls.

Import, Export and Share - WPF Theme Designer | DevExpress

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