The DevExpress WPF Layout Control Suite is a complete layout management solution for WPF. From a simple flow layout to a complex data entry form - all control arrangement tasks you can imagine are easily accomplished via simple drag and drop operations. With the DXLayoutControl, you will never have to worry about properly aligning your page elements by manually changing myriads of options.

Form development simplicity is a great benefit, but not the only one this suite has to offer you. No matter how easily you've built your window or page using our Layout Control, no matter how much thought and effort you've put into arranging controls... you can never satisfy all end-users. With the DevExpress Layout Control for WPF you don't have this problem. Not only can you easily create several versions of a window layout and let users choose which they like the best, but end-user layout customization is fully supported. Just like you customize toolbars in Visual Studio or Microsoft Word to adjust your environment to your particular needs, you can allow end-users to change the window by simply dragging elements around on-screen.

Tile Layout Control: DevExpress WPF Layout Control
Tile Layout Control

This container is based on Flow Layout Control and allows you to build elegant user interfaces that mimic the capabilities of the Windows 8 Start screen. This is accomplished with the help of specialized layout and behavior options. The DevExpress WPF Tile Layout Control provides integrated live tile support.

Help Topic: How to: Create a Tile Layout Control

Layout Control: DevExpress WPF Layout Control
Layout Control

This is the main control in the suite - a universal solution for control arrangement requirements. It allows you to generate windows and pages with a wide variety of layout scenarios.

Examples: How to build non-linear layout via LayoutControl | Help Topic: Layout Control

Flow Layout Control: DevExpress WPF Layout Control
Flow Layout Control

This control arranges its items sequentially, across then down or down then across. You can manually define where to wrap your content or this can be done automatically depending on the container's current size.

Video: WPF Layout Control - Flow Layout Control and Item Maximization | Examples: How to: Display items in FlowLayoutControl and enable maximization feature | Help Topic: Flow Layout Control

Dock Layout Control: DevExpress WPF Layout Control
Dock Layout Control

A simpler version of the Layout Control that basically allows you to arrange elements by docking them to container edges or making them fill empty spaces. End-user element resizing can of course be enabled when using this control.

Examples: How to: Use DockLayoutControl | Examples: How to: Enable horizontal and vertical item sizing within DockLayoutControl | Help Topic: Dock Layout Control

Group Box Control: DevExpress WPF Layout Control
Group Box Control

A container that shows a header with the expand-collapse and maximize buttons. The latter is only used in Flow Layout Controls.

Examples: How to: Make GroupBox Look as GroupFrame

Scroll Box Control: DevExpress WPF Layout Control
Scroll Box Control

A control that supports absolute positioning of child controls, just like the standard Canvas control. This control automatically displays horizontal and vertical scroll bars if its content cannot be completely displayed.

Help Topic: Scroll Box Control

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