Version History

v2011 vol 2

WPF applications powered by DevExpress Controls are now touch enabled - from the dragging of UI elements to horizontal and vertical scrolling.

The following is a list of DevExpress Controls shipping with built-in touch support:

  • Data Grid Control
  • TreeList Control
  • Chart Control
  • Gauge Control
  • Pivot Grid Control
  • Docking Library
  • Rich Text Editor
MVVM Support

In this version, DXDocking features built-in MVVM design pattern support. You can easily define objects describing dock panels via a View Model and bind the View Model to the Dock Layout Manager. New style and template properties facilitate dock panel visualization from the information provided by your View Model.

MVVM Design Pattern Support - DXDocking Library for WPF and Silverlight by DevExpress

The new WPF Theme Editor tool is a standalone application designed to help developers create new and modify existing DevExpress WPF Themes with ease.

Theme Editor for WPF

The following are the core features you can expect from the DevExpress WPF Theme Editor:

  • Advanced and Straightforward Navigation
    Navigate to various visual elements/resources and binding sources in markup - with one click.
  • Expression Blend Integration
    If your team loves Blend, you'll be able to continue its use to edit individual templates.
  • Easy-to-Understand Visual Tree Browser
    Traverse through a control's visual tree to find a required visual element and speed up all customization efforts.
  • Integrated Template Hierarchy
    Quickly locate any and all dependencies between templates, styles and other theme elements.
  • Active Product Views
    View each visual element being edited and instantly preview its results.
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(Note - this application is not shipped as part of the DevExpress Unified Installer. It must be downloaded and installed separately.)

The Theme Editor is available free of charge.

Download Theme Editor

For licensing information, view the WPF Theme Editor EULA.

DXperience v2011 vol 2 ships with two new themes - one matching the appearance of Windows® 7 and the other replicating the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2010 (black).

The Seven Theme

WPF Data Grid Control
WPF Data Grid Control
WPF Rich Text Editor
WPF Rich Text Editor
WPF Dock Window Library
WPF Dock Window Library

The Office2010Black Theme

WPF Data Grid Control
WPF Data Grid Control
WPF Rich Text Editor
WPF Rich Text Editor
WPF Dock Window Library
WPF Dock Window Library

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