All DevExpress ASP.NET Controls and MVC Extensions are built upon a shared web development framework. To learn more about optimizations such as web accessibility (Sec 508), AJAX, SharePoint, touch/gesture and CSS support, visit the ASP.NET Standards and Compliance webpage.

: DevExpress Dock and Modal Popups
Touch Enabled Docking and
Touch Boards (WebForms and MVC)

Deliver intuitive experiences on both tablets and desktop browsers with the DevExpress ASP.NET Dock Control. With built-in touch support for iPad and Android, you can create executive dashboards and touch boards with a "widget" style layout. Features include:

  • Full drag and drop support
  • Customizable header and footer content
  • Flexible dock panel orientation and sizing
  • Forbidden zones
  • Layout persistence
  • AJAX support
  • Client side events
  • Zone orientation

Demo: Docking - Widgets | Help Topic: ASPxDocking Overview | Video: ASP.NET Docking Suite - An Introduction

: DevExpress Dock and Modal Popups
On-Demand Popup and Hint
Windows (WebForms and MVC)

The ASPxPopupControl makes it easy to display fully customizable popup windows and hints within your web application. Features include:

  • Optional header button
  • Popup shadow
  • Customizable header and footer content
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment settings
  • Opacity
  • Popup animation
  • Popup sizing and dragging
  • Size grip
  • Scroll bars

Demo: Popup Control - Features | Help Topic: ASPxPopupControl Overview | Video: ASP.NET Popup Control - Getting Started | Video: ASP.NET Popup Control - How to Use Multiple Popup Windows | Video: ASP.NET Popup Control - Setup On-Demand Content Loading

Loading Panel (WebForms and MVC): DevExpress Dock and Modal Popups
Loading Panel (WebForms and MVC)

A simple and straightforward way in which to display a modal ASP.NET Loading Panel whenever end-users initiate time-consuming operations. Based on your requirements, the ASPxLoadingPanel can be displayed across the entire page or for a specified HTML element.

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