The DevExpress ASP.NET Charts Suite offers you a comprehensive set of 2D and 3D charts to address a broad range of business needs with ease. Regardless of data source or the manner in which application information is stored on disk, the XtraCharts Suite promises flexibility and speed in its consumption of input data as well as its ability to output/render information on-screen or on the printed page.

The Suite ships with 37 unique 2D chart views and 22 3D views - from bars and pies to financial series. You can easily switch between views as needs dictate and combine several series within a single chart. To maximize readability and end-user satisfaction, the XtraCharts Suite provides you with a set of additional elements that can be displayed within the chart - from callouts for each point to constant lines and stripes within the diagram area. Each view type or an individual visual element exposes a myriad of customization options so you have full control over the appearance and behavior of each and every point or line within your chart.

: DevExpress ASP.NET Chart
Built for Your Development Needs
WebForms and MVC

It’s Your Choice. The XtraCharts Suite is available as a WebForms Control or an MVC Extension. Both ship as part of the DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription.

: DevExpress ASP.NET Chart
Rich and Elegant
Over 60 Chart Types

The XtraCharts Suite helps you transform data to its most appropriate, concise and readable visual representation. To guarantee the highest levels of flexibility at both design and runtime, the Suite delivers dozens of 2D and 3D chart types - ranging from bars and doughnuts to line and financial views.

: DevExpress ASP.NET Chart
Get Started Quickly
Flexible Data Binding, Intuitive Design Time Tools

Data Binding: Chart your data - regardless of its source. Like other DevExpress data-aware controls, the data source you supply for the chart can be any object that supports the IList or IEnumerable interface. Therefore, you can bind the control to a table from a database or to any collection created in code.

If you need to use unbound mode, you need not create nor maintain any external data structures - you can provide data for XtraCharts directly. Each Series object provides a point collection so you can populate each individual series as needed.

Design Time Experience: An easy-to-use built in chart wizard allows you to customize the main elements of a given chart. Invoked each time you drop a chart control onto your form, the wizard has been designed to reduce the amount of time required to configure a chart, regardless of complexity.

: DevExpress ASP.NET Chart
The Perfect Look and Presentation Options
Appearance Customization, Smart Labels, Titles and Annotations

Appearance Customization: With the XtraCharts Suite, you no longer have to waste energy creating visually appealing and color consistent chart series. Numerous built-in palettes (or style schemes) are available to you so you can automatically color bars in a bar view, sectors in a pie view, etc.

Smart Labels, Titles and Annotations : The Chart Control allows you to display a label for each data point. These labels can display either the point's value, argument (useful for pie charts), both argument and value or a series name. You can manually specify label visibility and appearance, shadow style, and also its connector line's angle and length. In addition, you can display an unlimited number of titles within a single chart. Each individual title provides endless customization possibilities, including HTML-like text formatting.

You can also create text or image annotations anchored to a chart, pane, or series point. You can fully customize layout, positioning and appearance by using the chart's repository.

: DevExpress ASP.NET Chart
An Integrated Experience
Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis and Reporting

Data Analysis: Perform deep analysis of underlying chart data and easily compute summaries, averages, totals, custom functions, and automatically calculate then display regression lines for the specified set of data points. Turn information displayed within the DevExpress Pivot Grid into an interactive chart by simply specifying the Pivot Grid as the chart's data source.

Reporting: Built-in integration with both the XtraPrinting Library and XtraReports Suite means that charts can be embedded within any banded report, printed or exported to numerous file formats with absolute ease.

: DevExpress ASP.NET Chart
Powerful Interactivity
Printing, Exporting, Drill-Through, Crosshairs and Tooltips

A DevExpress chart is not a simple static image on a web page. The XtraCharts Suite provides rich client-side API allowing end-users to change chart appearance, send it to the printer or save the chart to disk using popular file formats.

XtraCharts allows end-users to dig deep into the information stored within a chart and directly interact with its contents. Built-in tooltips and crosshair cursors help users discover the details underlying a chart.

Built Upon DevExpress ASP.NET–AJAX Core Libraries: DevExpress ASP.NET Chart
Built Upon DevExpress ASP.NET–AJAX Core Libraries

All DevExpress ASP.NET Controls and MVC Extensions are built upon a shared web development framework. To learn more about optimizations, see Sec 508, AJAX, SharePoint, touch/gesture and CSS support.

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