When only the best will do – the award-winning WinForms Scheduler and Calendar Suite has been engineered so you can address the business requirements of your most demanding users and deliver Microsoft Outlook inspired capabilities with minimal effort.

Whether your next WinForms project requires an Outlook-style scheduler or if you must present information to end-users within timelines or Gantt Views, the DevExpress WinForms Scheduler ships with dozens of productivity options like built-in appointment dialogs, so you can build the next great schedule manager quickly, without hassles.

: DevExpress WinForms Scheduler Control
Unparalleled UI Flexibility
Multiple View Types

Day and Work Week View: Displays a detailed picture of events across one or more days. The current date/time is indicated by a highlighted date header and the current time mark on the time ruler. The Work Week View displays appointments for the working days in a particular week or across multiple weeks.

Week View: Displays events across one or more week for any given weekly period.

Month and Multi-Week View: Displays events across multiple weeks and allows your end users to browse and edit event information within it.

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: DevExpress WinForms Scheduler Control
Efficient Data Representation
Timeline, Gantt and Multiple Resource Views

Timeline View: Arrange events and appointments across horizontal timelines. When browsing multiple resources, timelines are displayed one under another. On the top of the view, you can display multiple time rulers with different scales.

Gantt View: Displays events/tasks as horizontal bars along its timescales, shows the current status using percent-complete shading and displays dependency relationships between events/tasks.

Multiple Resource View: Allows end-users to browse multiple schedules (for any entity such as an individual or office location, etc) simultaneously. Once resources have been created, the scheduler will display several parallel timelines. Resource headers can display images and the same event can be assigned to multiple resources.

Video: WinForms Scheduler - Gantt ViewVideo: WinForms Scheduler – Group Appointments by Resources

Help Topic: Timeline View | Help Topic: Gantt View | Help Topic: Resources for Appointments

: DevExpress WinForms Scheduler Control
Unmatched Productivity
Built-in Event Management, Recurrence and Reminders

Built-in Event-Appointment Dialogs: All appointment dialogs that ship as part of the XtraScheduler Suite are ready to use without writing a single line of code and can be fully customized and extended as business needs dictate.

Built-in Recurring Event-Appointment Dialogs: The XtraScheduler Suite provides built-in dialogs, objects and methods for handling recurring event chains. You can easily customize all recurrence related functionality and address even the most complex requirements with minimal effort.

Built-in Reminders: A reminder for any event can be set regardless of whether it has a single occurrence or whether a recurrence pattern has been assigned to it. An appointment with a reminder has a visual indicator and a reminder dialog is invoked when the time has come for the reminder to alert.

Help Topic: What is an Appointment | Help Topic: Recurring Appointments and Exceptions | Help Topic: Reminders for Appointments | Help Topic: How to Customize Dialogs

: DevExpress WinForms Scheduler Control
Extended Date Selection
Date Navigator and Range Selection Control

Date Navigator Control: Like Microsoft Outlook, the Data Navigator Control provides an intuitive way with which to select dates. You can select a single day or a continuous range of dates using your mouse. Based on your selection within the Date Navigator Control, the WinForms Scheduler is automatically updated and displays the most appropriate view type (Day, Week, Month, etc).

Range Selection Control: Allows end-users to quickly navigate different time periods within the WinForms Scheduler. A set of options allow you to customize the behavior of both the WinForms Range Control and the Scheduler Control whenever these controls are integrated within a project.

Video: WinForms Scheduler - Integration with a Range Control

Help Topic: DateNavigator Control | Help Topic: RangeControl | Help Topic: Use RangeControl in a Scheduling Application

: DevExpress WinForms Scheduler Control
Easy to Use and Customize
Data Binding and Ribbon UI

Data Binding: The XtraScheduler can be used in both data aware and unbound mode. The requirements for a data source are essentially the same as those of any other data-aware control. The Scheduler is bound to its data source via the built-in SchedulerStorage component.

Ribbon UI: The suite ships with a UI that fully emulates the Microsoft Outlook experience, with all dialogs necessary to navigate and edit individual events-appointments. This includes full support for the Microsoft Ribbon UI – allowing you to generate the appropriate toolbar items in less than a minute…without writing a single line of code.

Video: WinForms Scheduler - Binding To Data

Help Topic: Data Binding | Help Topic: Scheduler UI | Help Topic: Provide Bar UI for a Scheduler | Help Topic: Provide Ribbon UI for a Scheduler

: DevExpress WinForms Scheduler Control
Your Data, Your Way
Import, Export and Printing

Built-in Data Import and Export: The XtraScheduler Suite allows you to import and export calendar data in iCalendar (.ics), vCalendar and XML formats. It can also interact with MS Outlook to export/import/synchronize appointments as needed.

Built-in Printing: You can easily print or export the contents of a schedule using the built-in printing support available in the XtraScheduler Suite.

Time Zone Support: All time-dependent data can be stored in a database and translated to UTC (Universal Time) so as to prevent any discrepancies regardless of your location. The XtraScheduler Suite can display multiple time rulers with different time zone settings within its Day View.

Help Topic: Synchronization with MS Outlook | Help Topic: iCalendar Support | Examples: iCalendar, vCalendar, MS Outlook | Help Topic: Printing | Help Topic: Reporting | Help Topic: Time Zones

: DevExpress WinForms Scheduler Control
Full Week View

The Full Week view displays appointments for all days within a specific week. It is designed to replace the current Week view and allows you to specify the first day of the week.

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