Multiple Map Providers

Choose from any existing map data providers, embed popular map services,
obtain mapping image data from online or internal servers.

Image Data
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Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap and WebMapServices.

Vector Maps and Custom Shapes
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Read data from Shapefile and KML formats.

Coordinate Systems
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Display both geographic and cartesian maps.

Image Data
Information Data

Search and Get Direction

Search Panel
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Search easily with the suggestive search panel.

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Use Bing Maps Geocode, Elevation, and Route services. You can also use results obtained from Search and Geocode services provided by OpenStreetMap.

Inform and Navigate

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Provide a user with the information required to understand the map.

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Gives a zoomed out overview of your location.

Navigation Panel
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Allows you to pan and zoom within the map. Displays GPS coordinates and a map scale.

Display semitransparent overlays to designate points, lines or areas.

Search Panel
Search Panel

POI Clustering

Simplify your data visualization and clarity by consolidating data that is nearby each other on the map in an aggregate form.

Marker Clustering
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Group neighboring markers together in a circular area nearby some marker.

Distance-Based Clustering
Based on the Minimum Spanning Tree algorithm, groups markers until the distance to the next marker is greater than the distance specified by a user.

User Experience

Our WinForms Map Control has certain built-in interaction features
and interface elements your users actually expect.

Scroll & Zoom
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Highlight & Select
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Touch Enabled
User Experience - WinForms Map Control | DevExpress

Important Legal Information

The DevExpress WinForms Map Control does not license right of use to any map provider. You must obtain and/or follow
the licensing requirements set forth by each map provider.

Bing Maps™ Licensing and Pricing

OpenStreetMap Legal FAQ

OpenStreetMap Tiles Usage Policy

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