The traditional pixel-oriented approach to application form design is inefficient. To create an elegant and easy-to-use UI, you must spend countless hours to arrange presentation controls on forms, align them correctly, position labels where appropriate, address form resolution issues and when specifications change, start the process over again.

The XtraLayout Control was designed to be different – designed to bring sanity and consistency to application form design. It dramatically reduces the number of UI modifications you need to make over time and thus the number of costly rebuilds. It is the only suite in the market that allows runtime layout customization so that end-users can re-design the contents of a form using simple drag and drop operations.

: DevExpress WinForms LayoutControl
Built for Maximum Efficiency
Automatic Form Layout and Management

Designed to increase productivity, the DevExpress Layout Control eliminates many of the tedious and time consuming operations associated with pixel-based form design, including manual control alignment. The Layout Control helps you bring products to market in the shortest possible time by reducing the amount of energy you spend on the design and manual customization of individual forms.

Key features include the following:

Automatic control resizing ● Horizontal and vertical item alignment ● Automatic control alignment ● Independent layout within groups ● Customizable size constraints for controls ● Customizable item caption position

Help Topic: Main Features | Help Topic: Introducing the XtraLayoutControl | Video: WinForms Layout: Adding Items

: DevExpress WinForms LayoutControl
Unmatched Runtime Flexibility
Built-in End-User Customization

The XtraLayout Control is both a developer productivity tool and an end-user customization tool.

The extensive customization features of the XtraLayout Control provide all the tools you will need to combat UI "bloat". It places power back into the hands of each individual user - in a manner that has never been available before in any programming environment. This is accomplished by allowing users to layout and manage their own UI - as their needs dictate - without seeking assistance from developers or being forced to use developer oriented tools.

Help Topic: Runtime Customization

: DevExpress WinForms LayoutControl
Straightforward and Easy-to-Use
Design-Time Experience

The XtraLayout Control allows you to create elegant form layouts within seconds. Controls can be added to the layout in an intuitive manner, using drag-and-drop. Once the controls have been dropped, the Layout Control makes it easy to rearrange and resize them via easily rearrange and resize them using the mouse.

Key features include:

Dragging controls to and from the XtraLayout Control ● Moving items within the XtraLayout Control via drag-and-drop ● Combining items into groups and tabbed groups ● Hiding items and accessing them via the Customization Form ● Locking and unlocking an item's size ● On-Form access to individual layout items

Animation - Building Layout

Help Topic: Design-Time Customization | Video: WinForms Layout: Adding Items

: DevExpress WinForms LayoutControl
Intelligent Form Design
Data Aware Layout

When you need to create a detail form with editors bound to fields in a data table, the DataLayout Control will eliminate the drudgery associated with traditional form layout. With this component, you don't have to place individual labels and editors onto the form and then carefully align them to one another. You do not have to bind each individual editor to data and provide proper label captions corresponding to field names. With the DataLayout Control, all this is done automatically. You simply bind the control to a data source and specify which fields are to be displayed.

Initial layout generation is only a half of what the DataLayout Control has to offer. Form maintenance is made much easier as well. To add or delete a data-bound control, you simply click a check box. To change the editor or data-bound property used by default, select an appropriate value from a dropdown list.

Help Topic: Data Layout Control

: DevExpress WinForms LayoutControl
UI Flexibility
Labels, Splitters, Separators and Empty Space Items

Labels allow you to display any static text and separators allow you to draw dividers between any layout objects.

If you add a splitter to the layout, an end-user will be able to change the size of layout elements without activating Customization Mode.

Although Empty Space Items don't display anything - they are 'empty cells' within the layout table - they allow you to solve numerous layout-aware tasks.

Help Topic: Empty Space Items | Help Topic: Labels | Help Topic: Splitters | Help Topic: Separators

: DevExpress WinForms LayoutControl
UI Organization
Expandable Groups and Tabbed Groups

If you wish to combine your editors and controls into titled panels or present them as tabbed pages, there is no need to combine them with external Panels or Tab Controls. You can easily do this with the help of built-in Layout Groups and Tabbed Groups.

You can combine controls into groups, make them expandable and assign images to groups with just a few mouse clicks.

Animation - Creating Layout Groups
Animation - Creating Tabbed Groups

Help Topic: Layout Group | Help Topic: Tabbed Group

: DevExpress WinForms LayoutControl
Built-in Productivity
Layout Converter, Data Export and Printing

With a few mouse clicks, you can easily convert the contents of an existing form and begin using the XtraLayout Control. All you’ll need is to place a LayoutConverter component on your form (or UserControl), and then use its commands to perform the conversion.

The XtraLayout Control gives you numerous data exchange options by providing WYSIWYG data printing along with data export to many popular file formats.

Help Topic: Converting a Regular Layout of Controls to an XtraLayoutControl | Help Topic: Printing and Exporting

: DevExpress WinForms LayoutControl
Elegance Inside
Appearance Customization and Themes

Like other DevExpress WinForms controls, the XtraLayout Control allows you to modify appearance settings (background and foreground colors, font settings, etc) of its visual elements. XtraLayout Control contains properties to customize the appearance of layout items, layout groups, tabbed groups and controls displayed within the layout control.

Help Topic: Look and Feel | Help Topic: Appearances

: DevExpress WinForms LayoutControl
Layout Templates

Like other DevExpress WinForms controls, the XtraLayout Control allows you to modify appearance settings (background and foreground colors, font settings, etc) of its visual elements. XtraLayout Control contains properties to customize the appearance of layout items, layout groups, tabbed groups and controls displayed within the layout control.

: DevExpress WinForms LayoutControl
Printing and Data Export

The Layout Control includes an improved printing experience by using page space more efficiently. It now arranges controls one after another, side-by-side within a column or a row.

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