The XtraGauges Suite ships with over 150 built-in presets and is extremely easy to use…so easy in fact, that all you need to do is drop a control onto a form - No need to manually create elements, customize their appearance, size and layout. Simply choose the template you like best, bind your control to data and voila – you are ready to go.

Easily Build Dashboards: XtraGauges Suite
Easily Build Dashboards

If your objective is to create a dashboard with multiple gauges, the XtraGauges offers you a unique feature designed to save you and your team hours of work. You can place multiple gauges into one container and enable automatic arrangement. The container will determine the best possible gauge layout for its current size and proportions. If you resize your form, gauges are proportionally resized and their layout is updated so that they use form space most efficiently.

Note that gauges can be freely resized while maintaining the highest level of quality, since the XtraGauges Suite uses vector graphics for all gauge types.

Help Topic: Introduction to XtraGauges | Help Topic: Manipulate Gauges

Hit-testing and Gauge Interactivity: XtraGauges Suite
Hit-testing and Gauge Interactivity

You can make gauges more user-friendly or even allow data input via gauge controls by using the built-in hit-testing engine. When handling mouse events, you can easily determine whether the mouse pointer is over a particular element - say over a circular gauge's needle. Once you obtain this information, you have an endless number of ways in which to enhance data presentation. For instance, you can display tooltips with additional information or you can allow end-users to drag-and-drop elements thus changing the underlying data.

Examples: How to provide a custom mouse interaction with the GaugeControl

Built-in Style Collection: XtraGauges Suite
Built-in Style Collection

The XtraGauges Suite provides 28 built-in styles that allow you to change how a control looks with just a single mouse click.

Help Topic: Gauge Styles

Circular Gauges: XtraGauges Suite
Circular Gauges

The Gauge Control provides built-in presets for the following circular gauge types: Full, Three Quarters, Half, Quarter and Wide.

Help Topic: Create a Circular Gauge (Design Time) | Examples: How to: Create a Circular Gauge (Runtime)

Linear Gauges: XtraGauges Suite
Linear Gauges

The XtraGauges Suite provides built-in presets for horizontal and vertical Linear Gauges.

Help Topic: Create a Linear Gauge (Design Time) | Examples: How to: Create a Linear Gauge (Runtime)

Digital Gauges: XtraGauges Suite
Digital Gauges

The Gauge Control provides four types of digital gauges: seven-segment, fourteen-segment, 5x8 matrix and 8x14 matrix.

Help Topic: Create a Digital Gauge (Design Time) | Examples: How to: Create a Digital Gauge (Runtime)

State Indicator Gauges: XtraGauges Suite
State Indicator Gauges

XtraGauges provides state indicators of the following types: traffic light, smile, electric light, arrow, flag, currency symbol, and car icon.

Help Topic: Create a State Indicator Gauge (Design Time) | Examples: How to: Create a State Indicator Gauge (Runtime)

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