The DevExpress Map control provides all functionality required to embed popular map services into your WPF applications. You are free to choose from any existing map data resource (like Bing Maps™ or OpenStreetMap) or establish your own map data server inside your corporate network. In addition to using raster map images, you can also utilize vector elements of any shape, stored either in Shapefiles or other formats. The control has built-in navigation elements, supports animated zooming, element highlighting and so much more... Don't wait - try the DXMap Demo and see it in action now!

High-Quality Raster Maps from Industry Leaders: DevExpres WPF Map Control
High-Quality Raster Maps from Industry Leaders

The WPF Map Control can use Bing Maps™ web service from Microsoft®. This service provides three different map types: area (photos of the Earth's surface), road (street view) and hybrid (combination of both images and schemes).

In addition, our map control supports the popular OpenStreetMap format. You can obtain maps in this format either from the official OSM foundation website, or from one of the alternative image tile providers.

Demo: Bing Maps | Demo: OpenStreetMap | Help Topic: Data Providers

Support for Vector Maps and Drawing Custom Shapes: DevExpres WPF Map Control
Support for Vector Maps and Drawing Custom Shapes

In addition to raster layers, which are designed to display image tiles obtained from popular map providers, the WPF Map Control can depict any vector data on its surface. This can be shapes of any kind, or pictures loaded from an external image file, or some other custom drawing.

The WPF Map Control can read data from Shapefile and KML formats. To help shape contours, the Map Control also loads supplementary information provided in Shapefiles and KML and can display this information in tooltips for corresponding shapes.

Demo: Vector Elements | Demo: Shapefile Support | Help Topic: How to use ShapefileLoader

Search a Location and Calculate a Route via Microsoft® Bing™ Services: DevExpres WPF Map Control
Search a Location and Calculate a Route via Microsoft® Bing™ Services

Visualizing map details is a must, but what if you wish to add interactivity to your map application? With the WPF Map Control you can do this thanks to its support for Microsoft® Bing™ services, such as the Search, Geocode and Route services.

By using these services, you can provide your end-users with the ability to locate the required position on a map, obtain information about what is located at that position and to see the most optimal route between the location and another.

Demo: Navigator

Built-in UI Elements for Map Manipulation: DevExpres WPF Map Control
Built-in UI Elements for Map Manipulation

To make your solution easier to use and more responsive, the WPF Map Control provides a set of built-in user interface elements. These elements include Scroll Buttons, the Zoom Trackbar, Coordinates and Scale Panels, as well as a Search Panel.

Together they empower your end-users with the ability to move a map in any direction, zoom it in or out, and see current map information.

Help Topic: Navigation Elements

Unrivaled End-User Experience: DevExpres WPF Map Control
Unrivaled End-User Experience

The professional and elegant solutions you can create with the WPF Map Control are a result of features such as gradually animated transitions, and the speed with which zooming map areas loads and renders.

For vector maps, shape elements automatically support highlighting and hit-testing for tooltips by default. These two features enable end-users to select a portion of a map and view specific details about a given region.

Demo: World Map

Important Legal Information: The DXMap Control does not license right of use to any map provider. You must obtain and/or follow the licensing requirements set forth by each map provider.

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