The DevExpress WPF Chart Control can be used in a nearly endless number of business scenarios, be it real-time charting or analysis of pivot grid data. From Bars, Points/Lines, Pies/Doughnuts, to Areas, Radar and Polar Views... zoom, rotate, scroll and print as your requirements dictate.

See it for yourself, try the DXCharts Demo and see how you can unleash the power of information and efficiently present it to your end users.

: DevExpres WPF Chart
Charting, Reimagined
Rich Collection of 2D and 3D WPF Chart Types

DXCharts ships with a comprehensive collection of 2D chart types, from traditional bars, lines, points, area and pie charts, to more advanced bubble, radar, polar, and range charts - 29 in total. And when only 3D charts will do, DXCharts provides 15 high fidelity 3D chart types so you can create elegant solutions that maximize usability.

To view the full list of available chart types, visit the DXCharts Gallery.

Video: Getting Started with WPF Charts | Demo: Combining 2D Area and Bars | Help Topic: 2D Chart Types | Help Topic: 3D Chart Types

: DevExpres WPF Chart
Your Data, Your Way
MVVM and Multiple Data Source Support

Engineered to meet the requirements of any WPF software project, DXCharts is able to visualize data provided by all standard .NET data providers. Fully optimized for WPF/XAML technology, DXCharts can easily use the MVVM pattern, while remaining flexible enough to bind the entire chart or different data series to multiple data sources without the need to re-compose your original data.

Demo: Binding Individual Series | Demo: Binding Using Series Template | Help Topic: Providing Data

: DevExpres WPF Chart
Fast, Really Fast
Real Time Charting

Performance is a key measure of any WPF control and DXCharts has been built to address the needs of the most demanding WPF application. DXCharts can load and render extremely large data points in mere seconds and immediately process data updates and modify its layout so that all labels, axes and extended visual elements best fit the updated chart’s size and data range.

Demo: Scrolling and Zooming

: DevExpres WPF Chart
Interactive User Experiences
Touch, Crosshairs, Tooltips, Zooming and Scrolling

DXCharts allows end-users to dig deep into the information stored within a chart and directly interact with its contents. Built-in tooltips and crosshair cursors help users discover the details underlying a chart. The ability to zoom and scroll helps users get to actionable information quickly. A rich collection of predefined animation effects makes charts more readable. And when only touch will do, DXCharts provides touch support so you can target Windows 8 Pro and create next generation solutions, today.

Demo: Crosshair Cursor | Demo: Tooltips | Demo: Animation

: DevExpres WPF Chart
For the Banker in You
Financial Charting

DXCharts provides two of the most popular OHLC chart types for analyzing financial trends - Stock and Candle Stick. We also include a large set of built-in financial indicators (trend lines, regression lines, moving averages, Fibonacci indicators, etc.).

You can also split data across several panes, add secondary axes, enable logarithmic scales and use other powerful options to better present financial data.

Demo: Stock Series | Demo: Candle-Stick Series | Demo: Financial Indicators | Video: Financial Indicators

: DevExpres WPF Chart
Refined and Elegant
Chart Appearance Options

It goes without saying that a WPF Chart Control must be fast, flexible and reliable. It is also true that charts must be visually appealing and highly interactive.

DXCharts does not disappoint in this regard. It ships with a large number of built-in palettes and themes for each chart element and all chart types so you can select the look and feel that best meets the expectations of end-users. And when built-in options are not enough, we provide mechanisms to customize models and templates for any chart element, so you can deliver the perfect chart, without compromise.

Demo: 3D Custom Bar Models | Demo: 2D Custom Bar Models | Demo: 2D Custom Pie Models | Help Topic: Appearance Customization

: DevExpres WPF Chart
Intelligent Dashboards
Integrated Multi-Dimension Analysis

When it comes to data analysis, the ability to quickly drill-through data displayed within a chart and switch to a tabular view of the same information is crucial for effective consumption of business-critical information. To instantly calculate summaries, averages, totals and perform other data shaping operations against data can make the difference between a solution that is used every day and one that is ignored by end-users.

DXCharts ships with built-in support of the DevExpress Pivot Grid control. The chart automatically binds to Pivot Grid data, reflects the currently selected pivot rows and columns, shows summaries, and adjusts its axes. Simply said, the chart tunes all its settings to help you build a chart-pivot dashboard using only a few mouse clicks.

Demo: Pivot-Chart Integration | Help Topic: How to: Visualize Data from the DXPivotGrid Control using the DXCharts Suite

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