Case Studies

The following are case studies submitted to us by our customers – they detail the applications they've engineered and how DevExpress addressed specific business requirements.

DevExpress Case Study: M5 by One Healthcare Solution Inc.
M5 by One Healthcare Solution Inc.
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XAF Controls

"M5" is the name of a sophisticated electronic medical record (EMR / EHR) system developed by One Healthcare Solution, Inc. for the Windows .NET platform. M5 is certified for Meaningful Use (Stage 1) and is currently preparing for Stage 2 certification. It is currently deployed in practices in several states.

DevExpress Case Study: Dual Writer by DualMinder Software
Dual Writer by DualMinder Software
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WinForms Controls

Dual Writer is a new product, released the 1st of December of 2013. It is a word processor for Windows with integrated speech recognition. Dual Writer uses the .NET System.Speech Namespace to power speech recognition and speech synthesis. Dictation is entered directly into Dual Writer documents as text, or parsed as editing commands to select and edit text, or navigate through the document.

DevExpress Case Study: AutoGRAPH.NET by TechnoKom
AutoGRAPH.NET by TechnoKom
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WinForms Controls

TechnoKom has been in business for over 20 years, and is a leader of manufacturing electronic devices and software for satellite monitoring and Tracking (GPS/GLONASS/Inmarsat system) in Russia. The products are also available and sold in other countries.

DevExpress Case Study: Sz@rk by TGSoft
Sz@rk by TGSoft
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WinForms Controls

TGSoft’s flagship product is called Sz@rk and was built to address the needs and requirements of small business operations with features such as order fulfilment, accountancy and tax management, account settlement, human resource management, asset management, CRM and business analysis. The system can be used both locally and via remote connections.

DevExpress Case Study: ServiceMinder by John Keene
ServiceMinder by John Keene
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ASP.NET MVC Extensions

ServiceMinder is a platform for managing small field service businesses, like carpet cleaners, painters, landscape lighting and electrical contractors, HVAC service/repair companies, tree trimmers, window cleaners, etc. Basically, any business where the primary service is sending technicians to someone's home or business and scheduling work. We help with scheduling as well as the entire prospect/customer lifecycle with built in proposals/estimates, electronic signature, credit card processing and marketing tracking. We can even push the invoice data to QuickBooks and other accounting packages.

DevExpress Case Study: SQLServerBooster by Erik Véliz
SQLServerBooster by Erik Véliz
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WinForms Controls

SQLServerBooster is an application that allows anyone to generate Microsoft SQL Server database backups. Like most projects, SQLServerBooster started as a simple and rudimentary application. Erik's initial goal was to create a desktop application that had the capabilities he needed to backup client data but the application evolved once he decided to make it available for use by others. It's at this point that DevExpress came into the picture – the moment Erik decided to make the application more robust and professional.

DevExpress Case Study: XAFARI - a business platform from Galaktika Corp
XAFARI - a business platform from Galaktika Corp
Related DevExpress Products
eXpressApp Framework

Meet XAFARI ( from Galaktika - a business platform designed to quickly build advanced business applications with an n-tier architecture. This middleware class solution is fully based on the eXpressApp Framework (XAF), which is essentially a set of best patterns & practices for building desktop LOB apps using DevExpress controls for both Windows and the Web.

DevExpress Case Study: GZCash Flow by Informatica Operativa
GZCash Flow by Informatica Operativa
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WinForms Controls

GZCash Flow was created to meet the needs of companies to keep under control their cash flow situations. Through dynamic analysis is possible to analyze in real time the financial performance of the company by providing a snapshot of the flow, the availability and needs. All data are representable on graphs.

DevExpress Case Study: Freedom Check by Jerome Vernon
Freedom Check by Jerome Vernon
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ASP.NET Controls

The website, code-named ‘Freedom Check', was born with the simple idea to showcase how-to articles regarding my hobby, antique restoration. While investigating other sites and planning the design, the basic idea matured to a concept with more universal appeal. Now complete, Freedom Check has emerged as a full featured content management system that's presented in a magazine style format and built completely with DevExpress ASP.NET products.

DevExpress Case Study: Sig6 IT Solutions
Sig6 IT Solutions
Related DevExpress Products
ASP.NET Controls

We just develop tailored-made software. We always focus on quality. As a role, our clients are demanding and we are always dealing with large databases. We needed reliable and tested client-side components to help us to reach our goals. Time was paramount too and fortunately from the very beginning of the project all DevExpress controls worked as expected. That paved the way for an uneventful development cycle.

DevExpress Case Study: Dionisis Soldatos from Exelixis Software
Dionisis Soldatos from Exelixis Software
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eXpressApp Framework

Exelixis Software is a new company founded in Thessaloniki in 2012 from experienced executives, in the field of Information Technologies. For many years, these people were supporting commercial applications of the largest Greek software house. Our primary goal is to create a flexible product containing features that a modern company needs. In our first steps we become members of the Microsoft Program "Bizspark" in order to enhance our work.

DevExpress Case Study: Alcantara-Designs
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ASP.NET Controls was established to provide easy access to enterprise level expertise for individuals and small to medium sized businesses. Founder Rhoel Alcantara has been leading teams that develop enterprise level desktop and web applications for multi-national companies all over the world since 1991. This passion of providing solutions (over and above software) is what stands for.

DevExpress Case Study: REV23 Development, LLC
REV23 Development, LLC
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eXpressApp Framework

REV23 Development, LLC, based in Denver, Colorado, is the creator and developer of the popular Tattoo Management Studio software product line. Tattoo Management Studio is a complete software package for tattoo and/or body piercing studios. Built from the ground up by industry professionals, it is the most comprehensive, and in fact the only software specifically designed for tattoo studio management.

DevExpress Case Study: Newforma
Related DevExpress Products
ASP.NET Controls

Newforma is a project information management (PIM) software company connecting architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) organizations worldwide.

DevExpress Case Study: Red Guerrilla
Red Guerrilla
Related DevExpress Products
ASP.NET Controls

We wanted to provide a powerful and flexible solution to our clients when it comes to managing the content of their websites. Although there are plenty of content management systems available to keep a website up to date, none of them had everything we wanted to offer our clients in one package and they couldn't offer the flexibility of totally bespoke functionality that we wanted to be in a position to provide.

DevExpress Case Study: MyABCM
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, ASP.NET Controls

MyABCM is a global Performance Management solution provider with customers of all sizes across many industries: from local implementation for a specific department to global implementation for multinational operations.

DevExpress Case Study: Stijn Van Loo from e-novex
Stijn Van Loo from e-novex
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ASP.NET Controls

e-novex is an IS0 9001 certified innovative web startup for the clinical industry, founded in 2008. We focus mainly on Electronic Data Capture (EDC), using our custom-built platform. We also provide web application and mobile application development services for anyone working with clinical data, while adhering to the stringent legislations that are indigenous to the clinical industry, such as 21 CFR part 11 compliance, MDD (Medical Device Directive) and GCDMP (Good Clinical Data Management Practice).

DevExpress Case Study: Roman Shelomanov from DevPark
Roman Shelomanov from DevPark
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eXpressApp Framework

DevPark is a Russian company, specializing in development, deployment and maintenance of software products for plant automation systems in various fields. All DevPark services are aimed primarily at finding effective solutions for various problems arising for the enterprise, to enable our customers to successfully and efficiently reach their business goals.

DevExpress Case Study: Michael Palgon from HIMformatics
Michael Palgon from HIMformatics
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ASP.NET Controls

HIMformatics, LLC is a privately held Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) consulting firm, specializing in helping healthcare organizations maximize the value of their HIT investments. Our associates have a blend of consulting and “real-world” operational experience and expertise, and we serve our clients throughout the systems lifecycle -- from education and planning through implementation and optimization. HIMformatics, LLC is based in Atlanta, GA with clients and consultants throughout the United States of America.

DevExpress Case Study: Don Wibier from Concepts2Go
Don Wibier from Concepts2Go
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ASP.NET Controls, eXpress Persistent Objects

Concepts2Go is an online communication agency specializing in web, social media, mobile and online identities. We design and build websites, portals and manage online communication for our customers. CMS2GO is a versatile reusable system that allows us to create websites really fast, where web design is not limited by the boundaries of the system, while exchanging data with back office systems is not a problem.

DevExpress Case Study: Jeroen Commandeur from Medistratie
Jeroen Commandeur from Medistratie
Related DevExpress Products
Silverlight Controls

We are a startup company, creating a SaaS solution for private medical clinics in the Netherlands. For strategic purposes we choose Silverlight as our core application development platform completed by DevExpress controls.

DevExpress Case Study: Chris White from EdgeRater
Chris White from EdgeRater
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls

EdgeRater is a one-man operation. I started this company in 2007 after leaving my full time senior developer position at Microsoft – a position that I held for 5 years after our company ‘NCompass Labs' was purchased by Microsoft in 2001. The goal of the EdgeRater is to provide tools for swing traders so that they can be consistently profitable when trading securities such as stocks and ETFs.

DevExpress Case Study:
Related DevExpress Products
ASP.NET MVC Extensions, XPO

Endurance Diary is a site for creating and tracking workouts, physical challenges, group events, and other fitness activities as well as sharing that information with your friends. Our passion for software development and personal endurance training led us to create a site that has all of the functionality we wanted in one place.. We are currently in the process of opening this site up to everyone in hopes that this site can enrich your training experiences and make it as easy as possible to log and track your activities.

DevExpress Case Study: EKOBIT TeamCompanion
EKOBIT TeamCompanion
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, XtraGrid Suite

As a full-featured Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 client, TeamCompanion is required to provide feature rich presentation of Work Items, Work Item Queries and other TFS artifacts. Up until the version 3.0, TeamCompanion used built-in Outlook grid to display Work Item Query content. TFS 2010 brings hierarchical Work Items to the mainstream and built-in Outlook grid was simply not sufficient to provide appropriate experience while working with hierarchical Work Items. This led TeamCompanion team to decision that completely customized grid must be used. They only needed to choose the right one.

DevExpress Case Study: Active Data Tools
Active Data Tools
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, Reporting

ActiveDataTools is a Windows application that helps manage, convert and cleanse data. Using ActiveDataTools, you can read and write dozens of popular data formats, correct and format data, query and filter information and quickly validate datasets. The system contains hundreds of ways to manage data, like correcting padding and letter case, making date formats consistent, correcting number fields and more.

DevExpress Case Study: Intact Software
Intact Software
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls

Intact iQ is our third generation ERP application. It is suited to mid-market businesses, coping with 100s of users and includes many modules such as SOP, POP, Inventory, Job Costing, Warehousing, Time Recording. It is extensible, customizable and scalable at every tier. We sell our products through a VAR chain supporting their capability to extend and tailor the software for their customers.

DevExpress Case Study: Gruppo Sinapsi
Gruppo Sinapsi
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls

Gruppo Sinapsi is an Italian software house, born in 1985, focused on ERP Systems and currently employing a 40 people staff. The first version of the Hallway Platform was created in 2001 by 4andSoft, which became later part of the Gruppo Sinapsi. The first release of this Platform was implemented on a Microsoft Visual Basic 6 technology.

DevExpress Case Study: PeerLabs
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls

PeerLabs Inc, is a Software and database management firm with clients in both Public and Private sector. Our mission is to develop software that empowers the user. We believe our users should not change the way work when using our software. Without DevExpress our design and development goals would be unattainable. We put our best foot forward with DevExpress.

DevExpress Case Study: Theodor Storm Kristensen
Theodor Storm Kristensen
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, XtraBars Suite

When I started developing my application I knew that I needed a good user interface to keep up with other applications on the market. I tried several times to create a user interface for myself, however in the end I realized that I was going to fail, simply because maintaining a good interface is a task that only dedicated professionals can manage. This was when I started looking for online components.

DevExpress Case Study: Republic of Srpska Securities Commission
Republic of Srpska Securities Commission
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, ASP.NET AJAX Controls

The Republic of Srpska Securities Commission is the financial services regulatory body of the Republic of Srpska (RS), a political entity within the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. RS has established its own stock exchange and set some high-level goals for the RS Securities Commission: improve transparency by publishing various data on the Web, gather and exchange data among capital market participants, develop surveillance over stock exchange trades, develop effective and efficient capital market, further develop the country's economy, and identify any attempts of malicious activities, as identified in the European Union Market Abuse Directives.

DevExpress Case Study: Software Surgeons
Software Surgeons
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls

The Aakash is an Indian restaurant situated in Cleckheaton near Bradford, UK. Software Surgeons designed feature rich yet easy-to-use software to automate whole business process for Aakash Restaurant. The product offers intuitive interface design, state-of-the-art look ‘n' feel with easy to use functionality; thanks to DevExpress Windows Forms Suite that expedite our development speed & allowed us to concentrate on business functionality rather than spending days ‘n' nights to work around user interface design.

DevExpress Case Study: Adit Software
Adit Software
Related DevExpress Products
VCL Ribbon, Data Grid, Criteria Editor

Adit Testdesk is software geared to creating, maintaining, running, and analyzing tests, exams, and quizzes. Although we are a comparatively new company (doing business since 2005), our software is already in use in several colleges and commercial companies.

DevExpress Case Study: The Software Cavaliers
The Software Cavaliers
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, Scheduler

The Software Cavaliers are a group of Seniors at Bowling Green State University that are all studying Computer Science. We were formed in response to an assignment proffered by the course requirements of Course 4640: Software Engineering. The responsibility of our group was tasked to offer, by the end of the semester, a robust piece of software to a client that is extraneous to the University.

DevExpress Case Study: Steve Ives from Synergex
Steve Ives from Synergex
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, ASP.NET Controls

For over 30 years, Synergex products and professional services have helped businesses maximize their investments in enterprise applications. Synergex's Synergy/DE application development environment enables software developers to create high-performance, platform-independent business applications, and these applications are used by millions of users worldwide.

DevExpress Case Study: Santiago Barro from Binary Menorca S.L.
Santiago Barro from Binary Menorca S.L.
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, ASP.NET Controls

Binary Menorca, S.L. is a company founded in 2000, composed of 6 developers dedicated exclusively to software development. Located in Alaior – Menorca – Spain, is characterized by the continued investigation of new technologies by developing and providing after sales support to its customers. Binary Menorca, S.L. develops BinaryActiva - a powerful ERP, developed for WinForms, which covers the main processes of any business such as: Purchasing, Sales, Stocks, Production, CRM, HR, Finance and Logistics. The CRM module is also integrated with the web application.

DevExpress Case Study: Brandon Owensby from Veriquant
Brandon Owensby from Veriquant
Related DevExpress Products
XtraGrid, XtraReports

For much of its history since 1991, Veriquant provided comprehensive software development services (involving from-scratch software for order entry, factory production, sales and bar-code-based inventory control) to the dispersed U.S. operations of two multi-national paper manufacturers. During that same period we supported a legacy medical practice management system. More recently, on the basis of both our industrial and medical experience, we produced an entirely new practice management system. We offer it as a mature hosted subscription service. It is now used by physical therapists and physicians of several specialties.

DevExpress Case Study: Lee Meyeridricks from McGregor BFA
Lee Meyeridricks from McGregor BFA
Related DevExpress Products
CodeRush, Refactor! Pro

McGregor BFA develops - the country's premier business news website, with round-the-clock coverage of economics, markets, business and personal finance issues.

DevExpress Case Study: EC Software, developers of Help & Manual
EC Software, developers of Help & Manual
Related DevExpress Products
VCL Ribbon Control

EC Software is an innovative help authoring tool vendor based in Salzburg, Austria. Founded in 1993, we have over a decade of experience in the help authoring and documentation field. Our flagship product Help & Manual is an XML authoring tool for web-based and local online help along with print documentation and PDF files.

DevExpress Case Study: Erik Mlincek
Erik Mlincek
Related DevExpress Products
CodeRush, Refactor! Pro

My coding time is at a premium. So, when I do get a chance to sit down and work on a project, I want to move fast. Really fast. CodeRush™ and Refactor!™ Pro allow me to do just that. Specifically, the code expansion templates included with CodeRush™ and Refactor!™ Pro are awesome. You get many more than what is available with core Visual Studio and I was impressed by the quality of the templates.

DevExpress Case Study: Gregg Mercede from M and M Software
Gregg Mercede from M and M Software
Related DevExpress Products
ASP.NET Controls, Grid, Scheduler

M and M Software is currently developing a web based program called My Private Filing Cabinet. It is designed for families or individuals who would like to take inventory on their life. My Private Filing Cabinet is for anyone who would like to record, maintain and update information relating to all aspects of their lives including family members, homes, vehicles, insurance, legal, banking, etc. all in one simple integrated program.

DevExpress Case Study: Simon Harriyott from MatchMatix
Simon Harriyott from MatchMatix
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, Charting

MatchMatix is a sports team and player analysis software package that is written in .NET 3.5, using Windows Forms. MatchMatix reads video analysis data and produces detailed reports showing, for example, which winger played the most crosses that lead to goals, or how many aces a tennis player scored on a second service.

DevExpress Case Study: Todd Hoese from Gritware LLC
Todd Hoese from Gritware LLC
Related DevExpress Products
ASP.NET Controls

Around 8 years ago customer demand for a web interface to our help desk software led us to develop a very basic classic ASP solution. The solution allowed end-users to submit help desk requests through a web page. The main problem was that the web interface didn't measure up to our development standards. It did what it was supposed to do but the interface was static, had an outdated look, and the user interaction was quite different than that of the Mouse Tracks Windows client (primary tool that the Help Desk technicians use).

DevExpress Case Study: Yang Yu from Prognex Corp
Yang Yu from Prognex Corp
Related DevExpress Products
ASP.NET Controls

Raindrops Server 2008 is a platform that delivers Data Management, Process Management, and Activity Management solutions that are tightly interconnected and coupled with Business Intelligence functionalities to drive business performance. Our platform allows businesses to rapidly and easily develop and implement complex data oriented solutions such as Customer Relations Management Solutions (CRM), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Activity and Project Management Solutions.

DevExpress Case Study: Jose Rolando Guay Paz from CSW Solutions Inc
Jose Rolando Guay Paz from CSW Solutions Inc
Related DevExpress Products
ASP.NET Controls, Scheduling

Bike And Roll is an online reservation system for a chain of stores where customers can rent bicycles, segways or take guided tours in several cities in the USA. The website includes two sites. One is the front-end where customers can see the tours, check bikes and actually make an online reservation for a period of time. As an add-on, customers can also purchase retail goods like bottled water, snacks or marketing products.

DevExpress Case Study: Lori Haiducescu from Senior Software
Lori Haiducescu from Senior Software
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, Grid, TreeView, Layout Manager

SeniorERP is a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for medium sized distribution and logistics companies, developed by Senior Software. Their focus is to provide customers with cutting edge technologies for best performance with low TCO.

DevExpress Case Study: Jascha Gordon from Line of Business Systems
Jascha Gordon from Line of Business Systems
Related DevExpress Products
eXpressApp Framework, eXpress Persistent Objects

Line of Business Systems is a provider of made to measure LOB and EAS (enterprise application suite) systems for the SME sector. While there are many systems that occupy the EAS space, SME's often encounter a number of drawbacks with their adoption...

DevExpress Case Study: Miguel Castro from SteelBlue Solutions
Miguel Castro from SteelBlue Solutions
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, CodeRush & Refactor!

SteelBlue Solutions, Inc. provides CodeBreeze which is a code-generation tool designed to increase productivity and save hundreds of hours in coding time. CodeBreeze combines the flexibility of template-driven code-generation with the organization of entity/query management that can work disconnected from the database.

DevExpress Case Study: Niko Suni from Itagent
Niko Suni from Itagent
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, Reporting

Itagent is a Microsoft Partner company in ISV solutions and OEM marketing. In addition, our project lead (Niko Suni) is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the Windows/DirectX technology area. We are striving to become an official Microsoft Dynamics AX partner during first half of 2008, to further extend our status as an enterprise-level solution provider.

DevExpress Case Study: Bruno Sonnino from Revolution Software
Bruno Sonnino from Revolution Software
Related DevExpress Products
VCL Controls, ExpressQuantumGrid

Bruno Sonnino is a Microsoft MVP from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He develops various utilities for PC Magazine that will be seen and downloaded by thousands around the world. When he needed a capable and powerful grid to use for Delphi, he chose ExpressQuantumGrid.

DevExpress Case Study: Xavier Spileers from TRI-S
Xavier Spileers from TRI-S
Related DevExpress Products
WinForms Controls, Grid, Scheduling, Charting

TRIACC, is a task-based management tool for accountants. This module allows predefining tasks, and binding these tasks to workflows. The deadline of these tasks can be a fixed date, or can be calculated based on variable elements like the closure date or general meeting date of the customer. The basic idea is to give management the power to quickly overview the outstanding tasks and to manage the workload of its personnel.

DevExpress Case Study: Peter van de Put from Pravesoftware
Peter van de Put from Pravesoftware
Related DevExpress Products
eXpressApp Framework

Our company was founded in 2000 by Peter van de Put, who has worked in the IT arena since 1984. Peter was one of the first SAP consultants in Europe and has over 20 years of experience with large enterprise in developing tailor made software, implementing ERP and CRM systems and designing and developing management information solutions. After running an SAP consultancy firm for over 6 years, it was time to start his own company with a focus on designing and developing solutions for small- and medium size enterprise.


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