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About Vanguard AI and its Trading Platform

Our long-term objective is to create a comprehensive trading platform. The purpose of our initial release is to familiarize users with investment strategies, screen stocks, and execute back testing using End-Of-Day data. Vanguard AI is free for traders using the Philippine Stock Exchange and the application can be downloaded from our site at no cost.

The flexibility and power of DevExpress UI components made our "widgets-based" interface possible. Charts and watch lists within Vanguard AI mimic customizable widgets - information can be displayed and arranged on screen as needed. Vanguard AI always saves a user's screen layout and widget information on application exit.

We manage our own cloud server and host all market data. Vanguard AI connects to this server and compares information stored on a user's local database at startup. We then load the necessary data, calculate all scripts, and restore all widgets with updated information. Users can script their trading systems. Scripts are interpreted with appropriate mathematical computations, including indicators and translation of how results are rendered within charts.

Vanguard AI is under active development. We expect to extend functionality and move our platform from Windows to the Web and mobile. The need to deliver a solution for multiple platforms is why we chose the eXpressApp Framework (XAF - Cross-Platform .NET App UI). XAF will allow us to deliver solutions for both the desktop and mobile world in the shortest possible time.

Why You Chose DevExpress

I chose DevExpress for Vanguard AI because DevExpress products are flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-use. Just like DevExpress UI controls, XAF-powered apps can be customized and curated to deliver the best possible user experience.

XAF allowed me to focus on my business requirements and worry less about mundane infrastructure-related tasks. Thanks to XAF, my basic application skeleton was built very quickly - I simply customized it to our needs. With XAF, I did not have to reinvent everything from scratch – all the necessary ingredients already existed.

Vanguard AI - Trading Platform | DevExpress Case-Study

Vanguard AI required significant UI customization for certain usage scenarios (my app required use of custom UI components and UI elements not offered by DevExpress). As you can see in our screenshots, our app includes a script editor powered by XAF's Office module. One of XAF's great strengths is that you can reuse controls and forms just as you would in a non-XAF app.

Vanguard AI - Script Editor, Trading Platform | DevExpress Case-Study

We also added a "dashboard" to our app - a special XAF view that can include UI elements not directly related to CRUD or database-related operations. The charts within these "dashboards" use EOD data and are updated during application startup (not using live data at this point). The purpose of the current app is to script your system, back-test it and screen for next day trading.

Vanguard AI - Trading Platform Dashboard | DevExpress Case-Study

I have been using the eXpressApp Framework since its first beta (in 2008). I have successfully delivered 3 different major projects with XAF. DevExpress tech support is top-notch, and XAF's knowledge base includes lots of solutions to address issues encountered during development.


Jan Michael Tan - Vanguard AI

Developer: Greffith Ponce
CEO: Michael Tan
Company Name: Vanguard AI
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