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With over 600 controls, DevExpress Universal will help you create elegant business solutions across all major .NET platforms. Apps that fully emulate the look, feel and capabilities of Microsoft Office...Apps that maintain the highest performance standards regardless of the demands placed upon your application by your end-users. The following are just a few of the UI Controls that ship as part of DevExpress Universal:

Data Grid


Rich Text Editor


Pivot Grid


Tree List



Property Grid

PDF Viewer

Data Editors

Everything you'll need to create your next great app.

Explore our comprehensive range of Office-inspired .NET controls by platform.

UI ControlWinFormsWPFWeb Forms & MVCHTML5 & ASP.NET Core
Data GridWinForms Grid ControlWPF Grid ControlASP.NET Grid ControlHTML5 Data Grid
SchedulerWinForms Scheduler ControlWPF Scheduler ControlASP.NET Scheduler ControlHTML5 Scheduler
Rich Text EditorWinForms Rich Text Editor ControlWPF Rich Text Editor ControlASP.NET Rich Text Editor Control N/A
SpreadsheetWinForms Spreadsheet ControlWPF Spreadsheet ControlASP.NET Spreadsheet Control N/A
Pivot GridWinForms Pivot Grid ControlWPF Pivot Grid ControlASP.NET Pivot Grid ControlHTML5 Pivot Grid
ChartWinForms Chart ControlWPF Chart ControlASP.NET Chart ControlHTML5 Chart
MapWinForms Map ControlWPF Map Control N/A HTML5 Map
Tree ListWinForms Tree List ControlWPF Tree List ControlASP.NET Tree List ControlHTML5 Tree List
RibbonWinForms Ribbon ControlWPF Ribbon ControlASP.NET Ribbon Control N/A
Toolbar & MenuWinForms Toolbar-Menu ControlsWPF Toolbar-Menu ControlsASP.NET Toolbar-Menu ControlsHTML5 Toolbar-Menu
NavBarWinForms NavBar ControlWPF NavBar ControlASP.NET NavBar ControlHTML5 NavBar
Property GridWinForms Property Grid ControlWPF Property Grid ControlASP.NET Property Grid Control N/A
PDF ViewerWinForms PDF Viewer ControlWPF PDF Viewer Control N/A N/A
Data EditorsWinForms Data Editor ControlsWPF Data Editor ControlsASP.NET Data Editor ControlsHTML5 Data Editors

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