Synapsis is a young and dynamic European company based in Brussels which has been established in 1999. Our three main product groups are software development solutions, project management and technical training.

Our software development department provides solutions for both internal products and external clients. We have been using Devexpress VCL Component products for many years and strongly recommend using them for the following reasons:

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It's very important for us to rely on rock-solid applications with great components in order to develop our own applications. DevExpress products give us the right tools and components to do so. It has enabled us to focus on our business because there was, and is, no more fuss about looking for the right development tools.

Consequently, our productivity has improved visibly and we have been able to create very complex and flexible application very quickly.

For example: the QuantumGrid. Our developers have been testing and working with several grids from competitive companies. But, no other one on this planet has provided such a flexibility and ease of use. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use it. In combination with the Printing System, you will be amazed of the results.

Until now, we never have had a situation where it was impossible to meet a customer's requirements. Why? Because the DevExpress components have always brought us the correct solutions.

DevExpress keeps the same philosophy throughout its different versions and frequently improves their components. So, migrating from one version to another is as smooth as it can be.

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Product support is, as everyone knows, so important. We can guarantee you that DevExpress provides high level support. When you have submitted a question or problem, you quickly get a detailed answer, mostly with a sample. And it's even free of charge, isn't that remarkable?

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Our development team has been working with the VCL Components for many years. DXperience controls for Visual Studio have the same quality and philosophy. The learning curve was perfect and it was incredibly easy for us to learn for example the XtraGrid.

One last advice, have a look at the eXpressApp Framework, because it has very promising capabilities.

Eric Friedlingstein