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VCL for today and tomorrow.

Touch, tile and the next generation.
Deliver the solutions your customers expect today and leverage your existing VCL skillset to build next generation applications for tomorrow.
The DevExpress VCL product line allows you to create applications that emulate the touch-first experience that lies at the heart of Windows 8, without abandoning your existing VCL investments.
Whether you need to create a tile based modern UI application for Vista, Windows 7 and 8, or need to quickly convert an existing application so that it’s touch-first for Microsoft Surface, the DevExpress VCL Subscription will help you take your business solutions forward so you can deliver new, immersive experiences to delight your users.

VCL for superior performance.

No sacrifices. No exceptions.
At DevExpress, we understand that the VCL components you rely upon must be both beautiful and feature-rich and be built for speed and performance regardless of data complexity or size. Components must be reliable and well tested so that mission critical applications behave as expected, each and every time.
DevExpress VCL controls are powered by a patent-pending server-side data processing engine so that regardless of dataset size, users can shape and analyze information at lightning speeds, without sacrificing features or capabilities.
As a result of this tireless commitment to performance, reliability and technological innovation, you can confidently build data-centric applications that amaze, be it financial trading applications using real-time feeds or information driven enterprise-grade business intelligence solutions.
DevExpress Data Grid for VCL
  1. Microsoft Office Inspired Application

  2. Visual Studio Style Application

  3. Printing - Exporting Library

VCL for rich UI experiences.

Designed for elegance and flexibility.
With over 180 optimized components and libraries, the DevExpress VCL Subscription helps you deliver compelling, easy-to-use business solutions fast. Emulate the look, feel and capabilities of Microsoft Office or replicate the dock based UI of Visual Studio or Adobe Photoshop and take your Delphi and C++Builder applications to an entirely new level with familiar features end-users have come to rely upon. It's everything you need to build your best in one integrated suite.
And because technology never stands still, DevExpress continues to release innovative, high-impact components for the VCL such as the Wizard Control and the Zoom Track Bar, allowing your UI to easily evolve without abandoning your existing codebase or the proven VCL platform.

VCL for you and your team.

Unmatched quality, productivity and support.
At DevExpress, we understand that the demands placed upon you have never been greater. Your deadlines are real and you don’t have time to waste. The tools you invest in must be easy-to-use, they must be of impeccable quality and must be backed by a team of dedicated professionals who embrace your needs and strive to be a part of your extended team.
Hands down, categorically the most powerfull, full-featured, 3rd party controls on the market. Andrew Morstad

Office Inspired VCL Applications

Office Inspired Applications for VCL
Create compelling business solutions that emulate the look, feel and capabilities of Microsoft Office®.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence for VCL
Harness the power of information and present it to your users so it's always easy-to-use and always customizable.

Visual Studio and Photoshop Inspired

Visual Studio and Photoshop Inspired Applications
Reproduce the advanced and highly flexible dock-based user interface of today's most popular Windows applications.

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The 180+ controls that make up the DevExpress VCL Subscription have been engineered to address the UI and analytics requirements for a broad range of business application scenarios.

DevExpress SD Times 2012 AwardDevExpress Component Source 2012 AwardDevExpress 2012 AwardDevExpress Visual Studio Magazine 2012 AwardDevExpress Windows IT Pro 2012 Award
BevelBreadcrumb Editor Button Control
ClockColor Dialog Data Navigator
DB Breadcrumb Editor DB Data Navigator DB List Box
DB Navigator DB Shell Combo Box Gallery Control
Grid Popup Menu Header Control Image Collection
Image Dropdown ListImage ListImage List Box
Image SliderImage Spin Control List Box
Multi Column List Box Radio Button Scrollbar
ScrollboxShell Breadcrumb Editor Shell Browser Dialog
Shell Combo Box Shell List View Shell TreeView
Spin Button Taskbar ProgressToolbar DB Navigator
Default Editor Style Controller Editor Repository Editor Style Controller
Grid View Repositiory Hint Style Controller Layout Look & Feel Manager
Localizer Look and Feel Controller Memory Dataset
Pivot Grid Chart Connection Pivot Grid Drill-Down DataSet Pivot Grid OLAP Source
Pivot Grid Summary DataSet Print Engine Controller Print Style Manager
Properties Store Scheduler Aggregate Storage Scheduler DB Storage
Scheduler Grid Connection Scheduler Holidays Scheduler Storage
ScreenTip RepositoryServer Mode ADO Query SourceServer Mode ADO Source
Server Mode DBX Query SourceServer Mode DBX SourceServer Mode FireDAC Query Source
Server Mode FireDAC Source Skin Controller Style Repository
Tooltip Repository

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