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The eXpressApp Framework (XAF) is a modern and flexible application framework that allows you to create powerful line-of-business applications that simultaneously target Windows and the Web. XAF's scaffolding of the database and UI allows you to concentrate on business rules without the many distractions and tedious tasks normally associated with Windows and Web development. XAF's modular design facilitates a plug and play approach to common business requirements such as security and reporting.

XAF's advantages when compared with a more traditional approach to app development are profound. See for yourself and learn why XAF can radically increase productivity and help you bring solutions to market faster than you've ever thought possible.

Out-of-the Box Modular Architecture
Out-of-the Box Modular Architecture

Old way: you need to assume multiple roles in order to design a solid architecture for data access, business logic, user interface, modularization and extensibility.

XAF way: your applications have an MVC architecture that is proven, modularized and support distributed scenarios (N-tier) out of the box.

Data Management across Multiple Database Engines
Data Management across Multiple Database Engines and ORM Tools

Old way: you should be an experienced DBA and programmer to create a rock solid database schema and provide fast, stable access to multiple database engines such as SQL Server and MySQL.

XAF way: handle data via an object oriented API using one of the supported ORM engines - the popular Microsoft Entity Framework, or DevExpress ORM (XPO) which is easy to get started with, and supports 14 database engines.

Built-in Data Validation
Built-in Data Validation

Old way: you translate business rules into validation code, which is often scattered across a project. Alternatively, it requires that you invest the time and obtain the expertise to create a unified infrastructure with reusable validation rules.

XAF way: a platform-agnostic validation engine is included, with a comprehensive number of predefined validation rules that can be combined and customized at runtime to cover countless business use-case scenarios.

Elegant Data Representation
Elegant Data Representation

Old way: you invest in UX and programming energy in order to deliver an elegant and easy-to-use UI for both Windows and the Web.

XAF way: an elegant user interface is generated automatically. XAF UI is inspired by Microsoft Office and offers CRUD detail and list forms with built-in navigation – all based on data models.

Straightforward Application Configuration
Straightforward Application Configuration

Old way: you provide a centralized configuration store to persist end-user settings and customize the application's look and behavior.

XAF way: an extensible multi layered configuration storage (Application Model) defines your application’s structure and associated behavior and supports runtime end-user configuration and persistence.

Rock-Solid Application Security
Rock-Solid Application Security

Old way: you invest a lot of time to address a broad range of security related issues and associated functionality.

XAF way: your application is secure by design. The built-in security module provides common security strategies that can be integrated with legacy security infrastructures.

Reporting Your Way
Reporting Your Way

Old way: you integrate a reporting library within your application, create individual reports, and allow users to modify, distribute and view those reports in a unified manner.

XAF way: the award-winning XtraReports Suite is seamlessly integrated with your data model and security system, and allows end-users to create and share reports at runtime without hassles or aggravation.

Managing Business Processes
Managing Business Processes

Old way: specialized skills and significant allocation of resources are required to build even the most rudimentary infrastructure to manage business processes.

XAF way: advanced solutions based on Microsoft's WF platform suitable for both complex and lightweight workflow scenarios are offered.


Old way: you need a custom localization infrastructure, which means writing tedious code. Custom infrastructures are further hampered by the inability of non-programmers to provide localization support to development teams.

XAF way: built-in localization that integrates with the standard .NET approach and supports runtime customizations and online translation services is included.

UI Customization
Conditional UI Customization

Old way: you have no unified way to customize the appearance of individual controls across platforms using the business rules.

XAF way: use an engine that modifies a UI according to business rules defined in code, in a designer, or at runtime in a platform-agnostic manner.

Help & Support
Help & Support

Old way: you resolve your application issues on your own.

XAF way: the best-in-class support service is ready to assist you – so you can bring your LOB applications to market quickly.

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