Text Edit: DevExpres Windows 8 XAML Map Control
Text Edit
  • Masked Input
    The DevExpress Windows 8 Text Edit Control supports a wide range of mask input types including DateTime, Numeric and RegEx masks.
  • Data Validation
    The Text Edit Control supports validation on key press, loss of focus and value assignment.
  • Buttons
    The Text Edit Control allows you to specify the buttons displayed within its editing area. This extends the Edit Control’s functionality – for instance, a clear button allows you to clear text, dropdown buttons show custom popup content and custom buttons allow you to introduce app-specific functionality.
  • Null Text
    Hint text is displayed within the Edit box when the Editor's value is null.
  • Automatic Value Conversion
    The Editor converts values as needed to simplify data binding scenarios.
  • Popups
    The Text Edit Control supports the display of popups with custom content.

Spin Edit: DevExpres Windows 8 XAML Map Control
Spin Edit

Allows you to edit numeric values via Windows 8 Spin Buttons or by using standard text input.

Inherits all advanced functionality that ships as part of the DevExpress Text Edit Control.

Date-Time Picker: DevExpres Windows 8 XAML Map Control
Date-Time Picker

A Windows 8 Date Picker Control that is touch friendly and optimized for date and time value selection.

Date Edit: DevExpres Windows 8 XAML Map Control
Date Edit

Displays the DevExpress Date Picker within a popup so end-users can specify date-time values.

Inherits all advanced functionality that ships as part of the DevExpress Text Edit Control.

Radial Time Picker: DevExpres Windows 8 XAML Map Control
Radial Time Picker

The new touch-friendly radial time picker allows you to quickly specify hours, minutes and seconds within your XAML 8 apps.

Date Navigator Control: DevExpres Windows 8 XAML Map Control
Date Navigator Control
  • Single and multiple selection modes.
  • Ability to customize cell appearance.
  • Multiple views (Month, Year, Decade, Century).

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Spark, Date and Cartesian Chart Range Selectors.
Integrate 1D and 2D barcodes into your Windows 8 business solutions.
Month, Year, Decade and Century views.
Tile Control, SlideView, PageView and more.
Automatically arranges controls using Windows UI Guidelines.
Unmatched data editing options.

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