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Your Success Matters

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PDF Viewer
Page Navigation
A document navigation UI.
Page Navigation
The App Bar within the PDF Viewer Control is used to display bookmarks and attachments associated with a PDF document. The bar uses a table of contents UI metaphor and allows you to execute actions (open a file attachment or go to a bookmark).
Open and save attached files.
Attachements linked to a PDF document can be opened and saved to disc via the functionality available in the PDF Viewer's App Bar. An option to control security warnings when opening files is available.
Navigate PDF documents using bookmarks.
When you click on a bookmark, the PDF Viewer displays the page (or web page) linked to the bookmark. Bookmarks can be displayed within a hierarchical tree inside the App Bar to help simplify document navigation.
Selection and Clipboard
Select and copy text to the clipboard.
Selection and Clipboard
Our Windows 10 UWP PDF Viewer allows you to select and copy text from an active document to the Windows clipboard. As you'd expect, the Control's API includes both a Select and CopytoClipboard methods.
Instant Search
Search text and highlight.
Instant Search
The DevExpress PDF Viewer for Windows 10 maintains a search for PDF content using the PDF Viewer's Find panel.
Zoom & Scroll
Bring it closer or move it away.
Zoom & Scroll
Just like Adobe's PDF Reader, you can zoom in and out of a document when using the DevExpress PDF Viewer via App Bar buttons, pinch & zoom touch gestures or mouse scroll wheel. Alternatively, you can use zoom factors such as zoom to page, fit to width and fit to height.

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