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Calendar Views

Agenda View

A compact representation of a daily scheduler.

Agenda View

Agenda View
The Agenda View displays a chronological list of appointments on a daily basis.

Timeline View

Display events as horizontal time bars across a date range.

Timeline View

Timeline View
Arrange events and appointments across horizontal timelines. When browsing multiple resources, timelines are displayed one under another. On the top of the view, you can display multiple time rulers with different scales.

Day View

Display events for any given day.

Day View

Day View
Displays a detailed picture of events across one day. The current date/time is indicated by a highlighted date header and the current time mark on the time ruler.

Week Views

Full Week & Work Week Views

Week Views

Week Views

Work Week View
As its name implies, the Work Week View display event details across a specific work week. End-users can move from one week to the next via the Scheduler's built-in navigation button. When an event/appointment is selected, end-users can resize the event (to change start/end time) or move the event to a different time/day via drag & drop operations.

Full Week View
Unlike the Work Week View, the Full Week View displays appointment details that span an entire week. To create a new event/appointment, you simply select a time cell (or multiple time cells) and right click the selected region to invoke the built-in Event Editor dialog.

Month View

Display events across an entire month using a compact layout.

Month View

Month View
The Month View displays a snapshot of appointments across an entire month. As you would expect, because of the number of days the DevExpress Scheduler Control displays within an application, the view itself is the least detailed of all available Scheduler Views. UI options include the ability to display weekends and to stack weekend days. Like all Views, the Scheduler gives you the ability to move events from one day to the next via drag & drop operations.

Gantt View

Display the dependency relationships between tasks and current scheduler status.

Gantt View

Gantt View
Display events/tasks as horizontal bars along a timescale and show the current status using percent-complete shading and displays dependency relationships between events/tasks.
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Appointment & Event Management

Incorporate elegant appointment dialogs in your desktop application. The dialogs that ship as part of the DevExpress VCL Scheduler are ready to use without writing a single line of code and can be fully customized as business needs dictate.

Appointment Dialogs

Use our Office-inspired dialogs or create your own.

Appointment Dialogs

Appointment Dialogs
All appointment/event dialogs that ship as part of the ExpressScheduler Suite are ready to use without writing a single line of code and can be fully customized and extended as required. You can easily customize all recurrence related functionality and address even the most complex requirements with minimal effort.

Recurring Appointments

Allow users to create recurring appointments without writing code.

Recurring Appointments

Recurring Appointments
The DevExpress VCL Scheduler control provides built-in dialogs, objects and methods for handling recurring event chains. You can easily customize all recurrence related functionality and address even the most complex requirements with minimal effort.


View multiple schedulers simultaneously.


Allows end-users to browse multiple schedules (for any entity such as an individual or office location, etc) simultaneously. Once resources have been created, the scheduler will display several parallel timelines. Resource headers can display images and the same event can be assigned to multiple resources.


Display appointment reminders for single and recurring events.


A reminder for any event can be set regardless of whether it has a single occurrence or whether a recurrence pattern has been assigned to it. An event with a reminder has a visual indicator and a reminder dialog is invoked when the time has come for the reminder to alert.

Range Control

Built-in time range.

Range Control

Range Control
Built-in time range.

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The most powerful VCL Data Grid

The most popular data grid for the VCL platform is only available from DevExpress. From standard two-dimensional tables to runtime grouping and column customization; from master-detail relationships to card views; from integrated themes to unbound mode... The DevExpress VCL Grid Suite is the industry standard, without equal in the marketplace. Learn more

Straightforward Localization

DevExpress VCL Subscriptions ship with a localization component and a standalone Localizer Application, which allows end-users to generate translations for individual components. A number of ready-to-use translations have been published and can be downloaded via the DevExpress Support Center. Search the Support Center

The richest collection of VCL Data Editors

From masked data input and built-in data validation to HTML formatting, the VCL Data Editors Library offers unmatched data editing options whether used for standalone data editing or as cell editors in container controls like the DevExpress VCL Data Grid. Learn more

The easy-to-use VCL Reporting

Render and print your UI without writing a single line of code and deliver a nearly unlimited set of reports without using a banded report designer.

VCL Themes and App Skins

The DevExpress VCL Subscription ships with over 40 custom-designed and highly-polished themes for your next Delphi & C++Builder application.

Built-in, easy-to-use Application Templates

The DevExpress VCL Subscription includes a series of application templates so you can hit the ground running and create application shells that mimic some of today's most popular applications.

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