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Map Providers & Formats

Adding a Map to your VCL project is a simple drag and drop operation. Once the control is on your form, you can add an Image Layer from either Bing or OpenStreet. You can also add any number of vector elements.

Bing Maps

Use high quality raster Maps from Microsoft.

Bing Maps

The DevExpress VCL Map Control can use Bing Maps which offers three distinct map types for use within your application: Area (photos of the Earth's surface), Road (street view) and Hybrid (combination of both images and schemes).

Important Legal Information: The VCL Map Control does not license right of use to any map provider. You must obtain and/or follow the licensing requirements set forth by each map provider. When using Bing Maps, you must read and understand Microsoft's terms of use. Read the Bing Maps Licensing and Pricing Information here: http://www.microsoft.com/maps/product/licensing.aspx


Use the free alternative to commercial map providers.



Our Map Control fully supports the OpenStreetMap format. You can obtain these maps from either the official OSM foundation website, or from one of the alternative image tile providers.

Important Legal Information: The VCL Map Control does not license right of use to any map provider. You must obtain and/or follow the licensing requirements set forth by each map provider. When using OpenStreetMap, you must read and understand its terms of use. Read the OpenStreetMap Legal FAQ http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Legal_FAQ & http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tile_usage_policy

Vector & Custom Shapes

ESRI Shapefiles, KML, SVG, SQL Spatial Data

Vector & Custom Shapes

Vector & Custom Shapes
In addition to raster layers, which are designed to display image tiles obtained from map providers, the VCL Map Control can render any vector data on its surface. This can include any type of shape, pictures loaded from an external image file or an in-memory data source (IEnumerable, Dataset, etc) or other custom drawn shapes. The Control can read data from Shapefile and KML formats. To help shape contours, the Map Control also loads supplementary information provided in Shapefiles and KML and can display this information in tooltips for corresponding shapes.

Bing & OpenStreetMap GIS Services

Geocode, Search, Route & Elevation providers.

Bing & OpenStreetMap GIS Services

Our Map Control fully supports Bing Geocode, Search, Route and Elevation Services as well as Geocode and Search from OpenStreetMap. As you'd expect, the predefined GIS data providers we've built for Microsoft Bing and OpenStreetMap allow you to obtain and communicate information to users based on a map location. For instance, you can determine what is located at a specific map coordinate or create a route between two or more waypoints.
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Map Elements & UI Interactivity

To help improve usability and facilitate end-user ineteraction, the DevExpress VCL Map Control provides a set of powerful user interface elements for a wide-range of usage scenarios.

Animation, Scroll & Zoom

Create highly interactive user experiences.

Animation, Scroll & Zoom

To make your solution easier to use and more intuitive, the VCL Map Control provides a set of built-in user interface elements. These elements include Scroll Buttons, the Zoom Trackbar, Coordinates and Scale Panels. Together they allow your end-users to move a map in any direction and to zoom in/zoom out as necessary. To help you create interactive user experience, the Map Control also includes animated transition effects. Note that because the Map Control is touch-enabled, end-users can interact with a map by using touch gestures.


Display extended information on your map.


Should you need to communicate extended information to end-users, the DevExpress Map Control allows you to display semi-transparent images and text regions over a map. You can control Overlay layout, its orientation and both location and size. Appearance can be controlled via background styles.

Hot Tracking & Selection

Callout relevant data points with ease.

Hot Tracking & Selection

The DevExpress Map Control automatically highlights the currently selected/hovered shape within a map. When a shape is selected, you can easily display relevant information/data via a tooltip. In this animation, the Map Control generates a map from shape elements stored in a Shapefile. When a country is selected/hovered, GDP info for that nation is displayed in a tooltip.

Map Projections

When a flat map is not enough.

Map Projections

There are numerous ways to depict the Earth's surface on a map. Based upon your usage scenario, the surface can be drawn as a circle, a rectangle, an oval, etc. To provide utmost flexibility, the DevExpress VCL Map Control can display geographical data using one of the following Map Projections: Spherical Mercator, Equal Area, Braun Stereographic, Equirectangular, Elliptical Mercator, Miller, Equidistant, Lambert Cylinderical, Kavrayskiy, Sinusoidal, EPSG: 4326.

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